Plastic Marriage

Chapter 8-Forgiveness

The next few days Pietro stayed at the tower, Wanda having told him that it would be best to let me cool down. My mother was more than understanding of course, she told me that all relationships have their ups and downs. Hills that once past, only makes the bond stronger. Though she was also quick to point out that Pietro should not have done what he did, but then whispering to me that he was a male and sometimes they weren't the brightest.

I thought the time alone would allow me to start getting used to being on my own again, but it seemed like Pietro would not make an exit from my personal life that easily.

The first day it was a blue rose at my doorstep, at first I was shocked that someone was able to find a real blue rose, but when I picked it up I couldn't help but laugh. It seemed he had remembered one of our conversations.

"But flowers are so pretty, how can a woman not love them?" Pietro asked as we walked down the street, passing by a flower shop.

"I do like flowers, just not real ones" I replied with a laugh.

"I do not understand you at all" he laughed as well.

"A guy gives his girlfriend a dozen roses, eleven real, one fake, and tells her that he'll love her til the last rose dies" I smiled before adding.

"Fake flowers last, their beauty is eternal. Real flowers die, their beauty only lasts a week at the most, before you have to watch it slowly wither…It's honestly quite sad"

The second day I couldn't help but laugh when I opened the door to find a heart shaped box filled with Reese's miniature…And one lone gummy bear.

"You actually shared" I smiled.

"But these are mine" He said, holding the bag out of my reach.

"I just want one, please?" I asked, looking up at the bag of gummy bears. Pietro looked at the bag, then at me, then back to the bag.

"He's not good with sharing" Wanda stated from the couch.

"My sister is correct" Pietro stated.

"Please, just one"

"You don't share your chocolate" He stated

"You don't like chocolate" I replied

"…This is also correct" he spoke.

"Fine" I sighed, walking out of the room.

I was slowly finding it harder and harder to stay made at the Sokovian, and by the third day I figured I'd let him off the hook when I saw something that made my heart melt. In front of the door, was a little Toothless plush, and a sign with four lone words.

"Please forgive my daddy"

Shaking my head, smile on my face, I picked up the plush and placed him on the bed, looking over the sign.

"You win you goof" I sighed.

After spending most of the day with my parents sightseeing, I made my way to the tower. Only a few people were in the main room when I arrived, Tony, Bruce, and Clint.

"Well there's a face I haven't seen in awhile" Tony smiled, coming over to me.

"It's only been three days T" I laughed

"Really? It seems like ages" He replied, giving me a one armed hug.

"The others training?" I asked, making my way over to the couch where Clint rested, giving him a hug.

"Ya, Steve and Nat are still trying to whip them into shape" He replied.

"Well if anyone can, it's those two" I laughed, giving Bruce a hug before Tony handed me a drink.

"You know, you should really broaden your horizon when it comes to drinks, Scotch isn't bad" Tony stated.

"I'll stick with Vodka" I laughed, taking a drink.

"So how come you're here? Finally giving in and forgiving the kid?" Clint asked.

"I'm going to talk to him" I replied.

"He really didn't mean any harm, he just…Went about it the wrong way" Bruce spoke

"He's young, what do you expect. He doesn't understand women, I have tried to teach him, honestly I have" Tony stated.

"I'm sure you have" I laughed, finishing my drink.

"You two should talk it out though, the last thing we need is two teammates that can't stand each other" Clint said.

"I understand, that is why I'm here"

"You should probably go take a shower before you two talk" Tony stated, causing me to look at him, one brow raised.

"Excuse me?"

"You've been out all day haven't you?" he asked.

"Are you saying I stink?" I laughed

"No…I'm just saying that I can tell, now go"

"Wow ok, very well Mr.I understand women" I replied rolling my eyes and getting off of the stool. I couldn't help but laugh as the conversation kept going even as I exited the room.

"Smooth Tony" Clint shook his head.

"I was simply being honest, women like honesty" Tony defended

"I'm pretty sure they don't like that much honesty" Bruce stated.

"Are you sure? Would you like to bet? Show of hands who has had the most women? Anyone?" Tony spoke, making the others go quiet. I didn't have a room at the tower, being as I wasn't a main part of the Avengers. Tony had offered to make me one, but I declined, telling him to save the space for new recruits. So That meant, that I would have to be using someone else's shower.

I knew Steve or Natasha wouldn't mind, but I didn't want to invade his or Natasha's space. Wanda I could tell was the type that didn't like a lot of people in her room, much less in her bath…So that left Pietro. He wouldn't mind, after all, we had used the same shower when he lived with me. Making my way to his room, I quickly entered the bathroom, striping of my clothes and turning on the hot water. The water relaxed me, soothing my stressed muscles, and washing away the day.

