Khushi smiled at Arnav as he held Aarav close to himself and crooned to him while giving him loud kisses.

Aarav smiled a toothless smile and crooned in his own language, laughed with the beauty of innocence and looked with his big cute eyes as Arnav took him around the room.

Khushi patted her stomach and felt the kick by the baby who will be coming out any day now and Arnav kissed her forehead and stomach.

Before Khushi could say anything, the baby announced the arrival and to prepare its welcome.

Four hours later, with a normal delivery, the world welcomed little Aarush with big smiles.

Little Aarush looked at the person holding him and giggled lightly before blowing bubbles and finally landing in the arms of a beautiful angel who fed him and took care of him. Baby’s life is so good…

Khushi looked at Aarush who was sleeping finally after lots of crying and smiled as she noticed Arnav sleeping beside.

The door to the room opened and Anjali entered with little Aarav in her hands and smiled at Khushi “Khushi, Aarav doesn’t want his Mumma anymore. All he wants is his Mami. Right, Aarav?” Aarav being little just giggled as his mother made faces and opened his arms towards Khushi.

He looked at his mama sleeping close to the crib and wanted to wobble till there but Anjali handed him to Khushi and went to see baby Aarush herself.

Khushi who got undivided attention from Aarav smiled as he kissed her cheeks and forehead while touching her stomach and caressing her face while sitting carefully causing a tear to slip from her eyes as she felt as if he was trying to take care of his Mami without knowing it at all. Khushi smiled fully and hugged little Aarav.

“Khushi…” Arnav whispered as he rubbed his eyes to get a clear look at the beautiful woman holding his nephew and smiled at her.

His just this voice makes her want to lay her life for him and she remembered how she was when she first heard it and how she didn’t want to marry him. She still blushes the same way when he looks at her so unveiled, so unbound, so exposed and so new. She felt like a new bride waiting for him, at his mercy.

She felt weirdly loved by him and she doesn’t mind that, she is happy and she knew that.

She looked at Arnav and smiled fully before whispering “I love you, Arnav.”

Arnav looked at her surprised and bridled with joy as he noticed there wasn’t ‘ji’ at the end. She whispered the words with his name with no ‘ji’ at the end.

He whispered to her “I love you too, Khushi.” And hugged her with care.

A baby’s cry was soon heard and suddenly the calm romantic atmosphere changed to a warzone of who cries the loudest but still, Arnav looked at Khushi with a smiled and Khushi blushed while holding and calming Aarav.

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