Chapter 3

Khushi stood up from the bed and ran around the room searching for places to hide from the man who might be the reason of her death today.

She thought of how her heartbeat broke record when he filled her hairline, when he touched her cheek. She felt like... like...

Her heartbeat again rose making her think of a escape room fast which was the cupboard standing wide in the left corner of the room. She moved the slides and entered behind the suits that were looking all the same. Black and white. So phika. (Bland)Colorless.

Khushi hid herself while the door to the room opened and the person who she was hiding from entered the room.

She closed her eyes with her hands as Arnav looked around for her in the room called her name twice but no reply came to him.

Arnav who was wondering where the girl went thought of all the escape routes in his room and all he got was poolside, bathroom, and curtains where he checked for signs of his way too innocent wife’s sign but none.

Arnav finally looked at his cupboard with a eureka moment and slid the door to see his wife sleeping in there. So beautiful yet so idiotic.

Arnav shook his head and moved her out of the cupboard to bed, helping her take those jewelries off, he left her to sleep and changed himself.

He went to the recliner in his room and slept thinking of the tortures and fun he will endure in the time she learns these things.

Arnav thought of how he met her in his brother, Akash’s wedding with Payal. She was like a dream come true, all red and blue.

She was walking towards him with a smile, his heart stopped working all at once, all he saw was her smile, her eyes, her cute nose and that peeking waist, those little toes that showed as she moved towards him. His eyes moved over her and finally met hers, his whole being shook with desire unspoken, unheard for his brain.

He saw her stop and put her hands on her heart looking straight at him.

He felt like a hormonal teenager, he wanted to show her things he hides, things he doesn’t hide, things he never told but now it seems he won’t have any secrets. He knew his sister is calling his name and has noticed him staring at her but suddenly he wants all of that to happen. He wants his sister to do something about this.

And he wasn’t wrong, his sister really did something and that was the reason why they are in this room, together.

Arnav glanced at the girl sleeping and something in him tightened but it loosened soon as he gave himself hope that, maybe, just maybe he will solve her puzzle in a weeks time because he don’t knew if he can handle this puzzle for more time than that.

Arnav too slept unknowingly dreaming about the girl in his bed again and again.

Arnav woke up as some light rays fell on his face and as soon as he opened his eyes, he remembered what happened yesterday and looked towards the girl of his dream sleeping peacefully on bed. He noticed how calm she was and got an idea to do something about this calm as she has played enough with his senses, he can have some fun too.

Arnav walked towards the bed and bend down till his face was close to hers but before he could do anything, she opened her eyes and smiled sleepily at him and wished him morning.

Arnav who was surprised by her smile, returned her wish and helped her sit. Khushi sat on bed and looked around in sleep when she suddenly noticed how there were no stars, the room wasn’t her room, the person beside her wasn’t her buaji, but she just saw a face super close to hers like buaji when she waker her up, where is she?

Khushi was about to shout when she remembered all about yesterday and her mind rang and subconsciously she planned to ran away, far far away but her hand was already held in warning by Arnav, the liar, the instigator of all the things happened yesterday and suddenly everything in her brain became clear. She is married and is going to die from heart attack all because of the guy standing beside her holding her hand.

Khushi thought many things in second and her eyes became teary when her heart again slipped beats as her hand was caressed by the person who’d bring her death at door.

Arnav wondered what was going through that brain when he saw her tear slide and he hurriedly sat infront of her and wiped it away when Khushi looked at him with teary eyes and more tears slides.

Arnav takes her head and places it on his chest when her heart suddenly calm a bit after running through miles, she wondered what was happening. When he looks at her, her heart races and when he touches her, it just becomes Usain bolt and breaks all the records suddenly but as he gives her those sweet kisses, these hugs, her heart calms down. What’s happening with her? Is she really going mad or is this just some stupid side effect of being sanki?

Khushi held onto him and kept her head on his heart too noticing it is beating with hers, her heart suddenly fluttered and she felt those flutters in his too.

Arnav looked down at her head on his heart and felt the peace that has been away from him for years. He caressed her hairs when she suddenly shoots up and held him by his arms and makes him looked at her.

Khushi noticed how her heart isn’t beating but then she looks in his eyes and as soon as their eyes met, her heartbeat sped up making Khushi’s eyes widen in shock, and her mouth opened and the shine on her face increases by ten folds.

“Arnav ji, hume samjh aa gya. We just have to not look in the eye and we will be fine. You too feel that dhak dhak and acidity, haina?” Arnav looked at her innocent face and all his thoughts of making her understand fled his mind.

He noticed her still trying to feel his heartbeat making his heart skip some beats here or there which she felt and nodded with them feeling bad for him too. He was also feeling those things which was why he married her so that they can find solution together. He doesn’t have enough brains to do that na, par koi nayi, hum hai na, sab theek krdenge hum. (But no problem, I am here, I’ll correct everything.)

Khushi smiled at him and showed him her hand as he tried to speak anything, “hum samjhtey hai Arnav ji, aap chinta na krey, hum iska ilaaj zaroor kardengey, I am not scared of these acidity and dhak dhak.“(I understand Arnav ji, I’ll definitely treat it.) Arnav nodded at her dazedly as she caressed his heart tutting at it and whispered something extremely low to it. “I’ll make you fine, heart.”

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