Chapter 16

Arnav turned to other side and hid his face from the brightness disturbing his sleep as he snuggled into the person on his side. He smiled as he smelled and slept again but he felt the warmth getting pulled away from him but he stubbornly held on. He is sleeping because of the warmth damnit!

He felt something soft landing on his eyes and to find what that softness was overpowered his sleepy self and he blinked his eyes a little to see his wife falling all over him and they both lying under the sun shining, winking at them.

Arnav have started feeling as if everything around them teases this closeness of theirs but he just can't bring himself to blushes rather he feels blessed on getting teased by her name.

Khushi put her hands around him as soon as h le tried to move and put her leg above his and as he shifted again, her leg was between his. He felt the desperate need to evaporated in thin air, for he knew if he stayed here, the innocent rabbit will be punished for crimes she didn't committed and he, surely, won't be lenient towards her.

Khushi as if listening to his prayers opened her eyes and looked at him but he just guessed too early, she was punishing him completely. As soon as she opened her eyes she smiled at him and kissed him on his cheeks and said "good morning, Arnav ji." Arnav was a goner as soon as he heard the words, his world rocked as he heard that mellow sweetness in her voice, stars bursted in him as sparkles lit his skin. The sun up above warmed him up or maybe it was just his very much phenomenal reaction, he didn't know and he didn't cared too.

He looked at her as she smiled at him innocently and kissed her forehead saying "it's so wrong that you don't understand, grow up my sweet wife or I'll feel wrong abducting you for me."

He sighed as confusion swirled in her eyes before that confusion disappeared and her eyes widened in shock and he was happy that she had to get ready for prayer and to make breakfast because if she didn't, he might die out of self-control. He should be awarded for having that high self-control though he feels sad for having a conscience sometimes.

Khushi got ready and walked out of the room when Anjali called her and as soon as she went downstairs, Anjali approached her smilingly to which she too grinned and that grin wiped off as she noticed the person who was behind her. "Buaji..." she whispered in shock as tears came in her eyes and she ran to her only family hugging her and then correcting herself. Not only but yes, the most lovely almost same level with her Arnav ji.

Buaji looked at her sweet child and hugged her while grinning and said "meri pyaari bacchi, you are looking so happy and I think even Arnav is taking care of you that you have grown a bit fat too, hmm?"

Buaji smiled as khushi shied away and pulled away from her and whined "buaji...!"

"Okay, okay, who cares about the old woman anymore? Burning the bridge, titaliya?" Buaji teased again before finally letting her off the hook and asking her where dear Arnav bitwa is.

Khushi smiled and ran to call her Arnav ji.

"Arnav ji, Buaji is here. She is calling you." Khushi said as soon as she entered the room and Arnav looking at her smiling face held her hand and moved downstairs to meet buaji.

Khushi smiled at Arnav as he touched buaji's feet and buaji blesses him. He then took the elderly lady's hand and pulled her to sit and called hp to bring beverages.

Arnav Singh Raizada catered to her buaji as if it's normal for him to cater his family while the Raizada's wondered if sun came up from west this morning.

"Chote, kabhi humari bhi khatir dari kiya kro." (Chote, cater us too, sometime.) Nani said laughingly while others to teased Arnav who didn't even looked at them but a little redness of his ears got him caught by his love who was staring at them lovingly.

Khushi laughed as she noticed how Arnav got all blushing and felt her heart skipping and tripping.

It wasn't to kill her anymore, it feels like it's to save her from something, to tell her about something but she doesn't understands what and why.

At night, she and buaji then sat down in the room together as they spoke about what all is happening.

She told her about what Shyam, Anjali's husband and her dadi wants and how bad people they are. She wondered why people aren't good.

Buaji smiled at her and said "titaliya, there are no answer to such questions. Some people aren't good from our perspective but maybe there is a story for her reasons too. You know, there are times when we love someone too much that we forget what's right and what's wrong. Sometimes people aren't worth giving a chance but sometimes they deserve to get their lives back on track. People are good but sometimes their heart just chooses the wrong way. Now go to your Arnav ji, otherwise he will say, now that I am here you don't want to go to him. Go, go."

Khushi smiled and hugged her smilingly and left to go to her room.

"Khushi," Arnav said her name as she entered the room causing her heart to again do all that skipping and tripping while her inhaling fastened and her chest heaved. She wondered why they all come back whenever he says her name.

She moved and hugged him smilingly and in sometime her heart reached a constant pace and she found her peace, and felt all her pieces were complete.

Arnav smiled at her and said "we will always be together." Khushi smiled and said "Promise."

They both slept while the snake was beaten to death by police on the orders of a very, very handsome man.

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