Plastic Marriage

Chapter 12-The end is near

Three more days had passed, and still nothing new. I watched as he slept, Bruce and I monitoring him once more, just as we had done after Ultron. Sighing, I turned to begin putting things away, and clearing the mess that the others had created while visiting.

"Surely I must be dead this time" I heard a groggily voice behind me say, spinning around quickly, I stared wide eyed at the man.

"No way can there be an angel in front of me, twice, and I'm not dead" He smirked, even at a time like this, even when he came so close to death, he still smiled.

"Still trying that line?" I asked, laughing lightly.

"Is it working?" he asked, trying to sit up.

"Oh no mister, you aren't getting up" I stated, pushing him back down softly.

"I'm fine Printsessa" he spoke, but still I pushed him back.

"No, you need rest Pietro, you got shot, you have been in a coma for a week" I told him, making him stare at me, shocked.

"Really? A week?"


"And you stayed with me the whole time?" he asked, to which I nodded.

"Most of the time, your sister and the others also spent time with you" I replied

"Thank you Printsessa" he smiled, his hand coming to wrap around my torso. I could feel my body stiffen at the feeling, before I gently pulled away, trying to ignore the slightly hurt look that came across his face.

"I'll go tell Wanda that you are awake, she has been worried and blaming herself" I told him, before leaving the room.

It didn't take Pietro long to be back on his feet, though Steve told him it would be a while before he was allowed to go on missions again, just in case. Even after what happened, Pietro was still Pietro, and that was both good, and bad.

"Time to wake up Printsessa" I heard his voice whisper close to me, a smile on his lips as he kissed my cheek. I groaned, burying my face in the pillow more. He still lived with me, even if I found it hard at this point, I still had a lie to keep up, one that I found harder and harder each day.

"I don't wanna" I groaned

"Well, we could always have a lazy day" He spoke, climbing onto the bed and wrapping his arms around me. My body stiffened, I couldn't give in, my walls were finally in place again.

"My parents want to go shopping" I sighed, crawling out of bed and away from his grasp. The hurt and confusion shown on his face once more while he watched me walk to the bathroom, wondering what he did.

After that, it seemed to only get harder. Pietro was still the type to randomly wrap his arm around me, or kiss my cheek. He was still the sweet and silly guy, and still flirty as ever. I used to never see this as a problem, until now, and I knew why.

I knew why it was hard not to hold his hand, I knew why it was hard not to hug him back, I knew why my heart felt like it broke a little more every time I saw those beautiful blue eyes shine with even just a sliver of hurt.

Each day that passed my heart felt heavier, each night he held me I wanted to cry. Slowly, day by day the week passed, and my families departure grew closer. The lie's ending drawing near, a day that in the beginning, I couldn't wait for, now felt like the hangman's noose. The final night came quickly, tomorrow my family would be leaving on the first flight out.

Pietro was at the tower, Bruce wanting to run some final tests on him, to make sure he would be ok for future missions. He told me he would stay at the tower tonight, the look in his eyes telling me that he knew this was the end, even if he didn't want to admit it. So tonight, I was alone, just my cat and I. This was what I wanted right?

This was what I had been waiting for, to get my life back, before the lie. Before him.

'This was what I wanted' I kept repeating those words in my head, hoping that maybe if I said them enough, I would start to believe them.

'This was what I wanted' Even as I slowly sat on my bed and took in my empty surroundings, before my eyes slowly fell upon the ring he gave me.

'This was what I wanted' Even as I felt my throat clench and felt the hot tears stream down my face.

'This was what I wanted' Even as I buried my face in my hands, sobs racking my body as I cried, really cried, for the first time in years.

This wasn't what I wanted…But this is what fear had given me.

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