Plastic Marriage

Chapter 6-Nightmares reveal hidden pasts

The next few days were thankfully, lazy days, spent either hanging out with Wanda and the gang, or laying around my house watching Netflix. Everything was actually very calm between Pietro and I, we "practiced" being a couple more, and slowly it was becoming easier.

The night started out as any other, but around three a.m. I was awoken by a noise, or rather, a whimper. Slowly opening my eyes, I found myself trying to adjust to the darkness while listening for the sound. Soon I heard it again, only this time it was followed by words.

"No…Mom…Dad…" the voice I knew, and my eyes fell upon the figure beside me.

'He's having a nightmare' I realized, wondering now if I should wake him up, or let him wake up on his own. His head fell from one side to the other, while his breathing picked up. From the bit of moonlight that came through the window I could see the sweat glistening along his face and chest.

'this is a bad one'

"Pietro" I whispered, resting my hand on his chest, feeling his heart racing beneath my fingertips.

"Pietro wake up" I spoke a little louder, shaking him slightly, but sill he didn't wake.

"Pietro wake up" I shook him a bit harder, his eyes snapped open, and his body shot up. His breaths were coming out in pants and he blinked while looking around the room. His eyes soon fell onto mine as he swallowed.

"Elizabeth?" he asked.

"It's ok Pietro, it was just a nightmare" I told him, resting my hand on his shoulder. He shook his head, before reaching for his jeans. I thought he was getting dressed, maybe going for a walk to clear his head, but instead I watched as he pulled out something from the pocket.

"It wasn't a nightmare…It was a memory" He stated, holding the item in his hand. From the small amount of light, I could barely make it out, but once I could, my heart hurt for him. The item was a small picture, of himself and Wanda when they were young, and their parents. I knew he had lost them, I remember reading it in his files, but that was all I knew.

"I'm so sorry sweety" I spoke, my arm reaching around his torso while I rested my head on his shoulder.

"I see it happen over and over, just as it did…But I cannot help…I cannot save them" He spoke softly.

"Wanda and I…We were ten years old, we were having dinner, the four of us." He starts.

"The first shell hits two floors below us, it makes a hole in the floor…Big. Our parents go in, and the whole build starts coming apart. I grab Wanda, and roll under the bed, The second shell hits…But…It doesn't go off. It just sit there in the rubble, three feet from our faces.

And on the side of the shell, is painted one word…Stark" My eyes widened while my head raises from his shoulder, I turned to look at him, his eyes still on the picture. I knew he and Tony didn't get along, everyone had told me about how the twins used to work alongside Ultron, but I never knew the reasoning. I honestly couldn't blame him, I would have had the same reaction.

"We were trapped, for two days. Every effort to save us, every shift in the bricks…We both swore it would set it off. We waited for two days…For Tony Stark to kill us" he finished. I honestly didn't know what to say, what do you say to comfort someone who had been through such a thing?

I hugged him tighter, pushing my nervousness aside as I kissed his shoulder. The muscles relaxed under my touch, and his body seemed to calm, if only a small amount.

"My life was what I thought was perfect growing up" I started, unsure why, but at that moment everything felt like it needed to be out in the open. He had spilled his childhood…It was time for me to spill mine.

"I had a loving family, and we were happy…Or so I thought. My parents divorced when I was nine, and if I said it was a clean breakup, I would be lying. My father had been cheating on my mom for the last three years of their twenty five year marriage. She found everything from letters, to dating profiles online.

Even at nine it hurt to see your father on a site where his profile said he didn't have any children" I stated, feeling Pietro's arm wrap around my waist before he pulled us back down on the bed, his head coming to rest on my chest.

"It didn't take long for the fighting to start after that, screaming at the top of their lungs until the early hours of the morning. Marcus and I didn't get much rest in those months. That is why Marcus and I are close…If it wasn't for him…I honestly don't know what I would have done. He was fourteen, so he was the more mature one.

Every time a fight would start, Marcus would take me into our room and turn on the tv really loud, or he and I would play video games" I laughed lightly at the memory, I had gotten so good at Pokemon because of that.

"I never saw Marcus cuss, except for when I wouldn't stop crying because of the fighting, and he opened the door and cussed them both out. Things got worse before they got better though. I walked into the kitchen one day and saw my father in a puddle of his own blood…Because he had cut the top of his arm countless times." I sighed, my hands unconsciously running through Pietro's hair while his thumb rubbed circles in my side.

"Then one time my father shoved me into the bathroom, telling me to see what my mother was doing, and I saw he trying to cut her wrists with a pen. I was weak…I always felt like I couldn't help them no matter how hard I tried, I wanted us to be a family again, but in the back of my mind I knew that would never happen." I felt Pietro hold my free hand while I spoke.

"My parents were what I based my happily ever afters on…like every little girl does. My father was the prince, who promised to never leave me…And that night I had to watch him walk away" I sighed, blinking away the tears.

"You wonder why I don't trust…Everyone I have ever trusted or cared for has left, time and time again" I spoke, taking a deep breath. At this, Pietro leaned up on his elbow, his face that of understanding while his hand came up to wipe away tears that I didn't know had fallen.

"Sorry, I shouldn't be crying, you had it so much worse" I stated.

"Nyet, you have ever right to cry. We both had hard childhoods, you said you were weak, but a weak person would not have been able to make it that far, a weak person would have given up" He stated.

"No I didn't have thoughts about giving up until later on in life" I stated, laughing lightly. This caused him to raise a brow.

"Later on, when we first moved in with Harry, my stepbrother, and stepsister…I always felt like a burden. My brother had new friends, my mother had Harry…I didn't feel like I ever fit. I was ten when the suicidal thoughts first started" I told him, watching as his eyes widened at my words.

"Promise me that you will never have those thoughts again" He said sternly, though I could see the worry in his eyes.

"Pietro I can't really help the thou-"

"Promise me Elizabeth" He spoke again, though this time a bit softer while his hand cupped my cheek.

"Promise me that if you start having them, that you'll come to me" he added, before whispering.

"I can't lose you too" My voice caught in my throat as I looked at him, his eyes shown with the same emotion that they did at the zoo, but this time I was able to read it…Hurt, and that only made my chest tighten.

"I promise" I told him, my forehead resting against his.

"Thank you" He smiled softly.

"For what?" I asked, pulling back to look at him, his blue eyes now shining brighter in the moonlight.

"For letting me in" I couldn't help but smile back, a small laugh escaping me.

"Thank you for letting me in as well…But let's keep it between us ok. The others don't know about my childhood" I told him, this only seemed to please him more.

"I promise printsessa" He replied, kissing my cheek.

"Wanna try getting some more sleep?" I asked, looking over at the clock.

"Or we could try something else" I heard him whisper, his voice husky, before I felt him press his lips to my neck.

"P-Pietro" I stuttered, squirming under him.

"Ok ok printsessa, we will wait for our wedding night" he laughed, laying beside me and pulling me flush against his body, before nuzzling my neck.

"Goodnight printsessa" He smiled.

"Goodnight Pietro" I giggled, my hand coming up to play with his hair before we both fell back asleep.

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