Plastic Marriage

Chapter 2-Meeting the family

"See, everything will be fine" Tony said raising his glass before taking a drink.

"Ok so my family will be here in a few hours, we better get our stories straight" I told Pietro while wiggling out of his grip, getting used to pda stuff would take a bit for me.

"I think you might want to look for an accessory, or this lie won't go over" Natasha stated, confusing me, that is, until she pointed to her ring finger.

"Oh...Crap right, um...I think I have a ring in my room I could pass off as an engagement ring" I replied, about to turn around.

"I don't think the winding machine ring will work" Clint laughed.

"Well then I'm screwed" I sighed.

"No worries, one ring coming up" Tony said, pulling up a website.

"Wait a minute, I'm her fiance, I should pick it out" Pietro said, suddenly standing beside Tony.

"Guys, I can just pick a ring up at the store for like eight bucks" I sighed.

"Shhh, let them buy you jewelry" Natasha teased with a smile.

"I have to agree, if they are willing, what is the harm?" Wanda added with a small laugh.

"Alright" I said laughing as well before sitting in between the girls again, I watched as Tony and Pietro argued over rings, I couldn't help but shake my head at them, they acted like this was all real. It was just an act so my parents wouldn't worry so much, so I could then go about my life...All an act...

"Why am I suddenly nervous?" I whispered.

"Cause you're not used to being in a relationship, fake or not" Natasha replied.

"Maybe this is a bad idea, maybe I should just come clean" I sighed, I was never good about lying to my parents after all.

"It will be ok, nervous is normal" Wanda told me.

"It is ordered" Pietro stated, walking over to us with a smile.

"How long?" Natasha asked

"About an hour" Tony replied, before adding.

"I also ordered dinner, that will be here a lot quicker though, at least I hope"

A couple hours later, I was dressed and ready to leave for the airport, which, lucky for me, was only a ten minute drive.

"Where is Pietro?" I asked while walking back into the living area and not seeing my "fiance" anywhere.

"Someone was at the door so he went to get it" Steve replied.

"Oh ok, well I'm off to pick of the family, later everyone" I waved, hearing everyone say their goodbyes.

"Oh! There you are printsessa, look what just arrived" Pietro said with a smile once I got to the front door, I watched as he opened the small velvet box and showed off the, what I figured must have a been really expensive, ring.

"Whoa" I said, honestly speechless, it was true that I had been "engaged" before, though it was taken with a grain of salt by most, as we were both young, but that ring had nothing on this one.

"Do you like it?" Pietro asked, snapping me out of my thoughts.

"Ya...I'm not usually one for a lot of bling but..Wow" I said, which caused him to laugh.

"I'm glad printsessa, it was on a site where you could design your own" He said, slipping the ring onto my finger effortlessly, I watched as his hand lingered, the impact of what we were playing suddenly hit me...As did his words.

"Wait...You came up with this yourself?" I asked, shocked a bit.

"You didn't see that coming?" he joked, causing me to hit his arm playfully.

"Really? I honestly thought we were having a moment, than you went and ruined it" I laughed before opening the door.

"Come on, we gotta get to the airport" I made my way to my SUV, everyone always asked why I had such a big car, yet never complained when they all wanted to go somewhere, since Tony's sports cars were too small.

The ride to the airport was filled with small talk, mostly twenty questions type talk.

"Ok your favorite color is red" Pietro stated, to which I shook my head.

"But you wear it all the time, almost as much as Wanda" He stated.

"That's cause it looks good with my hair" I said, shaking my reddish orange hair around.

"My favorite color is black" I smiled.

"That isn't a color though" He laughed

"Well when they make a color darker, that will be my favorite" I smiled.

"Ok, what is my favorite color?" He asked, I acted like I was thinking for a moment, before peeking over at him with a smirk.

"Silver?" I joked.

"Oh ha ha printsessa, very funny" He said shaking his head.

"I know, I'm a riot" I laughed, before adding.

"Blue" The car was quiet for a minute before he sighed.

"Right" Pietro honestly seemed a bit down that I knew him more than he knew me.

"Ok favorite sweets?" He asked.

"That is a trick question Pietro, you like anything sweet" I laughed while parking the car and getting out.

