Plastic Marriage

Chapter 7-How could you?!

"You ok kid?" Steve asked sitting beside me in the plane.

"Just…Still not used to missions" I laughed. Today I had been called in to help on a mission, which was rare, and I was only called in when they absolutely needed me.

"Well you know we wouldn't put you in harm's way if we didn't need you" Steve joked.

"Oh thanks" I laughed.

"I'm kidding, we've all got your back Ellie, nothing will happen. But Tony thought it would be a good chance to try out some new stuff he added to the suit" he commented, pointing to the armor encasing my body. It was true, Tony was like another brother to me, and because of that bond, he felt that I needed my own suit. But not just any suit, a female iron man suit, or as he called it, the Iron Maiden.

Which was pretty much an iron man suit, but instead of a helmet, it was a visor screen with a mic. Smiling, I nodded.

"I know, and I have your backs too" He smiled at my comment, before standing and walking back to the front. In an instant I noticed that the seat beside me was filled once more, and I could tell who it was before even looking.

"Nervous Speedy?" I smirked

"Of course not" He laughed.

"I was coming to see if you were printsessa"

"Nope" I replied taking a deep breath, though I could see him raise a brow out of the corner of my eye.

"Maybe a little" I stated, releasing the breath.

"I'm just still not used to this" I added, gesturing to the plane and everyone suited up, ready for battle.

"Ah see, that is the problem with you not coming along, you do not get used to it" he replied, I nodded, he honestly was right, if I went on more missions my reaction would be the same as everyone else, just another day.

"Do not worry printsessa, I will protect you" He smiled, leaning over to kiss my cheek. My face flushed as I looked over at him, a smile spread across his lips.

"You know that my parents aren't around…You don't have to-" I started, but he cut me off.

"I know, but I wanted to" He smiled, before I could say anything else, a new voice rang out.

"Ok this is where we will be landing, Ellie will stay high, we will rely on the new thermal imaging capabilities of the suit, understood everyone?" Steve ordered, everyone nodded, and readied to jump. I stood as well, ready to take to the skys.

"Good luck" I smiled, before taking off. Once in position I scanned the surroundings, after the last scope out of a Hydra base, the group reported that it was empty, and most likely a decoy. This one though, this had to be the main base, the amount of people was slightly terrifying. But I knew if anyone could take these guys down, it would be the gang.

"We're on the ground" I heard Steve's voice in my ear.

"Roger that, you have five men ten yards ahead of you, two to your twelve, one to your two, and two to your ten" I responded.

"Copy that"

It wasn't long before I heard gunfire and yelling, and I watched as the men were taken down, but the noise had drew some attention.

"You have ten men headed your way, pairs on wheels" I spoke into the mic, watching as the team advanced, easily taking out the next people.

"The building is on high alert fellas, no sneak attack this time"

"When does a sneak attack ever actually work?" Pietro laughed, hinting at the base that he and Wanda had been at.

"With us, hardly ever" Clint replied.

"Speedy, you got a pair on wheels coming up on your eight" I stated, lowering myself a little closer to the scene. I lost Pietro's image for a minute, it seemed that even Tony's tech couldn't keep up with him, but then he was right back where he was.

"Spasibo printsessa"

"I have no clue what that is, but I'm thinking it was thank you, so you're welcome" I laughed.

"It was" Wanda spoke.

"You are getting better" Pietro joked.

"I just read the situation" I laughed before adding

"Guys I'm not getting any heat signatures inside the base…In fact, it's ice cold"

"Well that means no one will mind us not knocking" Tony replied as I watched him fly through the hole he blasted in the building.

"May I come in Cap?" I laughed.

"All clear outside?" Steve asked, taking a quick scan around I replied.

"Everyone's taking a nap"

"Alright then" And with that, I made my way inside the base as well. The inside was huge, and dark. The place was almost empty, except for the large amount of suits. The suits looked metal, but with some sort of flexible material in between the plates of armor. The strangest thing though, was there didn't seem to be eye holes anywhere.

'How does the pilot see?' I wondered.

"These things are really weird looking" Pietro commented, getting close to one of the suits.

"Maybe you shouldn't get that close" I stated, a little wary of the things.

"Awe, are you worried about me printsessa?" Pietro smirked, turning around to face me. I was about to speak again, when in an instant, the suit's hands were wrapped around his throat.

"Pietro!" I yelled, the noise waking the other suits as their heads all snapped in our direction.

"What the hell?" I heard Tony ask, before the suits began charging us. I blasted the few that came my way, making it over to where Pietro had flipped the suit over and gotten out of it's grasp.

"Are you ok?" I asked while he coughed.

"I'm fine" he replied, a smile soon coming to his lips to reassure me.

"What are these things?" He asked, running and knocking one over that was pointing a gun at Clint.

"I have no clue, they aren't even registering on my scanners" I stated, blasting another one. Pietro and I backed up, as we saw more come out of a back room, but by now everyone was in pairs trying to fight off these things.

