Chapter 8

Arnav felt a hand crept on his chest as he felt the hand kneed his chest and grabbing him and rubbing him in ways he couldn’t describe.

He was again made restless as his eyes shot open to see the beauty in his arms doing things she shouldn’t but the rabbit she was, didn’t knew that once she crossed the safety, she would be trapped by lion, in his den and this lion would cease every opportunity to get close to this rabbit and devour her.

She laid safely in his arms but her hands were restless all night, her mumblings about her favourite sweets, her babu ji and she mumbled his name in a breathless sweep. His heart has thudded on that note of her tone.

He was restless but still for her safety, he held himself back till he can’t anymore.

Arnav looked at her face and pushed her hairs back and untangled himself off her but still she felt she hasn’t tortured him enough therefore, she again tried to pull him but Arnav had his resolve set, he isn’t to be trapped at all.

Arnav went to get ready and as he bathed, he felt he survived the most dangerous time and the rabbit was still safe with him but till when...

Arnav got ready and noticed khushi waking up slowly and as she woke up, she looked at him, lost.

Khushi wondered where did the box of jalebi went that she was eating and the soft pillow she was holding as she woke up. She realised she was alone on bed and wondered where her dear husband went.

She wished him as she saw him all draped in his dapper suit looking wonderful.

Arnav smiled at her and then he told her that it is already 8 AM. He smiled and waited for her reaction.

She repeated his words and suddenly as if her brain finally worked, her bulb finally turned on and that when she shot towards the washroom without taking clothes and then she again came back to take them in hurry that she collided with Arnav first and then slammed herself on the door of washroom making Arnav shout “aaram se!” To which smiled and nodded her head slowly and entered the washroom palming her forehead while answering his “tum thik ho?” She smiled at herself forgetting all about getting late but as she remembered again, she ran inside and got ready in a speed that even made Arnav wonder if she did bathed at all or not... but he kept his thoughts aside.

Arnav and Khushi went down together and as they reached their dear mami ji looked at them and wondered out loud “pooja bhi hoyi gwa aaj toh, kaa baat khushi bitiya, Arnav bitwa sone nahi diye kya? No sleeping, ha? Hello hi bye bye. ” (even prayer is done today, what’s the matter, khushi bitiya? Did Arnav not let you get sleep? No sleeping, ha?)

Anjali looked at her incorrigible mami and smiled palming her mouth while also giving suggestive glances at Arnav who diligently ignored all those glances and wished his nani.

Khushi looked at them not understanding about what exactly should she be concerned about Arnav ji not letting her sleep when he was the one who was fussing about her but still wishing every elder and moving put of hall to kitchen to help bring food to the table.

Anjali smiled at her dear chote who was even though still cold and quiet, his eyes gleamed and lightened at the mention of her bhabi, his eyes searched for her and finally he has someone who cares about him and only him.

She too has someone to take care of and now she can also concentrate on him as her chote is finally in care of someone even more capable than her. She is happy, so happy for her chote.

Anjali smiled at Arnav and caressed his head to which Arnav smiled at her and held her hand in his giving it a squeeze causing her to remember their childhood when if she touched his head, he would practically bounce on her for messing his head.

It was fun, he was fun.

Anjali looked at khushi bringing food and helping everyone with it and smiled seeing how khushi fussed over her chote and she suddenly stopped her thoughts.

Now her endearment should change, it’s not her chote, its Khushi’s Arnav. Changes do occur and she has been waiting for this one to happen from a long time ago.

Arnav looked at khushi smilingly but noticing that even after she served food to everyone, she was still standing, he pushed the chair beside him a bit and told her to sit and helped her serve causing everyone’s eyes on the table widen with surprise over how this rude and cold person could serve someone so... warmly. Yes, warmly.

Khushi looked at others and saw them looking at her in shocked causing her to think that she made a fault and she tried to stand up when Arnav stopped her and looked at other and seeing this warm-cold Arnav all said how they are not some old folks who would make their darling daughter in law stand while they eat. Everything’s on table and they can serve themselves up without her help and she should too eat.

Khushi still looked at them nervously when Anjali looked at her in eyes and with eyes she pointed to the plate and told her to eat food.

Looking at how Arnav and Anjali cared for khushi, nani thought of how time changes everything even the most pained moment.

Everybody finished their breakfasts and khushi got up to see him off, Anjali too got up and limped towards Arnav. “Chote, I want to go out for a while. I want to take khushi to the new mall.”

Arnav looked at his di and smiled at how eagerly she wants to go out and nodded but not before giving instructions to her and also revising those instructions to driver too.

“Mohan, don’t let them out of your sight and also don’t let his di drive. Don’t let khushi and di wander alone outside. No stopping on roadside shops.” Mohan who got these not hard to follow instructions smiled and nodded.

Anjali and khushi smiled but that smile wiped off as soon as roadside food came in the talks. What are they going outside for? It’s for that roadside food ge just denied.

But nobody changes ASR’s decision and therefore rules were set and they were dismissed.

Arnav left after hugging khushi and kissing his di’s head. He smiled at the two and left smilingly.

“Khushi, let eat something. I am hungry.” Anjali pouted at khushi who looked at her with same and both went to food court to eat. As they were entering, Anjali suddenly stopped and told Khushi to go inside while she will come in a while. Khushi who was about to stop her was told to go stand in line otherwise their turn would never come and Anjali scurried off somewhere else.

“Baby, here’s the property paper and now everything will be ours soon. We just have to get the sign of that idiotic woman.” The guy was telling this to a lady who turned her face to him acting coquettish but then as they intimately touched eachother, Anjali breathed hard and the light in her eyes dimmed. She is not going to forget this betrayal.

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