Mad Love

Chapter 5 part 1

As she fell, Alice wondered how this journey was different. Soon enough, she was able to answer her own question as she landed gracefully on a pale white marble floor. She was home!

It took Alice a few moments to take in the white walls that were gently decorated with touches of blue. This caused Alice to smile as she realised that this was done for her.

In the gardens, the usually mad tea party was underway, presided over by Tarrant who had decided to join in the excitement of having the Champion return. Mirana sat next to him in a seat of some honour on his left hand side, the right hand noticeably empty.

Alice decided to explore the palace, somewhat disappointed that she would not be able to see the Hatter as his tea party was beyond the palace walls. The decorations dotted throughout the palace, entertaining her and distracting her from her sadness.

As she passed a window that overlooked the beautiful gardens with white roses and cherry blossoms complimenting and contrasting the lush green grass, she noticed a long table in the centre of what appeared to be a courtyard. As Alice continued to marvel at the beauty of the gardens, her attention was drawn to the guests of the tea party, particularly a certain milliner with wild orange hair and intricate top hat.

At this pleasant sight, Alice’s breath caught in her throat from the excitement of seeing her dear friend Tarrant once more. Restraining herself slightly, Alice hastened through the halls in search of the entrance to the garden. Before she could get very far in her search, a voice above her spoke before revealing the ever elusive Cheshire Cat.

“Good to see you again, love. Been a long time hasn’t it? Are you going anywhere in particular?” Chess asked, sporting his trademark grin, clearly anticipating her answer.

Alice smiled; glad to see one of her friends again, before replying, “That depends. I was going to visit the Hatter, but I do not have a guide.”

Chess’s grin extended, if it was possible.

“I will take you to the Hare and the Hatter, but that’s the end of it.” Chess replied, before promptly disappearing.

Alice began to wander down the hall once more, however she knew that she would eventually reach her destination. As she walked, she wondered what she would say to the Hatter.

Before she knew it, Alice reached a pair of glass double doors, beyond which was lush, emerald green grass. Chess appeared for the briefest of moments to bid Alice Fairfarren before leaving once more.

Suddenly anxious about her meeting with the Hatter, Alice took a moment to gather her muchness before walking into the almost paradise beyond the glass doors.

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