Plastic Marriage

Chapter 10-Please, not him

"Right! You and Pietro go and get your family to safety, everyone else, follow me" Steve announced, before calling back to Pietro and I.

"Grab your communicators"

Without a second thought, Pietro lifted me up and sped out to the car. To say that getting to my building was hard would have been an understatement. Between people screaming and running…And aliens attacking, it was hell, but finally we made it. Racing inside I saw my family already in the lobby, along with many other people.

"Mom!" I yelled, grabbing her attention before she ran over to us, followed by Harry and my brothers.

"We were so worried" My mother stated, hugging me.

"What the hell is going on?" Marcus asked.

"Oh you know, alien invasion, typical New York day" I sighed, looking outside.

"We have to get you guys to a safer place" Pietro stated

"You don't have to tell me twice" Harry spoke. I ushered them all out to the car, about to get in when a building near us was hit.

"We have to go" I said, looking over at Pietro. He looked at me for a moment, before he was by my side.

"Get them to safety"

"You're coming too" I stated

"Nyet printsessa, you go, I'll be fine"

"Pietro I am not leaving you here alone to fight these things" I stated

"You have to, I cannot stand by and let them do this, and you need to worry about your family" he spoke.


"Please…Trust me" He told me, grabbing my hand. I stared at him for a moment, wondering if I should, before I sighed.

"Please be careful" I begged

"I always am printsessa" he smiled, leaning in to kiss my cheek, before he was gone. Sighing, I climbed into the car, quickly escaping onto the streets. I headed for the nearest exit out of the city, but just as I was a bit away, I heard the announcement on the radio.

"The bridges out of the city have been blocked, we are urging people to get to one of the safe locations across the city"

"Crap" I muttered, listening to where the safe locations were, turning when I heard that one was only a few streets away. Upon reaching it, I quickly got everyone inside, the place was packed, but I knew things would only get worse if I didn't get back out there.

"You guys stay here ok" I told them before turning around, but I soon felt a hand on my arm, looking back, I saw my mother with tears in her eyes.

"Please be careful" she begged

"I will mommy, don't worry" I smiled, reaching back to hug her before heading out.

"F.R.I.D.A.Y, I need my suit" I stated into the mic.

"The new suit F.R.I.D.A.Y" I heard Tony speak

"New suit?" I asked

"You'll see" he replied. I stood still, knowing that everyone was located by GPS, and soon enough, I heard the familiar whistling of the suit flying. It landed before me, it was hard to describe, it looked like it was built with more metal, yet still as slim and light as before, but the main thing I noticed was.

"I get a helmet?" I asked with a chuckled as I stepped into the suit, it closing and locking around me.

"The more protection, the better" Tony stated.


"No problem kid, now come help"

"On my way" I replied, taking off.

"P you still where I left you?" I asked, making my way back.

"Nyet, I am with the others" He replied

"Good" I laughed

"Were you worried?" He asked, laughter in his voice even as I heard the sound of metal hitting the ground around him.

"Shut it Speedy" I replied, quickly landing back at the tower.

"So any ideas on how to shut these things down? We already have the Tesseract" I stated, blasting a few that came my way.

"It's not the Tesseract that is controlling them this time" Tony replied, landing next to me.

"So what is?" I asked, looking past him and blasting a suit that was ready to shoot.

"I've been able to locate two sources with the same power, somehow our little friends transferred the energy of the Tesseract" Tony replied, both of us flying up into the air once more, easily shooting out ten small ships that were flying by.

"And let me guess, the signals are coming from those things" I stated, pointing to the two giant ships that were hovering over either side of town.

"You catch on quick"

"Ok, so are you a man with a plan?" I asked

"Aren't I always?" He asked

"Than after you"

"Ok guys here's what needs to happen. Natasha, Wanda, Speedy, you three are going to accompany me to that lovely ship hovering over the west side of the city. Vision, you, Steve, Clint, and–"

Tony paused as a beam shot down right in front of us, both of us flew out of the way in time, and watched as it slowly faded, leaving none other than the God of thunder in it's wake.

"Ah right on time" Tony stated.

