Chapter 17

Khushi looked at the woman who was smiling at them and curled her fist behind her back because of all the anger she felt towards the lady.


Arnav coldly looked at the lady standing in front of them with a straight face as she smiled at Nani.

“Subdhra, you shouldn’t have come here. You are not welcome here.” Nani announced and told her to leave while Subdhra Malik only looked at her and said “Why am I not welcome here? This house is made by my grandson, Arnav, so why should I not live here?”

Arnav looked at the woman who stood in the middle and wondered how she got the guts to stand here.

He moved to stand beside his Nani and looked at Subdhra and said “I am not grandson of a criminal who killed my mother and father.”

Khushi felt someone hold her hand as she was moving towards Arnav. Anjali looked at her and said “Khushi, let him fight his demons. He is guilty for never knowing the truth and ignoring his papa and cursing him. He needs to take it out on the real criminal.”

“you killed him and I have proof, so what will you do now, Subdhra Malik?” Subdhra smiled at Arnav and said “I am happy that you know that. Now, you should submit to me too like your father did.”

“what do you mean?” Arnav asked her as his eyes went colder.

“he gave his everything to me, his life to me because he wanted to atone for his crimes and now, you should too atone for them. Die, Arnav!” Subdhra shouted at the end as she pulled a gun out of nowhere and a gunshot sounded in the air. She shouted in agony.

Arnav who was still standing with a straight spine with no fear looked towards the door from where a police inspector entered and behind him a lawyer with many other people that kept entering and took Subdhra who fell faint because of the bullet that hit her shoulder.

Arnav looked towards Sunil, the ACP who came to Arnav and gave report of what will be done now. “she will be in jail for rest of her life if she gets saved after the hit. We have evidences of her trying to attack you and her acceptance of her crimes towards your father.”

“well done.” Arnav shook hands with the ACP and looked towards his family members who were looking at him silently and smiled “Finally, things ended.”

Khushi who was still staring at him ran and hugged him as she kissed his face and said “never, never put yourself in danger again. Hum bardaash nahi karpayege. (I won’t be able to bear it.)”

Arnav nodded at her and pulled her in his arms as everyone around them sighed in relief. He forwarded his one hand towards his sister who limped and hugged Khushi and Arnav smilingly while Aakash looked at them from side and said “am I your brother or not, invite me too!”

Arnav looked at Aakash and then turned his head towards Anjali who smiled and pulled him in the hug too.

Khushi looked down from the window as she watched the mountains in Shimla and smiled with gusto at the snowy trails of white and trees in green. It looked so beautiful and cold.

She smiled as she looked at Arnav who was sleeping on bed and felt a little shiver again as she closed the window and went to sleep by his side.

They both came to Shimla on their honeymoon with di and Aman who got married after realising their long-lost love for each other.

Arnav and Aman discussed what is to be done and decided that they both would leave together and come back together but in no way are they staying together. They booked two cottages and left for their own place to spend alone time with their loves.

Khushi smiled as Arnav pulled her closer to him to kiss her forehead and naked shoulder. He whispered “I love Shimla. Its so cold.”

Khushi frowned and said “you like cold Arnav ji?”

Arnav looked at Khushi and shook his head saying “I love it because we can’t go anywhere. You, me and our bed, all day long staying in here is the best way to celebrate honeymoon.”

Khushi gasped but before she could say something, Arnav kissed her and he showed her just how much he is loving Shimla.

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