Chapter 6

ASR roared and another report was thrown on another employee whose confidence was shattered beyond belief that it would ever get back to it’s real form.

The ASR brought tears in another employee’s eyes when he noticed how idle his employees are to bring such stupid ideas to him.

A romantic dance!

The hell is it? His fashion shows doesn’t need a stupid actor to come and dance on it, he needs to create something refreshing, something beautiful, something happy, something khushi...

As soon as he thought about it, he suddenly wanted to design, something for her, for his woman.

As soon as ASR got this thought he started designing which left Aman, his extremely shaken, scared, and pledged to work employee, shocked.

The ASR never drew anything after his first fashion show which made him money more than he could count. His every creation was a shock to people, he left every mouth and jaw wide open.

But he lost his freedom to design after that, assignments, employees and project signing were all he was able to notice. Keeping his family happy, going on tours to find new concepts, new ideas, new designs, new... everything.

ASR ordered Aman to handle everything, and not to disturb him with meager matters. Aman nodded diligently and went to guard the lion again.

And suddenly the roaring lion went quiet and every employee, every idle employee wiped their tears mentally and started working as silently as they can when someone entered the office increasing the level of release of male testosterone.

Females were envious of the creature who entered the office in blue anarkali and went to the receptionist.

“Hello, where is Arnav Singh Raizada ’s office?” The beautiful girl asked with a smiled as the receptionist who looked at her smiled too because the smile of the lady was so affectionate that every feeling of envy left the brain of the receptionist.

She nodded but asked “do you have an appointment, miss?” The beautiful girl shook her head and looked miserable when suddenly Aman moved towards the girl in anarkali and told the receptionist with his eyes, that he will handle the lady.

“Amanji!” The beautiful lady exclaimed and exasperated sighed in relief.

“Namastey, Khushi ji.” Aman greeted her with a namastey by folding his hands to which she too greeted happily.

“I wanted to meet Arnav ji, is he busy Amanji?” Khushi wondered as she noticed the office extremely silent and every employee working diligently. Kitna kaam krte hain yahaan sab, or kitne dil se. (So much work they all do, and that too with so much heart.)

Aman took her to the ASR ’s office and as he knocked, and opened the cabin for Khushi, the ASR looked up and god, his breath left him as he looked at the source of his mind not working, his hand suddenly wanting to design and his heart suddenly sped up at all his thoughts of the things he wanted to do to her, her soul, to her heart, to her... body.

“Arnav ji!” Khushi smiled at him and moved towards him and Arnav stood up to make her sit on the chair and told Aman to get tea and some snacks.

“Arnav ji, you ate lunch?” Khushi looked at him and asked but somewhere she knew he didnt otherwise his expression won’t be this rather it would have been angry, very angry.

Arnav looked at her in confusion but shook his head which led to her breath out in relief which confused Arnav a bit more.

Arnav looked at khushi as she asked him where the lunch box is and she opened the lunch box and he noticed how lunch box had many things but chapati.

Khushi blushed as she noticed the flabbergasted gaze of Arnav on her and looked at him in embarrassment while her lips moving in something indescribable.

“Arnav ji, vo, hum chapati rakhna bhool gaye the...” khushi blushed in shame as she thought that he will now shout at her as she was told by nani ji that their chote always have anger on his nose. And today, today she disturbed his work, he will surely be very angry at her.

As khushi was in her silly thoughts, her cheeks flushed in embarrassment, Arnav burst out laughing at her state which made even the nose turn red and his laughter made khushi go lost in him. His eyes closed as he laughed. His sound of laughter was so much better than the songs of kishore Kumar ji, than her babu ji ’s aawaz, than everything she ever loved...

Arnav finally stopped laughing to see her lost in him, completely losing herself in him. Nobody noticed how a little colour went up to his ears.

Arnav smiled and flicked Khushi’s nose making her come out of her dreamy state and she then blabbed about how she forgot to put chapati because of him, he teased her so much, then she forgot that she kept chapati to lose some heat so that they won’t go bad in tiffin because of extreme heat in this summer.

Arnav smiled and bend down to kiss her left cheek and noticed how more colour went up to her cheeks making her look extremely cute.

Haye, he was obsessed with her cheeks, obsessed how she can turn herself completely into his favourite colour.


Aman knocked and ASR straightened his lips in typical cold look but his eyes betrayed his expression. They were too shiny with mischief in them.

Suddenly Aman felt that ASR looked too much like a boy. A young teenager.

Khushi looked at Arnav in distaste as he put the cold look that she saw before which caused her to feel he was too cold, too bad and old.

Arnav noticed Khushi’s look and as soon as Aman left, she held his hand and pulled on it as he again got his smile back. She couldn’t help but ask “Arnav ji, why don’t you smile more? You know if others would look at you when you smile they would be too lost to negotiate. You will win all the deals with just one smile! Arnav ji!!” Khushi said all this while smiling dreamily at him and as she noticed him controlling his laughter, she yapped his name in anger.

Arnav’s full blown laughter was heard around the office with khushi slapping his chest as he held her close to him still laughing at her.

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