"Very true, and your favorite is Chocolate" He smiled, appearing next to me and grabbing my hand, I fought the urge to remove the contact, he was my "fiance" after all.

"Right" I smiled

"How did you know?" I asked as we entered the airport, I began looking at the boards to figure out which gate they would arrive at.

"I have seen you around Halloween" He laughed.

"Hey! I'm not that bad" I pouted before turning and heading towards gate ten.

"You almost took Tony's hand off because he reached for a Reese's cup" He laughed.

"I told him not to mess with my Reese's, those are the only candy I warn people not to touch" I defended.

"I thought it was butterfingers, according to the television" he joked.

"Ya I need to make a commercial that says Don't lay a finger on my Reese's" I laughed.

"And hey, I have seen you with gummy bears sir" I said with a smirk, earning a laugh from him.

"There's my Lizzie Bee!" I heard behind me, blushing at the nickname.

"Hey mom!" I smiled, hugging her tightly.

"Hey Harry!" I smiled, hugging my stepfather.

"And it's good to see you too bros" I laughed, hugging my oldest brother, before fist-bumping my other brother, who wasn't a big fan of human contact either.

"And who is this?" My mother asked with a smile while eyeing Pietro.

"Guys, this is Pietro Maximoff, my fiance" I smiled while standing beside Pietro.

"Pietro, this is my mother Willow, my stepfather Harry, and two of my brothers, Marcus and Connor" I told him.

"Very nice to meet you all, Ellie has told me a lot about you" He said with a smile while shaking the boy's hands, and kissing the back of my mother's, making her blush slightly.

"Well then, we have a lot of catching up to do on our side" Marcus laughed.

"We didn't even know about you until this afternoon" Connor added.

'Come on guys, really? Big brother mode activated already?' I mentally groaned.

"Ah yes, I am sorry, we have tried to keep it hidden for a bit, press and all" Pietro smiled, wow, ok he was way better at this than me.

"Press? I didn't know you were that involved with the Avengers and all" My mom asked looking at me.

"I'm not, I mean, I help them out still, when they need it, and they are my friends but..."

"The press would be on my end, as an Avenger" Pietro added, grabbing my hand and running his thumb along the back of it. Why was it becoming so hard to pull off this lie? Breath Ellie.

"Oh my, I didn't know you were an Avenger, wait you were actually able to land an Avenger?" My mother asked.

"Why is that so shocking?" I asked, laughing slightly, Pietro on the other hand, thought it was very funny.

"Don't laugh speedy" I said, playfully hitting him.

"Speedy?" My stepdad asked as we started towards the parking lot. Before I could even blink, Pietro was gone, only to return a second later handing my mother and I a rose from the free stand at the other end of the airport. My family stared at him for a moment, jaws slack, I couldn't help but laugh, and Pietro grabbed my hand once more.

"Well I bet that comes in handy for cleaning" My mother laughed.

"Ok, someone just beat out any chance you had for the cool scale sis" Marcus joked.

"Sorry" I said sarcastically, before adding.

"I don't have powers, I have guns and knives"

"She does not need them, she is powerful enough as she is" Pietro laughed.

"Yeah, and he has seen me in battle so nyeh" I said, sticking my tongue out at my brother, causing Pietro to laugh again while he opened the door for me, before opening the passenger door for my mom.

"And a gentleman, hang onto this one" My mom smiled at me once she sat down. I watched as Pietro climbed in beside Marcus, Connor and Harry getting into the row behind them.

I waited until everyone was buckled up, and began the drive back, glancing at the address they gave me...Wait a minute.

"This is my building" I said glancing over at my mother.

"Yup, we found a few really cheap apartments we could buy. I love that your building has a buy or rent option" My mother replied with a smile.

"Yeah, it's really great" I smiled, though mentally I was freaking out, Pietro didn't live with me after all.

"So, how long have you two been going together?" My mom asked

"A year" I answered, but I heard a different answer behind me.

"Six months" The car went quiet, I glanced at Pietro in the mirror to see he was just as panicked as I was, crap, we didn't figure this out beforehand.

"A year and six months" I replied before adding.

"You know me, I don't really count months, just years" I laughed

"Wow, this is the longest relationship you have been in" Marcus laughed.

