Chapter 14

Arnav looked at his dearest brother in law sitting with him in AR working over the work his lawyer planned for the criminal lawyer to complete. Shyam was smiling about how ASR was caught in the web of his sweet lucknowi image and his care-taking behaviour for Anjali. Only if he knew…

Arnav looked at Shyam and nodded at him. “jijaji, in office I’ll like to maintain practical relation of you being lawyer and I being the client so I’ll call you Mr. Jha, is that okay?”

“sure, ASR.” Shyam said as he listened to the solution of all his problems. Just add killing him as solution.

ASR smiled and they both came onto some evaluations of how he wants the work to be done and Shyam giving him a pretty innocent smile which seemed like a crocodile to Arnav, he left the office.

“The game starts.” ASR says as soon as the cheater leaves the office.

“sir, he will soon be taken under custody for embezzling.” Aman said as soon as he saw Shyam leaving from the office.

“that’s great, when?” ASR asked as soon as Shyam left and Aman smiled at him and said “in about 2 hours.”

“that’s a work done well.” ASR said to Aman and patted his shoulder while walking out of the office.

Aman who noticed that ran behind him to tell how many meetings he have but he was given a look of despair with Arnav saying “I have a wife to take care of, Aman. Get a life!”

Aman was shocked for quite a while at the gate with thinking that he would really have a life if ASR wasn’t his boss at all because then, he would have a girlfriend and his mother with him. They wouldn’t go away saying how he doesn’t have time and he can go marry his boss.

Marriage does wonder for everyone, even ASR.

ASR reached home with a grinning face and as soon as he opened the door, his grin slipped his face for he saw everybody telling Khushi to dance with Shyam.

“what the hell?!” ASR bit out and as soon as Khushi saw him she came running to him and hugged him calming him down and angering him at the same time.

“what happened?” Arnav whispered patting her hairs and rather than Khushi answering, Anjali answered.

“Mami suggested we play truth and dare, I disagreed but Shyam ji wanted to play and the bottle stopped on Khushi ji. She was not interested in playing but Mami said that she choose for Khushi which is dare and then it was dance with a guy who was… my husband.” Anjali spoke words venomously but others still considered her words filled with love making Arnav depressed.

“didn’t I tell you something in the morning Khushi?” Arnav looked at Khushi who looked back at him in question. Arnav then sighed and said by holding her in his arms “you will hurt the baby Khushi…”

With a sigh Arnav took her in his arms making everyone shocked and someone seethe in envy, brutal fierce anger. The snake took in the sight of beautiful couple going up their room to do anything they want.

"Wow..." Aakash whispered and looked at his sister who was too shocked to say anything about the fact that her brother is going to be a father suddenly with no one knowing anything.

Arnav looked at khushi who was staring at him in shock and laid her on bed to sit beside her. He asked her cupping her face "Khushi, they will fall."

Khushi wondered what and looked at him.

Arnav sighed and said "your eyes..."

Khushi widened her eyes before narrowing them and said "I am pregnant."

Arnav who was looking at her suddenly laughed and said "you are not."

"But you said." Khushi again said with confidence to which he shook his head and said "I lied."

''Why would you?" Khushi asked and Arnav caressed her face and hugged her close.

"Because I wanted to." I just wanted to take you away and stake claim. Sorry.

Arnav looked at her and hugged her tightly whispering to her how he have planned everything and as soon as he was about to kiss her, the bell rang.

"The show starts." Arnav said to khushi before kissing her when his room's door was opened by Anjali who just coughed and said "they are here."

Khushi who was usually shy just stood up and held hands of both the siblings and took them downstairs with her.

"Arnav, look at these people. They are saying damad-ji embezzled their money and the police believes their words." Mami ji said them crying and for the first time in perfect hindi.

"Arnav, do something fast or else they will take him away." Anjali said as she weakly leaned over khushi who held her and looked at Arnav with a sad look.

Arnav looked at everyone and said with a half sad smirk "we can't do anything. They have warrant."

"Saale-sahab, save me please. They are lying." Shyam too shouted when police pulled him out to which Arnav looked at him reassuringly that he will be getting him out soon.

To send him back again.

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