Chapter 2

Khushi was getting ready for her wedding with the angst sitting on her nose with red fiery cheeks.

She can’t believe nobody in her family cares about her approval. Only Arnav bitwa’s approval mattered.

And that Arnav Singh Raizada, trusting him was her biggest fault.

Two days ago, on her engagement Day, she was all set to break the marriage but then she saw those merry faces and happy smiles and all her confidence to break the marriage went down the drains.

Arnav knew this by looking at her withdrawn face and after ring exchange took her hand and pulled her in his room by the poolside to have a talk about the problem. Her heart attack and acidity. Why she won’t die? Her questions all should be answered.

He pulled her close by her hand and her heartbeat increased but when he put his hand on her heart, her heartbeat stopped, it skipped it’s beat. He just looked in her eyes and swept her off her feet.

He bend his head down and kissed her sweet nectar lips and finally the beautiful lass wasn’t even able to make eye contact but Arnav wasn’t done.

He made her see his face and whispered “If by any chance you think you can run away, you can’t. You are Arnav Singh Raizada ’s, ASR’s girl. Keep that in mind, if not me then no one else.” as she opened her mouth to reject, he placed his finger on her lips and shushed her. “one word from you about the marriage and I’ll kiss you again, khushi.”

Khushi turned her face other side and tear fell from her eyes. Arnav looked at her and sighed pulling her in a hug and said “khushi, your heartbeat fastens because you feel for me, believe me, I am not lying to you.”

Khushi didn’t believed him and pushed him away, running out of his room.

She doesn’t believe any Arnavs in this whole world

She still doesn’t think her heart is with him, she doesn’t love him.

Arnav looked up and saw his girl descending down the stairs looking beautiful in the bridal dress that he designed, her whole body is covered and no part of her can be seen after wearing those jewellery.

Khushi sat beside him and the wedding started.

Arnav looked at the girl beside him, so beautiful, soft, tender and mesmerizing. She is the only girl he ever looked at. In the wedding, she attracted him like moth to fire and damn! Was she the fire! She was the hottest fire he ever had in his heart.

His heart burned for her, for her he even went down on his knees. He opened up his heart to his sister, he knew how much he liked the girl but the girl had entirely different thoughts than him.

Her acidity, her heartbeats, her blush, everything about her was showing how much she loves him but alas! The girl was just too, too innocent. Fine with that, he will help her understand all the innocent and some... sinfully not-so-innocent things as well which he was sure she would enjoy as much as he would.

He applied vermillion under her hair maangtika and caressed her cheeks making then turn another beautiful shade of red. His favorite.

He was enjoying all these little changes in her, he was enjoying how her eye lashes casted the shadow over her red tinted cheeks. How she smiled at him when everybody tells her to smile at him and not shy away. She looks gorgeous even in such a tight lipped smile.

She looked beautiful in red and his dream of watching her in red is soon going to be completed but before that he have to help her with something else. Her feelings.

How she is ignoring her feelings for him without knowing them at all making him want to bang his head on the wall.

Khushi looked at him as the wedding ceremony ended and he held her hand in his, entangling them making some strange sense of peace entering her heart but acidity and heart attack wasn’t far away which made her want to hide away from him yet staying close was something she wished too!

Her devi maiya smiling from above looked at her and shook her head over her childish behavior but soon this behaviour will only last so long.

Anjali looked at her brother whose lips were stretched in a beautiful smile. She never saw him that happy from a very long time making her smile in glee and praying for his smile to stay intact and the reason of this smile to always stay as her name suggests, khushi.

Arnav touched the feets of elders and smiled at them when they gave their praises and prayers to them.

Khushi was soon taken to his room and was made to sit on bed like the beautiful bride she was.

His black and white room would never interest her, he was sure of it.

But her interest was not at all in the interiors of the room as that being the least of her worries.

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