In Need of a Legend


Short fourth story in my Legends series that follows Trial of a Legend. Harry answers the call for help with a dark lord in Japan.

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The Need

It was February of the year 2004 and Harry Potter was at the age of 23. He had been married to Ginny Weasley, his longtime friend and Quidditch star, for a few short years and his fame was very wide spread. It didn’t take long for the Wizarding World to learn of his immense magical power and legendary status after his defeat over the Dark Lord Voldemort. Harry’s annihilation of Voldemort’s followers, called Death Eaters, did not go unnoticed either. The peace and economic growth that followed changed all of Wizarding Britain and some of the neighboring countries as well since the Voldemort problem had been quite terrible.

When Harry cleaned up the British Ministry of Magic a couple of years after that fateful battle with Voldemort, his fame continued to spread even faster. Consequently, he was asked to step in and fix things quite often and not just in Britain. However, he had decided that the people begging for his help needed to learn how to solve their own problems since he was not in the least bit interested in holding their hands.

Most of the requests were of a political nature and Harry was not interested in politics, especially since he held little regard for most politicians. He found it difficult to trust them. Only a select few received any real respect from him but that was due to the fact they had earned that trust.

Harry could not say for sure why he decided to help this time around but it was likely due to how they described the problem and informed him about the thousands of innocents who had been slaughtered. Dumbledore, who was now retired from the International Confederation of Wizards (ICW) as the Supreme Mugwump, had approached Harry on behalf of the ICW to at least listen to their plea and hear them out. What Dumbledore told him definitely caught his interest and he decided to pay the ICW a visit to see what they needed.

During the meeting, he was told that Japan was in a big crisis. They had been trying to contain it for years but it was now out of hand. They had their own Dark lord and the Japan magical government had not been successful at all in putting down this threat. In addition, the Dark wizard was not above killing anyone who got in his way. This included magical and non-magical alike. He had already killed around 2,000 people and they were afraid he would continue his slaughter until they could discover a way to stop him.

He had worked in the background for years secretly biding his time, building his forces, and getting away with far more than the Japanese Magical government realized. They just didn’t know who was behind it all until he revealed himself around 3 years ago. Since then he had slaughtered all those numbers of people and didn’t appear to have a desire to stop.

All the information on this individual was given to Harry in hopes he would assist them. The ICW was afraid the Dark wizard would not stay within the borders of Japan much longer and they were worried about the Statute of Secrecy as he was continuing to foray into the Muggle world with little regard for hiding the magic. He also had a very large following, which he used with remarkable precision.

Harry looked over the information about the wizard given to him:

“Kenichi Kodama, age 47, is a powerful Muggle-born wizard who murdered his own parents and other family members even before finishing his education. While not as magically powerful as the deceased Dark Lord Voldemort was, he makes up for it in intelligence and other abilities. So far, no one has even come close to catching him. He was able to finish his education and it was several years after that before anyone realized he was the one who murdered his own family.”

“Kodama believes he was severely wronged during his education at one of the magical schools in Japan and believes Japan will be better off with him in charge. He is known to be associated with the Yakusa (Japanese mob) and may have been involved with some of the more violent activities the Yakuza are known for.”

There was more information included but Harry looked up from the report he was reading and asked a simple question.

“When do you need me to start?”

The ICW body collectively let out a sigh of relief. Without hesitation the Japanese representative stood. Then with a bow to Harry, he spoke.

“Honorable Lord Potter, we will accept your assistance as soon as you are ready to offer it. I can provide you with all the needed information of where to meet us before we part today, if that will be satisfactory.”

Harry bowed back.

“Thank you. That will be fine. I will definitely need to inform my wife and friends of my plans before I can start.”

Harry had invited Ron and Hermione over to Potter Place so he could fill them in about his upcoming trip. Ginny was away with the Harpies getting ready for another game that was scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. He was going to have to tell her the news after the game.

“What do you mean you’re going to Japan to fight another Dark lord?” asked Hermione.

“Haven’t you had enough of fighting Dark lords to last a life time?” asked Ron. “I believe those were your exact words.”

“Look guys, he‘s killed around 2,000 people already and they can’t seem to stop him. He’s not as powerful as Voldemort but he’s very intelligent and is able to use that to his advantage. Besides, I’m not asking you guys to join me. You have a business to run and I’ve been getting a little bored to be honest about it.”

After thinking about it for a second and looking closely at Harry, Hermione conceded that he had his mind made up.

“So, have you told Ginny yet?” Hermione asked.

