Chapter 4

Arnav and khushi were walking down the stairs to living room when Anjali noticed them and smilingly walked to them, limping she opened her arms to them and hugged both of them kissing their foreheads and smilingly noticed new expressions on their faces telling that their relation has progressed if not more then still some has.

Arnav looked at khushi and held her hand to walk her towards temple and made her stand by his side. Anjali looked at Arnav in shock and then looked at nani with tears in her eyes. Finally her chote is changing, mumma, he is smiling because of this little happiness in their life. Khushi hum sabki khushi ban gyi hai mumma. (Khushi has become our happiness, mumma.)

Arnav held Khushi’s hand and waved the aarti plate in circle while smiling at her and then passed the plate to his sister who smiled at him and took the aarti plate to do aarti.

As everyone noticed Arnav praying, they all pinched themselves and smiled at each other.

Khushi was told to distribute prashaad by Anjali and gave prashaad to everybody and as she stopped infront of Arnav who smiled at her, her dhak dhak suddenly increased and a part of her wanted to run away but she stopped and noticed the change in his eyes and held out prashaad for him to take which he looked and bend his head towards her hand, her hand too moved without her knowing and when she got to her senses, all they noticed was khushi making arnav eat the laddoo and Arnav too smilingly eating it.

Khushi blushed and ran from there to kitchen and others laughed at this. Arnav smilingly shook his head but no one noticed how blush crept behind his ears.

Khushi held her hands on her beating heart and breathed heavily, her whole face turning red and a smile unknowingly settled on her face. Arnav ji, hume mardege aise to. (Arnav ji , will kill me this way.)

Khushi then moved and still heaving panting readied the food and presented to others her first rasoi.

(Rasoi is basically the name of a ritual, pehli rasoi is the ritual in which the married woman makes food for the whole family of her husband and the family gifts her and blesses her for her married life. )

“Kheer!!!” Mami shouted as soon as she noticed the food on the table and her hand moved towards the kheer which was pushed away by Nandkishor also known as cool NK which was then swatted by Mama ji.

“Sabse pehle Maa khayegi manno. Kuch to sharm kro, saas ho tum do bahuo ki.” (First Maa will eat Manno. Have some shame, you are now a mother in law.) Manohar mamaji shook his head and looked towards his mother, Devyani Singh Raizada, who also shook her head at her daughter in law.

Devyani took a scoop of kheer and smiled at her grand daughter in law, nodding her head she beckoned her and gave her kangans and patted her cheeks. “Bohot khub, bitiya. Hamare Chote ne sachme heera dhunda hai.” (Very nice, daughter. Our chote found a true diamond.)

Everybody smiled as khushi blushed and Arnav said “I am a businessman Nani, ofcourse I wont take anything of lose.”

NK made a sign at Aakash who smiled and said “whipped.”

Manorama picked her plate and all we could hear was occasional ‘waah waah’ and ‘kya baat hai.’

Monorama gave khushi a lucknowi saari and whispered to khushi “ei lio, jab pehno hume btadena, tumhe bhi India kueen bnaa denge. ” everybody else who listened smiled as Khushi’s eyes widened and her face spoke volumes. (Take this, and tell me whenever you think to drape it, I’ll make you India’s queen too.)

She nodded in a hurry before mami ji presented another one of her idea of making her India’s make up queen.

Everybody gave her something and then all looked at Arnav smilingly. “Won’t you give something to khushi chote?” Anjali said as everybody smiled while continuing “or already given in bed, hmm?” Everybody laughed when suddenly dear chote got up from his chair and moved towards khushi and took her hand in his and handed some papers to her.

Property papers on khushi Singh Raizada’s name.

Everybody had a smile while khushi just kept looking at the papers with three O’s.

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