"In here" Pietro stated, picking me up and speeding off into another room. We quickly hid as I talked to the others.

"Do we see any weakness Ellie?" Tony asked

"No, they aren't even showing up on my scanners, they have no heat, and the scanners can't even register what these things are made of" I stated, just before a loud explosion echoed in the room, Pietro and I ducked just in time for the metal door that was across the room to be shot at us.

"What was that?" Steve asked

"There are more than we thought" Pietro stated, peeking over the barrels that we were hiding behind.

"At least twenty more just showed up" he added

"Damn" Natasha cursed.

"Can we figure out what is powering these things?" Clint asked

"If they even have a external power source" Tony added, I peeked over the barrels, quickly scanning the room, when suddenly…The thermal caught something.

"Guys I'm picking up a heat signature, it could be the power source" I stated

"Readings?" Tony inquired.

"It's pulling something from the database" I stated, ducking back behind the barrels.

"What did it pull" Steve asked, and when I read the screen, my heart sank.

"How is that possible?" I asked

"Ellie?" Pietro asked.

"Ellie what did it pull?" Steve asked again.

"Sir…It's the Tesseract" I replied, looking over at Pietro who looked just as surprised.

"Are you sure?"Wanda asked

"That's what the scans say, I won't know for sure until I get in the room" I replied.

"This room is too small, if we show ourselves" Pietro started

"I know" I stated while I looked around the room.

"Come on" I replied, crawling over his lap and along the wall, one wall was completely lined with junk, telling me that this must have been some sort of storage room. But sadly, there was still one wall between me and the power source.

"Well we are closer" Pietro stated.

"I just have to figure out how to get over there" I replied,taking in all my options, unaware of the fact that the piece of junk I was by was slowly falling. The sound of metal was loud in the small space, and before I could blink I found myself against Pietro's chest just as gunfire let loose.

"Shit" I cursed, now there was no way we would be getting to that room, if we even made it out alive. I was about to speak, tell Pietro to get out of the room, but before I could, a warm feeling spread over my body. My words caught in my throat while my eyes widened. The lips that were pressed against mine were soft, even as his stubble rubbed against my skin.

But it was the passion behind the kiss that had my heart racing, it was longing, and needy, something I felt would be given to a lover after a long time apart. Only when I felt him slowly pull away, did my eyes opened, staring into the ocean blue orbs that were mere inches away.

"What?" I began to question, but was soon cut off.

"Get to the door" My eyes widened as I watched him speed off, drawing the suits attention to himself. My heart raced as I heard the gunfire again, and I had to force myself up.

'that idiot' I scolded, though my chest tightened as I ran to the room, using the suit's tech to break the lock. The light that resided in the room was blinding, an electric blue that I had only seen in pictures. I knew it was dangerous, but at that moment, my brain didn't seem to want to work properly. I quickly shut down the barriers around it, reaching over and pulling the container from it's outlet.

I could hear metal hitting the ground outside, and upon inspection I realized that the suits had fallen…But I didn't see Pietro anywhere.

"Pietro?" I asked into the mic, receiving only silence.

"Pietro do you read me?" I asked again.

"Does anyone have eyes on Pietro?" I asked the team, running out of the room, and to where the team had gather outside.

"I thought he was with you" Clint stated while I handed the power source to Tony.

"He distracted the suits so I could get that" I replied.

"Pietro if you don't say something I swear" I spoke into the mic, trying to act tough, and mean. But my heart clenched at the silence, and every moment that ticked by I grew more and more nauseous.

"Pietro?" I all but whispered, tears threatening to spill. When suddenly I felt my body being lifted, held bridal style.

"Awe you do care printsessa" The man smiled down at me.

"You…You heard me…And yet you didn't answer" I stated.

"I was just messing with you printsessa, I am ok, see" he said, setting me down and stepping away.

"You…You ignored me, just so you could mess with me?" I asked, anger now raising up, I was worried for him, scared that something happened, and he was playing a trick?!

"Printsessa come on" He smiled, reaching for my arm, but I pulled it out of my reach.

"No, that was beyond fucked up Pietro, I was actually worried for you, and you were just playing some sick twisted joke! Screw you!" I yelled, storming into the plane.

"Wrong thing to do kid" Clint added, shaking his head and following me into the plane. Pietro just stood there, wide eyed at my outburst, before his sister came to his side.

"I understand that you wanted to know if you were important enough for her to worry about, but perhaps you went about it in the wrong way brother" She told him, before making her own way back to the plane.

The plane ride back was quiet, Pietro stayed away from me, deciding to let me have my space, but I could see him look up at me every now and then. Was I mad at him for what he pulled? Of course! But I was more mad at myself, because I did what I swore I would never do again…I let someone in, I trusted…I started developing feelings, and I knew that it would only hurt me.

Today was just a taste, in this line of work it was dangerous to have ties like that. What if this hadn't been just a joke? What if he had gotten hurt…Or had died. I still thought he was a jerk for messing with me yes, but truly my anger was with myself, and how much I had grown to care for him.

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