Plastic Marriage

Chapter 4-The shopping trip

"So you were around them when they first met…Well…When Pietro first woke up?" My mother asked Natasha as we browsed through what felt like the tenth clothing store in the mall.

"I was, it was quite the wake up for him I believe" She replied, glancing at me with a smirk, I could feel the heat rise to my cheeks at the memory.

"What do you mean?" My mother asked, laughing a bit.

"Well, he wouldn't believe anyone when they told him he had survived" She stated, to which my mother gave her a puzzled look.

"He kept swearing that he must be dead, because there was an angel right in front of him" She finished, not being able to hold back her own laughter.

"His first attempt at flirting I suppose" I stated, pulling a dress off the rack, before putting it right back.

"It must have worked" My mother added.

"Actually no, even after that she still wasn't having any of his flirtatious ways" Natasha replied.

"Well it's nice to see she let someone in, I was afraid she might not let anyone past her walls" My mother sighed.

"What do you mean?" Natasha asked.

"I just don't trust a lot of people, in our line of work, can we?" I stated, heading for the door.

"She's right, with what we do, it's hard to" Natasha told my mother as they followed me out.

"Well I'm just glad she trusted someone enough to let herself fall in love" My mother stated with a smile, before her smile turned into a smirk.

"Oooooh Lizzie" She drew out, while pointing to another shop, looking up at the sign, my eyes widened.

"Oh no, no no no no no no"

"Oh come on! If nothing else, it will be for your wedding night" she said with a wink, before entering the shop.

"I like your mom, she's fun" Natasha said beside me, before entering the shop herself. Groaning, I knew I had no choice.

Victoria Secret was no where near my kind of store, I was never one to think that bras and panties had to be pretty, or cute, or have frills and bows on them. They were under clothes, and I didn't have any plans on anyone seeing that much of my body.

"Oo what about this one?" My mother asked holding up what I would hardly call coverage.

"I like the style, but I think we need a different color" Natasha noted.

"Yeah she's never been one for pink" My mom nodded.

"Kill me now" I sighed, going to stand in an empty corner to hope death would be swift and soon.

"Oh come on" Natasha said while grabbing my arm.

"How about this one?" She asked, placing me in front of a mirror, and placing a white baby doll lingerie in front of my body. it was a rather see-through lace, with ruffles along the bottom, and bows at the straps. Part of me wanted to push it away, to tell her to put it back while I left but…Part of me actually thought that…I actually looked good, beautiful for once, and dare I even say…Sexy.

"Quickly shaking my head to break the thoughts, I stepped aside.

"That's ok" I smiled.

"Oh don't lie, I saw the look" Natasha smirked.

"Did she like it?" My mother asked, walking up to us.

"She loved it, she just doesn't want to admit it" Natasha replied.

"Yes! I was hoping she would, I found another baby doll style" She smiled, holding up a blue sheer lingerie, that had multiple vertical lines of ruffles running down it, and a bow in the middle of the bra.

"What do you think? I know you like blue better than pink" My mom laughed.

"It's pretty" I smiled.

"Isn't blue his favorite color?" Natasha asked, to which, my mother gasped, a smile on her face as she waited for me to answer.

"It is" I blushed.

"Then we are so getting this" She smiled.

"Mom" I said, my face now completely red.

"What? You're a grown woman, I'm not judging you. Hey if I were young again, and had a cute boy like that" She started

"Ok enough" I stated, holding my ears.

"I'm just saying" My mother smiled, before she grabbed the white lingerie and left for the counter.

"Oh yeah, you're mom is really fun" Natasha laughed while putting an arm around my shoulder.

"Kill me now" I sighed

"Not yet, we gotta get you back home to your fiance after all" she smirked, to which I glared.

"Should we see what else we can find ladies?" My mother asked, walking back to us, bag in hand.

"Yes Ma'am" Natasha smiled, leading us all out.

