Chapter 15

Arnav looked at his jijaji who was ready to do everything he says to get out of custody. He smiled and gave some papers to his dear jijaji and gets his sign over all of them.

“Don’t worry jijaji, everything will be okay. You will be fine, just say yes to everything that the counselor says no matter right or wrong.” Arnav said as he took all the papers away and stood up to leave when Shyam asked him “But you will get me out, right Arnav?”

He smiled down at Shyam and nodded his head. Shyam too smiled and nodded while Arnav stood outside the inquiry room and smiled at Shyam through glass door who looked at him and then willingly said yes to every statement made against him. Poor lad, cheaters got cheated.

Arnav looked at Shyam and smiled who in return smiled and was taken back to his cell. Arnav too turned and walked out like the boss of the world which he absolutely is.

“Di!!!” Arnav shouted as soon as he entered the gates of Raizada mansion.

Anjali came to him, limping running and looked at him to which he smiled and opened his arms and his di came and hugged him “he ain’t coming back ever, and you, my sister, is now a free woman. Free from that man.”

Anjali felt a tear slide her cheek but she kept smiling, the sight was heartbreaking for khushi who looked at her from a distance and went towards her and hugged her close still in Arnav’s arms.

Arnav who looked at the ladies smilingly felt his world was in right place, for they both finally are happy. He looked at other members of the family and shook his head as he understood how much explanation is pending on his side.

“Arnav bitwa, where’s damadji?” Nani asked to which Arnav loudly replied “he isn’t coming back ever.”

And his ever so dramatic mami gasped loudly before moving or jumping three steps back bumping into Aakash who looked shocked by her sudden and weird reaction almost fell on his bum. Poor guy.

“No Mami, he isn’t coming back, ever. He is a criminal and he destroyed many lives.” Arnav again said as his mami admonished him for saying that in front of her Anjali bitiya.

“He embezzled money from many and was planning to kill me.” Arnav said as khushi pressed on his shoulder and looked at everyone. “He was with dadi.”

“Subdhra Malik, wanted to take revenge of her son’s demise from us brother and sister as we were the reason he died.” Mami and nani gasped and kept their hands on his mouth for speaking about death and demise.

“She wanted to kill me while Shyam wanted to take over everything that is of Raizada ’s. He knew that till I am alive that’s not happening and therefore he shook hands with Subdhra Malik.

“But...but you father died because of her only.” Nani wondered.

“Not that son, her son who is apparently her son before her marriage with dada. She was a widow before marrying into Malik’s family. She had a son who died because of Papa and then, she wanted to kill Papa and us, her children. She wanted to end everything of Malik’s and she did.” Arnav said as tears rolled down his rangeeli mami and nani.

“We always, always believed that he was a criminal but he was innocent. We did so wrong to his soul Arnav.” Nani said and Arnav looked down but khushi lifted his head up by bending in front of him. He looked at her with questioning gaze to which she said “now you know, and he too knows that you loved your mother that made you do this. You have to make him feel you care too, Arnav ji, make him believe. Let bygones be bygones. They aren’t worth remembering.”

Everybody in the family smiled at khushi and Arnav as they can now be relieved of worry for their angry chote. His temper, his anger, his stubborn, stubborn nature are now completely molded for khushi, his life and love.

“How?” Arnav asked her still maintaining his expression to not breakdown but his voice gave it all away.

“By praying for him, by sending him love from your heart. He wouldn’t want you to cry, Arnav ji.” Khushi said and Arnav nodded at her.

“We gave proofs now as Shyam has given di divorce and also signed his statements of being guilty. He will be in jail for every little crime of his. And dadi. She is so going to die for everything she did.” Nani gasped again but very lightly as she couldn’t take in more surprises.

“Now it’s Subdhra Malik’s turn.” Anjali said and looked towards Arnav. Arnav smiled at her and looked straight at Aakash who came forward with the papers in his hand that showed how much Subdhra Malik is going to regret messing with the Raizada’s.

“let’s end it with a boom.” Aakash said as he looked towards his brother who was looking at the papers with devil-like smile.

“Khushi,” Arnav looked at his wife setting bed in poolside and was horrified to find her even trying to sleep at the poolside.

“Khushi, I am sorry I angered you but it doesn’t mean that you—” Arnav was shut off but her hand while she used another to pull him out to the poolside to make him lay and then laid beside him.

As Arnav was laying looking at her face lightened by moonlight, she smiled and Arnav felt everything stopped for a second to feel the time start again and the world never looked so beautiful to him as he pulled her in his arms and she willingly lied in his arms.

She wrapped her thin arm around his waist and kept her head on his chest and looked towards the sky. She smelled of jasmine and rose making Arnav’s heart go all ‘dhak dhak’ and his eyes closed to control when Khushi took her arm away from his waist and said “Arnav ji, look in the sky, those stars, so bright and shiny, aren’t they? I believe that my baba and Amma are there, in the sky, the brightest star. Aren’t they beautiful Arnav ji?”

Arnav looked at her hand pointing towards the sky and his eyes slid over her arm and towards the sky and he smiled as he looked at the four stars shining beautifully making the whole sky seem dull in front of them and it was dull but too beautiful.

He nodded and gathered the softness close to his hard and rip form. He smelled her hairs and pulled her close when Khushi struggled making him look at her when she whispered “amma and baba will see.”

Arnav looked at the stars shinning brightly at him and winking naughtily from the sky and laughed shaking his head before pulling her close, closing his eyes and they both slept under the sky.

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