"I wish to know how these things got a hold of the Tesseract" Thor stated.

"We'd actually like to know that too, but first, let's get rid of them" Tony started

"Ok as I was saying, Vision, you Steve, Clint, and now Thor can go with Ellie to the ship on the east side of town. Burce, big man, you're coming with me too" Tony added, before flying off towards the other ship.

"Alright boys, we'll make a path for ya" I stated, heading towards the east ship, Thor right behind me.

"Is the Tesseract safe Lady Elizabeth?" Thor asked while we fought the suits.

"It's in the lab" I replied, turning around and firing off a missile, easily taking out thirty of them.

"Where did you come across it?" He inquired

"They had it in a Hydra base, it was a power source. Tony believes that somehow they drained some of it's energy in order to power their ships here" I replied, blasting a suit that Thor threw towards me.

"Than we must stop them" He replied, standing beside me.

"That's the plan" I stated, just as Steve made his way to us.

"Vision and Hawk up high?" I asked, to which Steve nodded.

"They're going to keep the airborne fighters off us while we get on the ship"

"Right, let's go then" I stated as we headed off once more.

"I thought I was the leader" Steve laughed, quickly catching up.

"I'm sorry, did you want to say go?" I asked with a laugh. He was about to speak when we heard Tony came over the com.

"Ok so. The inside of the ship is a bit over crowded, you will have to wait a bit before they can get you a table" I couldn't help but laugh at his statement, Tony always did have a way of making situations seem less dangerous then what they were.

"Need some help old man?" Pietro asked, laughing as well.

"First off, age isn't everything, I could still get more women than you could kid, and second…Yeah actually hop up here right fast, and bring your sister" Tony replied. Thor and I closed in on the ship, quickly, I flew down and grabbed Steve's hand.

"Up ya go leader" I stated, flying up and landing ontop of the ship, Thor soon followed.

"Watch out boys" I spoke, quickly blasting a hole in the roof, before dropping down. Tony wasn't lying when he said it was over crowded, there had to be at least a hundred suits lining the walls of the ship, though they all seemed inactive at the time.

"Let's hurry up before they wake" Steve stated, heading towards where the signal was coming from.

"Not gonna lie, this looks like something from so many fanfictions I've read" I stated, following him.

"What is a fanfiction?" Thor asked behind me

"Nothing" I answered quickly.

"Ok the signal is coming from behind this door" Steve stated, stopping in front of a very large steel door.

"After you good sir" I replied, and with one good kick, Steve had the door flying open.

"Never going to get used to that" I spoke, following him and earning a laugh.

"There it is" Thor added, we all followed his gaze and saw a glowing blue tube.

"Ok I'll go grab it" I stated, making my way over to it.

"Be careful Lady Elizabeth" Thor warned.

"Don't worry, I did this with the Tesseract, what's the worst that could happen" I asked, grabbing the tube and yanking it front the outlet, just as I heard Tony come over the com.

"Don't take the power source!"

"Why?" Steve asked, when suddenly we heard a loud noise ring out through the ship.

"What was that?" Thor asked

"Please tell me that was not the guys in the waiting room" I replied, just in time to hear the marching heading our way.

"Looks like we'll be fighting out way out" Steve replied.

"Then let us make haste" Thor added, charging out of the room, Steve right behind him.

"Here goes nothing" I stated, flying out of the room. I could hear the sound of flesh hitting metal, but Thor and Steve were out of view, and at least fifty suits lined up in front of me.

'No missiles, I might hit the guys' I cursed, seeing that the only option I had was hand to hand.

"Who's first?" I asked, watching as the suits grabbed their guns and aimed at me.

"Very well then" I sighed, aiming at them. The next thing I knew, the sound of firing rang out, I could slightly feel it make impact with the suit. Quickly I began shooting back, taking them out one by one.

"Not to be annoying but, how come these things didn't shut off when we took the power source like the ones at the base?" I asked into the com.

"The ones outside did" Clint replied

"Because the suits at the base, and outside were just that" Tony spoke, before I heard the sound of more gun fire.

