Chapter 5

“Arnav ji...” khushi spoke as Arnav cut her off.

“No, khushi and that’s final.” Arnav said and moved towards the bed taking his coat and bag.

Khushi looked unwillingly at him but nothing changes ASR’s decision.

“Laad governor...” khushi mumbled to which Arnav smiled and moved towards her and kissed her forehead and caressed her cheeks.

“Khushi, what if something happens and I am not here? I am just...” he was about to speak more when khushi looked at him with teary eyes and he stopped and made her sit on bed. She moved away from him when he held her close and made her sit between him and bed.

“Khushi...” it was a plea.

“Mat baat kijiye aap, aisa kaise keh skte hai aap?” Khushi shouted at him when he hugged her and tried to calm her. (Don’t talk to me, how can you say that?)

“You will always be here with me. I dont want anything but you. Take it away.” Saying this khushi sent all the papers in her hand flying making Arnav regret his words and he held her face in his hands whispering sorry while kissing her forehead.

He pulled himself back from her face leaving her dazed. Her eyes looked swollen making him question himself. Did she have to look that cute while crying too? Honestly I am not sure if I sure calm her or make her cry more...

Arnav chided himself for thinking like that when suddenly Anjali came barging in the room and Arnav stood up extremely fast making khushi almost fall off the bed but he held her to pull her up.

Anjali noticed khushi who was still teary but dizzy in love and thought that her chote might have shouted on her.

She turned towards chote shaking her head and admonished him. “Chote, apologize to khushi, how could you shout on her? And even made her cry! Apologize, right now.”

Arnav who was about to deny thought of something and said ” but di, she looks so cute crying, like a cat and see how her lips are jutting out. I am not even sure if I want her to stop crying.”

Anjali’s eyes widened and what her dear brother said and she looked at khushi who also was staring at her husband who was looking at her with all his love which she now thinks is fake.

He was happy to see her in tears! She won’t let him make fun of her! Afterall she is also the lucknow ki jalebi rani. He have to bow down to her. Nothing else is acceptable.

“I wont ever cry because of you and that’s my promise. I look cute crying! You made me cry and had the guts to say that! I’ll tell mami ji and nani ji, then we will see who cries!” Khushi snapped and ran out of room to complain about her husband.

They now stood infront of the matriarch of the house who was admonishing their chote for making their sweet angel bitiya cry who was still looking smilingly at all of them making Khushi grit her teeths in annoyance.

How can he still smile at everyone like this? He should be ashamed for making her cry but here he is having fun. Laad governor kahi ke.

“Chote, mafi mangiye khushi bitiya se. Abhi. Isi waqt.” Nani decreed but their chote was lost in his own world and ignored the warning making everyone gasp.

“Nani, just look at her, she is looking so beautiful with those wet red cheeks and red nose with her lips still in a pout. I cant apologize for something so cute.” Arnav smilingly looked at her and pointed out her cuteness making her blush and her heart again raced miles before it stopped as it felt him coming close to her.

His hand touched her cheeks and every single nerve came alive, tingles spread across her whole body as he bend and kissed her cheeks making everybody gasp and mami to whisper her ‘hello hi bye bye. ’

“I am sorry khushi...” khushi dazedly nodded at him before running back to the room making everyone in the hall smile and break into laughter. Her heart made it difficult for her to bother those laughs.

His voice had some other words than those and she was sure of it.

Arnav looked at his butterfly flying away to her Adobe and smiled silly.

She too was considering this as hers and him as hers... too...

Arnav smiled remembering her words of only wanting to stay with him and with a smile he left for his office when he heard her little shy ‘suniye.’

He turned and looked at her to see her coming with a lunch box in her hand which she made him hold and before moving away from him, she said “do finish it. Humne aapke liye bnaya Hai.” (I made it for you.)

Arnav nodded before pulling her into his embrace and kissed her forehead. He turned to sit in the car and smiled as she waved at him, waving back at her, he told the driver to start the car and suddenly his mood to go to office was off. He for the first time in his life, didn’t wanted to leave this house, he wanted to stay. With her. It didn’t felt good to leave her here. He wanted to take her with him. To feel her against him. To hug her and kiss her on her forehead. On her cheeks. On her...

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