Chapter 7

Arnav looked at Khushi’s smilingly innocent face and the child like glee when he told her how he wants to design something for her, only for her.

“Khushi, let’s eat first. Come.” Arnav held her hand and made her sit on the sofa in his office and he served her and him together. If only Aman had seen all that, he would have been shocked.

“Arnav ji, did I disturbed you when I came?” Khushi asked the question she has been wondering and as she presented the question, Arnav who was drinking water had a sudden answer in his brain. Yes, you disturbed the whole me, from my top to bottom gets disturbed seeing you close yet far, that now just looking doesn’t suffice.

But he kept all those indecent answers and thoughts far away from the ears of his innocent fairy and held her close to him while shaking his head and hiding his eyes that gleamed of those indecent desires.

“You can never disturb me.” He didn’t lie. She can never disturb him that way but she does in some... sinners way.

Khushi smiled at him and tidied up the table and packed the lunch box and as soon as she put the lunch box away, she was told to sit on the chair infront of him and he began to work, stealing glances, peeking at her. His eyelashes covering some, some given away. Everytime he peeked, he got was smiles that made him want to continue looking at her.

When she obediently does things for him, that made him want to ask some things that she would shy away from but would still do... or maybe...

After two hours, Arnav had to send his khushi home as his dear sister called three times to tell him that they too want to spend some time with his wife and everytime pressing on ‘his wife’.

He first time felt that having a nagging family is irritating and suddenly his perspective of things started changing in ways he couldn’t stand.

“Arnav ji?” Khushi asked on call as he picked up.

“Khushi...” he didn’t knew if he was demanding or just whispering.

Khushi felt her heart beat rose as she listened to his voice, she wasn’t even sure if she did but she felt something in his voice, some demand, some want, some... need. And it wasn’t about food or something but something to do with her...

Some blush rose and she was again coloured in his favorite colour when she heard some coughing, her colour turned more prettier... sexier...

“Arnav ji, I reached home. Bye.” She just whispered her sentence and was about to put the phone down when he again whispered her name causing her heart to jerk and beat. She felt everything in her stop and speed. She wasn’t herself and she knew it.

It was 6 in the evening when she and mami ji sat and spoke about some movie of salman Khan and she went to her room to give water to her Arnav ji’s plants.

Her own brain didn’t realised the change from that Arnav ji to her Arnav ji.

Aasmaan tera mera hua
Khwaab ki tarah dhuaan dhuaan

Aasmaan tera mera hua
Saans ki tarah ruaan ruaan

Ho jaaye jahaan tu jaaye

Paaye mujhe hi paaye
Saaye ye mere hain tujh mein samaaye...

Khushi’s tears fell as the song proceeded and noticing how Katrina ji looked, more tears fell from her eyes and that’s how Arnav found her, crying over a movie and he moved towards her when she hugged him and asked “Aap kab aaye Arnav ji?” (When did you came Arnavji?)

They didnt noticed how she suddenly trusted this Arnav in this cruel, cruel world.

How she was intimate with him in ways she was never with anyone. How she hugged him so many times a day yet a craving of being in his arms was in her.

“Just now.” He spoke but she didn’t listened rather she took his coat and bag in her hand to place them at their place and got him his home clothes and went to get him food as he freshens up.

Arnav smiled as he noticed two plates, he secretly enjoys when she waits for him to eat but still he tell her to eat at time which she had only one answer “this is my haq.” Arnav was all smiles.

Khushi spoke to him about the movie that she was watching and he listened to her, lost in her yet giving his mind to her talks about salman ji and katrina ji. How she enjoys their romance and when they do... that in movies. How beautiful katrina ji is.

He wanted to say how she was more beautiful than anyone for him. He bent down and kissed her cheeks before helping her with the dishes and cleaned the table as she came after doing some chores.

“Arnav ji, I went to temple before coming to office and I saw something weird there.” Arnav who was listened to her questioned her and she continued “I saw jija ji.”

Arnav looked at her in confusion and said “maybe you saw someone else today Khushi. Jija ji is not in delhi right now, he is in lucknow for some case of his.”

Khushi looked at him and nodded “Aap keh rahe hain to aisa hi hoga.” Khushi nodded at him again before moving towards bed and laid when Arnav was going to recliner, she called his name. (If you saying, then it must be right.)

“Arnav ji.” Every cell in Arnav ’s body came alive when he saw her lying on bed with that innocent face and in her night wear with her eyes staring at him.

Calling to him.

He looked at her when she patted her side of bed and invited him to lay down by her side and told him how big his bed is and they can lay there together.

Arnav nodded in trance.

As he laid beside her, he realised how dangerous this place is for him and how he should have denied.

It was too hard for him to stay and not do anything.

He looked at the ceiling to get some power in himself, to find something to distract himself when his breathe was knocked out of him and the desire came back with a bang.

His innocent fairy has settled her leg in between his and her hand were now on his, holding his in her making them come in contact with her.

Her leg was moving in a slurry but it stopped there in between his without doing anything. Arnav took a breathe in to control when he was able to calm himself, he pushed her leg away with extreme care to not wake her up and as he turned, he was trapped.

She now laid her hands on his waist and her legs over his completely. She closed up on him and settled her head on his. She hugged him with all the force and he had nothing to push her.

He too then with sheer force pulled her into him and laid down closing his eyes and peace was there with restless want.

The want of something that he had in his arms but was too scared to ask.

He held her close and breathed in her scent of jasmine and he too pulled her in him more and she herself settled in him more. They both slept with calm pressing on them...

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