Chapter 13

Arnav made Khushi stand on the floor in the bathroom and looked at her as she looked at him with tears in her eyes. She felt too open when snake looked at her, she felt disgraced but Arnav ji took her away with him. Her own personal protection cover.

Arnav took her hand and made her sit in the bathtub that she never used and filled it with water helping her wash off her skin, her dress her second skin. She breathed heavily as Arnav looked at her from side, his hands touching her face cleansing her of the dark disgrace, disgust she felt. He then bent his head till her face and kissed her forehead. She looked at him and moved her head till she touched his neck and kept her head there.

Arnav who was helping her suddenly felt in need of help. He was holding her close to him, her dress sticking close to her showing off the almost painfully toned body that made him feel all those extreme emotions that he wants to hide from her, desperately.

Khushi who was calm now, looked at Arnav and slowly stood up with his help and he too brought two towels to her and gave one in her hands while used other to dry her hairs. Khushi was all the while looking at him and then suddenly, she held his hands making him look at her.

Arnav who was helping her clean her hairs was suddenly in shock but calmed and asked her “still feeling bad?” oh, how he’d like to strangle that man who made her feel sad…

Arnav noticed her neck turning red and touched her forehead when Khushi looked at him and slowly walked till her thigh touched his and embraced him in her arms keeping her head on his chest.

“Arnav ji...,” Khushi whispered and paused making Arnav’s heart stop and stagger at the husk that voice came out with. He looked at her head which was in his view on his chest and gathered her in his arms. The wet lady in his arms had no idea how enticing she looks to him right at this moment. He doesn’t know how to hold her and not do anything right now.

It was a wonder that they made it out of the bathroom with the way she was sticking close to him making him feel heaven and hell at the same time.

He wanted her close to him, more or less different than what’s happening now. Arnav smiled at her and finally with the power of god, pulled her extremely close just to kiss her.

Arnav smiled at her as he pulled back watching her eyes still closed but then she shivered and pushed herself in him making him hold her close, providing his warmth to her.

“let’s get you warmed up, okay.” Arnav said and made her and gave her clothes helping her with changing with enough power to keep away from her. he noticed how she held her eyes with a tilt of her head and trying to understand his feelings through his eyes. He jerked under himself and again went for her neck and bit her there. Khushi hissed and looked at him with a new light in her narrowed eyes and she too went for the kill.

She pulled him and bit his neck incoherently whispering “it hurts, you know…”

He smiled and whispered “I know… but it’s difficult to control, my jalebi.”

They finally laid in bed with Khushi all over Arnav, again, and smiling at him. He gave her a smile and finally both slept with nothing but blissful peace in mind.

It is beautiful with her, it was beautiful with her, it will always be beautiful with her, for she owns every thought, care, will and love of mine, for she is my strength in a fight and love in my lonely, dark life.

Arnav looked at the disgusting man sitting with his nani talking about things in his brain making him feel disgust over himself whenever he watched his di shift away from that man with a guilt and pain swirling in her eyes. Just a little more, di…

“where are you Aman?!” ASR bit out the words as he waited for his very competent but scared secretary. He always snarled his rejection on the secretary but the secretary always listened to him making him feel extremely good for having a punch bag.

Aman who was just shouted at gulped and told him about where he was and how they are going to handle the man or according to Khushi bhabi ‘snake ji’ because of how disgusting he is.

They have found extremely many things on the man who was actually not married to Anjali Singh Raizada and was a very criminal lawyer and is known for being a criminal as well.

He was here because the paternal grandmother of ASR has paid the man to destroy whatever the siblings has made for themselves.

“we are ready sir but we need…” Aman started talking about what thing they need and ASR satisfactorily looked at him and said “you are getting better at you job.”

Aman who smiled almost felt the devils were all too much loving to him because he seriously felt that ASR is just like devils.

Pure devils with charms.

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