“No, not yet. I’m not looking forward to that either. You know she’ll want to go but still has Harpies commitments so won’t be able to join me.”

“You know my sister quite well,” Ron said with a smile.

“Well she is my wife, Ron. I know her intimately.”

“Too much information” replied Ron.

“Oh, you know what I mean – you prat.”


Hermione grinned at the banter between the two best mates then realized she was hungry.

“I thought you invited is over for dinner?” asked Hermione.

“I did. Why? Are you hungry?”

“Yes, I’m starving,” she replied.

“Wait a minute. Are you Hermione or Ron?” asked Harry.

“Hey! I only had a small salad for lunch today because I was busy and in a big hurry.”

“If it makes you feel any better Harry,” added Ron, “I’m starving too and I had a large lunch.”

“Okay, follow me you two. I believe Leru has scrounged up a few morsels for you.”

Since it was Leru, Ron and Hermione knew he would have a large spread on the table. That elf could cook like no other. Molly Weasley was the only one who came close.

Ron and Hermione had left a couple of hours after dinner last night and went back home to their house. They asked Harry to apologize to Ginny for them since they wouldn’t be able to make the game. It was just not possible due to their business keeping them too busy so they were not able to take any time off right now.

The next morning Harry put together some thoughts about the mission before it was time to head to Ginny’s game. He had Lucy, his head house elf, restock his special trunk for him so he would have plenty of food and clothes and other supplies while he was away. He packed extra armor including both dragon hide and basilisk hide. He had two full sets of both.

He also made sure his potions and supplies were well stocked for his trunk’s potions lab. You never know when you might need a potion or two when fighting Dark wizards. His trunk library stayed fully stocked with a copy of everything from his rather large Potter Place library so he didn’t have to worry about any research material.

When it came time to go, Harry went to the Leaving Room and spoke to Carolyn, his great (times 4) grandmother, in her portrait. He then apparated to the Holyhead Harpies Quidditch pitch located in the northwest of Wales. They were to face the Tutshill Tornados whose own facilities resided in the village of Tutshill that was just west of England. The Harpies and Tornados were both members of the British and Irish Quidditch League.

Harry arrived in a special location reserved for him to apparate to and proceeded the back way into the stands where he quietly made his way to their family’s box. He managed to get there without causing a scene, meaning no one saw him as he snuck around. When he made it into the private family box, he found a few of the Weasleys already there. There was Arthur, Molly, Bill, Fleur, Percy, Audrey, Fred, and George. After greeting them and giving hugs all around, Harry sat down in his usual spot.

“Forge, where are your wives?” Harry asked.

“Well somebody had to stay…,” said Fred.

“…and run the shops,” finished George.

“Where are Ron and Hermione?” asked Molly.

“Oh, they told me last night that they were way too busy at work and couldn’t take the time off right now. I’m supposed to apologize to Ginny for them.”

“It’s amazing how successful they’ve been with that business,” said Arthur. “Of course, I know you had a hand in helping get that started Harry.”

“They’re working so hard too” added Molly.

“Everywhere I look these days I see witches and wizards with their cell phones,” said Bill.

“Oui, even some of the goblins at the bank have them,” added Fleur.

“Yes,” replied Harry, “they’re very popular, and the communication devices sell great to all the governments. It’s a brand new product line but their personal computers are starting to catch on too, although they’re far more expensive than the phones and ear buds. I still get 10% of the profits and I’m always amazed at how much only 10% amounts to.”

About that time, the announcer started announcing the teams so they all became quiet and started paying attention. The Tornados came out first since they were visiting, followed by the Harpies with Ginny playing lead chaser. She was the lead because she normally scored more goals than the other two chasers combined.

The game was played at a very fast pace at the professional level. It could get pretty rough at times too, especially when the players sometimes checked each other to try and knock them off course. Ginny didn’t mind the rough checks as long as the other team didn’t mind her elbows bruising their ribs during the contact. Being a black belt in Isshinryu Karate had its advantages. Players in the league who had hard checked her before started leaving her alone when they felt her elbows a couple of times. One of the players who checked her really hard twice in one game ended up with cracked ribs.

The teams were fairly well matched for the most part but as the game wore on the Harpies began building a slight lead. The Tornados were helping to slow down the scoring a little by double-teaming Ginny and having the Beaters concentrate mainly on her. The bludger always seemed to miss her but Harry could see several of them brushing her robes or her ponytail as it waved in the breeze behind her. Each time it came that close Harry would cringe in his chair.

There was one point in the game where Ginny was working so hard to increase the lead, the announcer was getting a little excited as he watched her go for another goal.

