Mad Love

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Chapter 13

Alice was shocked beyond belief. Tarrant didn’t believe that she stood before him? She decided that she would have to prove him wrong, and quickly.

“No? Then who else would come to your aid if not Underland’s Champion?” Alice asked, grasping the bars of the cell as she did so, pleading in her eyes.

This caused Tarrant to wonder if he had been wrong. Overjoyed at that thought, his eyes returned to their emerald green hue as he gripped the bars on top of Alice’s hands.

“Alice!” Tarrant said happily.

“I told you I would come for you.” Alice replied as she set about finding a way out of the cell for Tarrant, namely picking the lock, a skill that she had learned by watching Charles complete the task as part of his training. After a few moments, Alice gave a triumphant shout as she succeeded in her task.

Before she knew it, strong arms encased her body. She froze for a moment but then melted into Tarrant’s embrace. This reprieve was unfortunately short lived as the couple’s reunion was interrupted.

“Alice, how kind of you to join us.” The slimy voice of Stayne said as he casually walked towards the couple, followed by Iracebeth herself.

“Thank you Stayne.” Alice replied, her teeth gritted together in rage.

“STAYNE! Remember what we have planned for the Hatter?” Iracebeth asked.

Alice shuddered at what Iracebeth insinuated and sincerely hoped that the crazed woman was not thinking about beheadings.

Stayne’s beady eyes gleamed in delight before he replied, “Ah, yes. Now we shall have two! How touching, Underland’s Champion comes to save her love and signs both of their death warrants.”

With that, the pair swept out of the room leaving Alice and Tarrant alone once more.

Alice was numb with shock as she realised that Absolem had indeed been correct in this matter. It did not matter that she and Tarrant had not been placed behind bars once more, for she felt just as trapped, if not more so.

Noticing Alice’s shock, Tarrant wrapped her even tighter in his arms, allowing Alice to breathe in the warm tea scent that was Tarrant, calming her sufficiently to try and escape.

Mirana paced back and forth in front of the table which was home to maps and plans. She had spent all morning processing the fact that Alice had gone, without any warning, to rescue the Hatter. Absolem had labelled Alice as a ‘stupid girl’ when he had recounted Alice’s reaction before she had left and in this instance, Mirana had to agree with the butterfly.

Charles, of course, was extremely worried for his daughter’s safety. Being Underlandian, he knew what the Red Queen was capable as she had beheaded her husband who had been a close friend of his.

He hoped that both Alice and the Hatter would be rescued before it was too late.

Alice was slowly coming to terms with her death sentence, having realised there was no hope of escape, however she could not stop thinking about how foolish she had been in coming alone.

She paced back and forth along the length of the dungeon which held her captive. She could not stop herself from thinking that soon she would be allowed out of the room and...

At this, Alice finally broke. Her emotions overwhelmed her and she succumbed to her tears, sliding to the floor in her despair.

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