The next few shops we went in, were fine, I almost forgot about what was in the bag…That is, until my mother saw an familiar store.

"Oh my God, Liz! Spencers!" She cheered, grabbing my hand and pulling me inside. Now growing up, I came in the store every time we visited a few towns over, as it was the only mall near us that had one. I was always drawn to the jewelry, black-lights, and posters they had…But one part never ceased to make me blush…The adult section.

"How have I never been here before?" Natasha asked with a laugh.

"This is one of our favorite stores" My mother replied, browsing the earrings.

"Oh really?" Natasha said, looking to her left, no doubt noticing the adult section.

"I can see why" she laughed.

"Wanna spice things up in the bedroom?" She whispered, making me blush.

"Look Ellie, sex dice" she laughed, handing me the package.

"Oh my God no" I replied, handing them back.

"How about some fuzzy handcuffs then?" she winked.

"You aren't helping" I whispered

"I'm not trying to" she whispered back, giving me a wink.

"Oh come on, you need something to go with your new outfit, especially for when he returns from this trip" she smiled.

"You're right" My mother smiled, appearing next to us.

"Look, strip poker cards" she added, showing Natasha the deck.

"Can I go?"

"No" they both replied

"Tell you what, we will let you go look at other stuff, but, you have to pick out two things from this section first" Natasha said smiling.

"I think that is fair, don't you Willow?" she asked my mother.

"Perfectly fair Natasha" my mother replied.

"Seriously?" I whined, this was so embarrassing.

"Seriously" They both replied with smiles.

"Fine" I groaned, knowing I wouldn't be able to argue anymore, nor would I be able to out run Natasha if I tried. Looking through the section I could feel my cheeks getting warmer and warmer why did I have to get any of this stuff, it's not like I was going to have sex with anyone. Sighing, I wondered if I would be able to get through a month of this lie, I mean, my mother now thinks that Pietro and I are….That we're that far into a relationship. Though…

'I would be lying if I said I never thought of him that way' It was true, I had thought of him a few times in more than just a friendly way, I mean, how could a girl not? That accent alone would make any girl want to throw him down on a bed, and see what that accent sounded like as moans.

"Find anything?" Natasha asked suddenly, breaking me from my not so pure train of thought. Blinking, I looked at the items again, before quickly grabbing two and handing them to her.

"Handcuffs and a blindfold, Ellie, didn't know you were that kinky" she smirked, to which I just blushed and quickly went to a different section. Luckily the two didn't shop for much longer after that, and soon, we were leaving the store.

"So tell me more about when Liz and Pietro first met" My mom said while we all sat down with our plates in the food court.

"Well, Ellie always avoided him, I guess because he would constantly flirt" Natasha stated.

"Oh yeah, she's not to big on really flirtatious guys. She finds them untrustworthy" My mother stated.

"Oh is that what it was? I thought she just found it annoying" Natasha laughed.

"When you have dated a lot of guys that end up like that, it does get annoying" I stated, picking at my food.

"I have a feeling Ellie isn't very trusting due to something other than just out line of work though" Natasha stated, looking at me.

"No…I'm afraid that might be mine and her father's fault" My mother stated sadly.

"Well, he slacked off on the flirting after awhile…Somewhat anyways" Natasha noted, quickly changing the subject.

"I guess that was all it took" My mom smiled at me.

"Yup, that was all it took" I said, smiling back, before quickly going back to my food.

After that the conversation changed, thankfully. And before I knew it I found myself back at my building, saying goodbye to Natasha, and walking upstairs with my mother.

"I had a great time today" My mother said.

"Me too" I smiled.

"Good, I'm thought you might have been mad from Natasha and I teasing you so much, you know we only meant well" My mother replied, stopping at her door.

"I know mom, it's ok…I'm just not used to shopping for this…kind of stuff" I said, lifting the bags.

"I know, that was part of the fun of teasing you" she laughed, before hugging me.