“That Ginny Potter is something to watch folks. She really knows how to play the game and I wonder if her husband, the legendary Harry Potter, is in the stands watching her right now. I bet he’s proud of the job she’s doing.”

“However, don’t bother looking for him because all the action is on the pitch and there she goes again trying for another score. She’s coming in fast at the goals and the Tutshill keeper is trying to keep up. Two Tutshill chasers are right on her tail. It looks like she’s trying to fly right past him and slip it through the goal. She’s getting close and the Keeper is moving to block. I hope they don’t crash. Wow! Would you look at that! What a play! Potter didn’t even look when she tossed the quaffle perfectly back behind her to her teammate, Stacey Manchester, who easily scored the goal since the Keeper’s concentration was focused on her. Magnificent play by Potter of the Harpies! It doesn’t get much better than this folks.”

The game continued until the seekers saw the snitch right after Harry did. It was a good chase as the snitch was making it very difficult but in the end, they were neck and neck when the Harpies seeker, Griselda Bridgestone, managed to snatch the snitch out of the air barely a split second before the other Seeker’s hand could close around it. She raised the golden orb in her hand and pumped her fist a few times, as the Harpies came together in mid-air and congratulated each other.

Ginny left the team and flew over to the family box where she leaned in with Harry leaning out and they kissed each other passionately. Harry wrapped his arms around his wife and pulled her close while she maintained a grip on her broom. The crowd saw the activity and let out a big cheer. Flashes were going off everywhere taking pictures of their private moment. More pictures for tomorrow’s papers, Harry thought.

“You’re coming home tonight right?” asked Harry.

“Yes, I’m done for now,” answered Ginny happily.

“Good, I have something I need to share with you but I don’t think you’re going to like it. I have to go somewhere for a little while and you won’t be able to go with me since you have more games.”

“Where do you have to go?”

“I’ll explain it all to you when I see you later at home. I’m going to head back now if you don’t mind. With what the announcer said earlier and that very public kiss I don’t want to have to deal with all the fans.”

“Sure Harry. I’ll say good-bye to my family then get cleaned up and see you back at home.”

“Bye everyone,” said Harry.

“Bye Harry,” he heard from several of them.

Holding his watch in his hand, he mumbled “Legends of Potter” and portkeyed back to Potter Place.

Ginny spoke to her family for a bit as they congratulated her on the win and her amazing Chaser skills. She said good-bye to them after a few minutes then headed to the locker rooms and showers. After she was cleaned up and dressed she forego meeting with her fans and instead bid her team mates good-bye, then touched her hand to her invisible necklace and said “Potter Place,” which portkeyed her home.

She found Harry in the lounge with paper and pen in hand, sitting on the sofa, and drinking a butterbeer. She walked slowly over to Harry and sat down on the sofa right next to him eyeing the paper he‘d been writing on. She reached over and picked up his butterbeer, which was about half-full and finished it off in one go.

“Thirsty?” asked Harry. “Would you like another?”

“No, let’s talk. I want to know where you’re going and what you’ll be doing.”

Harry filled her in on his mission that he accepted. He left nothing out. As he expected she was not very happy about it. She was not worried about him getting hurt per se; she just didn’t want him to go without her. Plus, she was not happy that he would not be sleeping in their bed with her for however long it would take him to finish the task in Japan. That part really did not make her happy at all. She promised him that if she had some time while he is away then she would come visit him so they could at least share some private time together.

“Plus,” she added, “we need to go to bed early tonight since you’re leaving tomorrow and I have to get up early for work too. We’ll both need our sleep so we need to go to bed early so my husband can do his duties to his very needy wife who will greatly miss that when he’s gone.”

“It would be my pleasure dear,” he said with a smile then kissed her softly.

Pretty soon dinner was served so they ate then headed off to bed immediately to enjoy their last night together for a while. The next morning they both woke a little early so enjoyed some additional marital bliss before getting ready for the day.

Before Harry left for Japan, he stopped to talk to Mattie his elderly former head house elf with whom he had a very close relationship. For a few years, Mattie had trained Lucy to take over her duties when Mattie was no longer able to perform them. Mattie was basically retired now and did whatever she felt like doing. Most of the time she served as consultant and advisor to the other house elves.

Lucy had already taken over most of the more physical aspects of the job to save Mattie’s strength even before she retired. She also worked hard to learn the business end from Mattie and all the financial parts Mattie was so good at. Both Mattie and Harry were very proud of Lucy and what she was able to accomplish.

Harry informed them both of his mission and instructed them to continue to take care of everything and to check with Ginny if they had anything he normally would need to handle. She would either take care of it herself or make sure it could wait for him to return.