Pietro entered the room panting, his muscles tense from the training, but even the long hours of training couldn't keep his mind clear. He sighed, reaching into the drawer for a towel before making his way to his closet to get more clothes. He turned the volume on his ipod up louder, hoping that the blaring music would somehow take away his guilt.

I sighed as I stepped out of the shower, I did honestly feel a hundred percent better…The fact that I now smelt like axe body wash only added to that feeling. Looking around I silently cursed.

"Who doesn't keep the towels in their bathroom?" I whispered to myself, before slowly opening the door.

"Hello?" I asked, letting out a sigh of relief when I didn't receive an answer. Looking around I noticed a towel sticking halfway out of a drawer, perfect! Slowly exiting the bathroom I quickly made my way to it, pulling on it with one hand while turning to go back to the bathroom…But the towel didn't move.

"Oh come on!" I whispered, opening the drawer more and pulling on it again, this time harder. The towel came loose, but I found myself stumbling. Turning quickly to try and get my footing, I found myself running into something…Or rather…Someone.

Pietro stripped himself of the training clothes, tossing them in the hamper inside his closet, before he grabbed some fresh clothes, and the towel, and exited the closet. He turned to make his way to the shower, but suddenly he felt something hit him…or rather…Someone.

I felt my body fall forward as what I had ran into fell back, and we both hit the floor, opening my eyes, I was met with a familiar pair of blue ones. A blush spread across my cheeks when I realized who I was now laying atop…Naked…But the blush deepened tenfold when I realized, he was naked as well.

"Why are you naked?!" I asked trying to get up.

"Why are you wet?" He asked getting up as well.

"D-Don't look at me!" I yelled, scrambling for the bed.

"I can try but it is hard" He replied, and I could hear the smirk in his voice, which caused me to look over to make sure he wasn't looking…This only caused a small problem. Well. A large problem.

"Oh God! You're showing everything, cover it up for the love of God!" I yelled, quickly grabbing the sheet and wrapping it around myself.

"Oh I'm sorry printsessa, am I flustering you?" He asked, turning to face me, not making any motion to cover himself.

"What are you doing?!" I yelled, burying my face in the sheet.

"What? We are engaged after all, you can look at your fiance in all of his glory" He stated, the smirk clear in his voice.

"Pietro if you do not cover up right now" I warned

"You'll do what printsessa? Fight me? You'll have to take the sheet off" He replied chuckling.

"I came here to talk to you, but if you are going to be this way" I started, quickly catching his attention.

"Ok ok, I will go…Even though" He started, before I felt his hot breath on my ear, making me stiffen.

"ya by s udovol'stviyem s toboy lyubov'yu (I'd love to make love to you)" He whispered in my ear, his voice low and husky, and his accent thick. I hated the shudder that raced through me at the tone of his voice, his words were unknown to my brain, but part of me felt like they were words reserved for private meetings, and that did little to slow my heart.

"You can get some clothes from the closet" he spoke, his voice lighter now, before I heard the door close. I waited until I heard the shower start before I stood. Making my way to his closet, I grabbed the nearest thing, which was a pair of sweats, and a white shirt. I sat on the edge of the bed, drying my hair, when I heard the door open again. Immediately covering my face, I asked.

"Are you clothed?"

"Yes printsessa" he laughed, taking the towel away, I was happy to see that he wasn't lying, even if it was only sweatpants he had on.

"Can I just say you look very cute in my clothes" He smiled, laying down beside me.

"Be quiet" I replied, rolling my eyes, though a blush still spread on my cheeks.

"So…What did you want to talk about?" He asked hesitantly.

"First off…You're a dork for all of the presents" I laughed, causing his face to light up and a smile to make it's way to his lips.

"And second" I started, taking a deep breath.

"You're still a jerk for what you pulled" I spoke, his face falling a bit.

"But I forgive you"I smiled, his hands were around my waist in seconds, pulling me over onto his chest.

"I'm so sorry printsessa, I won't do it again" he promised.

"You better not, or I will kill you myself" I told him, pushing him off.

"You were really worried about me…Weren't you?" He asked as I stood.

"Of course I was" I spoke, though soon catching myself.

"I worry about everyone when they go on missions"

"Thank you" He whispered, his arms around my waist once more, while his chin rested on my shoulder.

"Don't make me regret it" I smiled.

"Can I come home?" He asked after a minute, his words caught me by surprise, and I felt my body stiffen. Home? He thought of me as. My heart clenched, but I swallowed it down.

"Yeah…Let's go home" I replied, before adding.

"Just keep your clothes on"

"No promises printsessa" he laughed, kissing my cheek.

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