"I'm just really happy that you found someone to make you happy" She stated, before pulling away.

"Love is a good look on you, you glow" she added.

"T-Thanks" I said blushing.

"Goodnight sweety" she smiled, hugging me once more.

"Night mom" I smiled back, watching as she went in her room.

'Love is a good look on you'

'But I'm not in love, this is only a part I'm playing' I ranted in my head as I unlocked the door.

'A part, that in a month's time will be over, and my life will go back to the simple life it was' I concluded, walking in and laying the bags on the bed.

'Only a part'

"YA skuchal po tebe (I missed you)" I heard a voice whisper in my ear, while arms wrapped around my waist, pressing me against a broad chest.

"P-Pietro" I jumped slightly, not expecting him to be home.

"Da printsessa?" He smiled against my neck.

"I just didn't know you were home" I stated, my hands falling to his arms.

"I wanted to surprise you" he chuckled, before spinning me around.

"Surprise" He smiled, I couldn't help but laugh.

"Ok, you got me, I'll admit it" I smiled.

"Good, I won, now…What is my prize?" he asked, leaning closer.

"I don't think that is how surprises work" I told him, leaning back, but that only caused him to lean forward more.

"I'm changing the rules a bit" he shrugged, before we both fell back on the bed.

"I don't think you are allowed to do that" I laughed, opening my eyes to look at him, but noticing his gaze was elsewhere. Following it, my face paled. The bags had fallen over when we fell, and the contents of both were half out.

"Uh…..That I can explain" I spoke, looking back at him, only to see a smirk having formed on his lips. In one quick motion he was off of me, and holding up the blue baby doll lingerie. His eyes flashed as he looked at the garment, before looking up at me.

"No, no no no" I stated, reaching for the lingerie, but he quickly stepped out of my grasp. Though now he held not only the lingerie, but also the Spencers bag.

"Printsessa" he breathed, looking into the bag.

"I never knew you were this naughty" he smirked.

"I-I'm not" I stated, sure that by now my cheeks were five different shades of red.

"My mom and Natasha made me buy them" I stated, looking away from him.

"Oh?" He stated, I glanced back to see he had some kind of card game in his hand.

"What is that?" I asked, quickly grabbing it, and almost facepalming.

"Ohgasm? Really guys? What the hell?" I stated.

"So did they make you buy this as well?" He asked, now back at the bed and holding the white lingerie.

"Yes, that is suppose…" I stopped

"Suppose to what?" he asked, brow raised at my hesitance.

"The white one I am suppose to wear…On our wedding night" I stated, whispering the last part. After all, the wedding night would never come.

'Only a part' my mind repeated.

"Well then" I heard beside me, before I felt the cards being lifted out of my hand, and heard them land in the bag once more. I watched as he opened my closet and sat both bags inside, before making his way over to me again.

"We will save it all for our wedding night" he smiled…Wait.

"But" I started, but he silenced me with a finger pressed lightly to my lips.

"You've had a long day" he laughed.

"Get some sleep printsessa" He smiled, leaning down and kissing my forehead before walking towards the couch, while I stood and headed for the bed. Stopping once I reached my side. My head spun, and for once, I didn't know what I was doing. I hated feeling this way, feeling like my mind and body were being torn in two different directions. I could already feel a headache, and heartache starting to form, and I did something I hoped I wouldn't regret…I spoke.

"Will you….Sleep with me again tonight?" I asked quietly. I heard the blanket he had been unfolding stop rustling, and for once the house was too quiet.

"Are you sure?" he asked after a minute, I simply nodded, soon hearing his footsteps approach the bed. My eyes were unfocused, but I saw the other side of the sheets lift, and I found myself crawling into my own side. Arms wrapped around my waist, and I was pulled into the warmth that I had woken up to, the calming warmth that my brain was telling me to fight, but my body gave into it, along with the sleep that overtook me.

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