"And these aren't?" Steve asked

"These are alive" Tony replied.

"Of course, the higher ranks protect the queen" I sighed, before thinking.

"Wait. That means they have hearts" I stated, turning, and shooting one in the chest, watching as it fell.

"Well that's a lot easier" I smiled, aiming for another one. Slowly the count was less, and the boys came into view again. I was about to make my way over to them, when I found myself flying up towards the ceiling.

"The ship is coming down!" Steve yelled.

"I'm on it!" I yelled back, quickly flying out, and under the ship.

"F.R.I.D.A.Y! Power on boosters! We gotta slow this thing down!" I spoke, grabbing the underbelly of the ship and pushing back. With as high up as it was, the impact would level half of the city unless I could slow it.

"We have to slow these things down no matter what kid" Tony told me

"Trust me, I know" I replied, I watched as the city came more and more into view, the ship still falling far too quickly.

"F.R.I.D.A.Y, all powers to boosters!" I commanded, kicking up the power and feeling the ship start to slow, but also feeling something else.

"Armor stability is at thirty percent ma'am" F.R.I.D.A.Y warned, but I didn't say anything, I had to slow this thing down. My mind flashed to my family…My mother.

"Armor stability is at twenty percent"

"Please be careful" I could hear my mother's voice ring out in my head.

"Armor stability is at ten percent"

'Sorry mom, I may not be able to' I thought, feeling the arm pieces start to come loose, I watched the ground come closer and closer, glancing over, I could see the other ship was just as low.

"Armor stability is at five percent"

'Just a little more' I pushed, slowing the ship more.

"Wanda!" I heard Pietro's voice yell in the com, before I heard Wanda's voice ring out even louder.

"PIETRO!" My eyes snapped open, fear flooding my veins as I pushed against the ship, what happened? Is he ok? Though my thoughts were broken when I heard the crashing of the ship, it had made impact, one end already making a huge hole in the streets.

"Ma'am armor stability is at critical levels" F.R.I.D.A.Y announced.

"Just a little more" I spoke through gritted teeth, lowering the ship as slowly as I could. The front made impact, leaving another hole in it's wake, but it had landed slowly enough to not cause an aftershock.

"Ship two is on the ground" I told Tony.

"So is ship one, meet me at the tower with the power source, guys, take care of the rest of our little friends…Vision…Take care of him" Tony added

"Tony what happened?" I asked, quickly flying towards the tower.

"Ellie we need to focus right now"

"Is he going to be ok?"


"I need to know!" I stated, the fear flooding back when silence over took the com.

"I don't know" Tony sighed. I felt the blood drain from my face, my body started to shake, and I bit back tears as I flew.

"Meet me on the roof" he told me, before going silent once more. I did as I was told, meeting him on the roof where he had brought the Tesseract and the machine it was hooked up to.

"What are we going to do?" I asked, handing him the power source, and watching as he connected them both to the Tesseract.

"We are going to overload them" He stated, telling me to stand back before he flipped a switch. We watched as the tubes shook, growing more and more violent with each passing second. We both flew up and out of the way, watched as the blue glow grew brighter and brighter, before suddenly, a shock-wave of energy blew out from the objects. The power broke windows from nearby buildings, but the tubes no longer glowed.

The portal in the sky slowly closed, and the others confirmed that the ground suits were taken care of.

After that, Tony had called Helen, telling her to come to the tower immediately, and bring her best people. As I watched the others come in, I realized just how banged up everyone was, but it wasn't until I saw Vision come in with him, that everything stop. I realized this must be what he goes through when he uses his powers, everything in slow motion. I watched as Vision hurried to where the doctors were, but he seemed to go by so slowly.

Pietro was pale, blood soaking the front of his shirt, his eyes were closed, and his body was limp.

"No" I breathed, images of the past two weeks flashed through my mind, and I felt tears wet my cheeks.

"Please…No" I whispered, soon feeling someone's arms around me, and hearing soft crying next to me. I realized it was Wanda, and immediately I wrapped my arms around her, finally letting the tears fall.

'Not him' I begged

'Please, not him'

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