"Really?" Pietro asked, honestly shocked.

"Yeah, before this, the longest was like, only a month I believe" Connor added.

"Wasn't that the one you were engaged to?" Harry asked.

"Printsessa you never told me you were engaged before" Pietro said, actually sounding a bit hurt.

"I think you guys just let a cat out of the bag" My mother said, before adding.

"Don't worry sweety, they were young. She was eighteen, he was twenty, and like Harry said, they only dated for about a month before he purposed"

"It was only four years ago?" Pietro asked

"Yes, but I knew it wouldn't happen" My mother stated.

"How?" He asked, leaning forward a bit.

"Well...It in the beginning it was fine, he was happy, she was happy. Then he started to get controlling, telling her that she couldn't talk to her male friends, or her lesbian friends. Meanwhile he would talking to countless girls online" My mother scoffed.

"Needless to say, I am very happy her taste in men has improved dramatically" My mother said, turning, and smiling at Pietro.

"Why thank you" He smiled.

"And can I just say that I adore you accent, where are you from?"


"Didn't know you had been to Eastern Europe before Liz" Marcus said.

"Only once, on a mission" I replied, pulling up into the parking lot.

"Is that how you two met?" Connor asked as we all got out.

"Actually, yes" I replied, glad I didn't have to lie for once.

"She never left my bedside, until I was well" Pietro smiled as he helped us carry their bags inside.

"Bedside? You were injured?" My mother asked.

"Da, shot multiple times, they didn't know if I would make it" He stated.

"Oh my God" My mother gasped.

"Myself and were assigned to monitor him" you replied.

"And you survived? That's hardcore" Marcus laughed, while we made our way the rooms, which just happen to be at the end of the same hall as mine.

"Ok I gotta see it" My mother said turning excitedly to me.

"See what?" I asked confused.

"The ring duh" she replied, grabbing my hand.

"Oh my God" She said, her eyes widening.

"And here I thought you weren't one for bling" She teased.

"She's not, I wanted to spoil her though, so I designed it" Pietro said, coming up and hugging me from behind. My body stiffened on it's own, before I willed myself to relax.

"You designed it?" That is so sweet" My mother gushed, while I heard the boys stifle a laugh at my mother.

"Da, a friend of ours showed me this website. The blue ones are Tanzanite, that is my favorite stone. And the one in the middle is Rose Quartz, since she is always wearing this" He said pulling my rose quartz necklace up by the string, his other hand never left mine.

"That is awesome, even the ring is the both of you, you definitely found a keeper girl" My mother smiled, causing me to blush.

"Ya, I sure did" I laughed, before feeling Pietro lean over and kiss my cheek, causing the blush to darken even more.

"Well we better let you guys get some rest, it's been a long day I'm sure" I stated.

"Right, we'll hang out more tomorrow" My mother said, hugging me, before hugging Pietro.

"Night everyone" Pietro and I called before exiting the room, though not before I heard Connor yell.

"And try not to be loud, I don't wanna hear my little sister having sex"

"CONNOR!" I yelled, my face now completely red.

"I cannot make any promises" Pietro yelled back, earning a laugh from my brothers.

"Oh my God move!" I stated, pushing Pietro away from the door.

"You are just as bad as them" I sighed and shook my head.

"Is it bad that I get along with your brothers?" He asked, still chuckling.


"We are just teasing you printsessa" he smiled, slinging his arm over my shoulder.

"I know" I sighed.

"Well I think that went really well" He added

"Yeah, I guess it did" I smiled, honestly happy it didn't blow up in my face...Yet.

"Well, Goodnight Pietro" I said, opening my door, before feeling his hand slide to my waist.

"Printsessa, if they come over in the middle of the night, and I'm not there, won't they get suspicious?" He asked, his voice right next to my ear.

"T-They won't come over" I replied, mentally hitting myself for stuttering, and hoping he didn't notice. But the smile I felt against my skin told me he had, as he lightly kiss my neck, before pulling away.

"Just to be sure, maybe I should spend the night" He smirked, I stared at him for a moment, debating on if I should let him or not. He made a good case, but I hadn't had anyone in my bed in four years...Though...He doesn't have to sleep in my bed.

"Fine" I sighed

"But you're sleeping on the couch"

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