After breakfast, he kissed Ginny good-bye so she could get back to work for their post-game wrap up and prepare for the next game. Harry then double-checked to make sure he had everything he would need before heading back to his master suite where he put on a set of basilisk skin armor underneath his clothes. He liked it because it was just as strong as dragon hide but weighed a lot less and was easier to move around in.

After hugging Mattie and Lucy good-bye, Harry took out his watch then portkeyed to his beach house in Molokai, Hawaii. From there he created a strong portkey to take him to the coordinates the Japanese representative had given him.

Upon his arrival in Tokyo at Japan’s Ministry of Magic, Harry was met by a pretty Japanese woman around his age or perhaps a little older. She was dressed professionally and approached him right after he arrived. She had probably been instructed to look for him since Harry had informed the ICW representative about the day and general time to expect him.

“Konnichiwa! Yokoso!” she said in greeting then repeated herself in English with a strong Japanese accent. “Hello and Welcome. You must be Harry Potter. Am I correct?”

“Konnichiwa. Yes, that would be me. And, your name?”

“Sayuri Mizota, Mr. Potter,” she said with a bow.

“It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance Miss Mizota.” Harry bowed to her. “Please call me Harry. I much prefer that.”

“Thank you. Please call me Sayuri. It will be my pleasure to answer any questions you might have and I have been given instructions to bring you straight to the Minister’s office when you arrive. Please walk with me Harry.”

She headed off toward the lifts while she pointed out different parts of the Ministry so he would be more familiar with the layout. While walking, Harry discreetly waved his hand and cast a language spell on himself so he could better understand the Japanese spoken around him. He knew some Japanese already but had never studied it formerly. The spell helped him to understand and speak it properly.

It was nice that Sayuri spoke good English but he could not expect that of everyone he would have to talk to eventually, especially when he was out on the street looking for Kodama. He was sure they were going to want to provide him with a partner to show him around and help him work the case but Harry was determined to do this on his own as soon as he knew his way around town. The last thing he needed was to have to babysit a new partner and possibly get them killed.

He supposed he would find out all he needed to know and what their plans were as soon as they met with the Minister. He continued to follow Sayuri and made small talk as they exited the lift and headed towards the Minister’s office.

They arrived in a large area highly decorated with paintings, statues, and other art. There was a single receptionist’s desk located in the middle toward the back of the room. A middle-aged woman sat behind the desk, watching them as they approached.

Sayuri spoke to the woman in Japanese to let her know that Harry Potter was here and the Minister wanted to meet with him as soon as he arrived. She nodded and waved them on in through the double-doors on her left.

When they entered the Minister’s office Harry saw the Minister was already up and coming toward him to welcome him. Over to his right Harry saw the ICW representative he spoke to at the conference standing up too.

“Lord Potter, what an honor it is to meet you,” greeted the Minister in perfect English.

“It’s an honor to meet you too, Minister,” Harry replied with a slight bow then nodded at the ICW representative in greeting. He noticed that Sayuri did not leave but remained in the office with them.

“Lord Potter we cannot thank you enough for coming. I’m afraid we have lost control of this mad man and I believe our hold has been tenuous at best these past few years. Now that he has come completely out in the open, it has been impossible to reign him in. We do hope you can help us.”

“I will give it my best shot, Minister. I’ve been studying the situation a bit since I received the portfolio on him and I do have some ideas of where to start. Care to discuss those now?”


“No offense, but I trust everyone in this room has been vetted and there is no chance this information will make it to Kodama?” asked Harry.

“That is correct.”

“Also, is there any chance your office has been compromised with a listening charm so that he can keep abreast of what the Ministry is up to?”

“Certainly not! This office is the most secure location in the building. The two people in this room with us are two of my most trusted. Sayuri Mizota is one of our most highly decorated officers and she has been assigned to this case. She has clocked more hours on it then any other officer and is our residential expert on all things Kodama. My friend, Katsuo, is our ICW representative,” the Minister indicated the other man, “you have already met him, and he has been my friend since childhood. I would trust either one with my life.”

“That is good Minister but I had to disable a listening device when I entered the room. I assumed it was not authorized and since my plans should be kept secret from the man we want to take down, I took care of it. I hope you don’t mind.”

“What?! Where? Wait a minute you never used your wand,” exclaimed the Minister.

“I don’t need one, sir.” Harry raised his hand and a small device flew to it when he summoned it silently. Harry caught it and handed it over to the Minister. “This is what I disabled. You can easily test it and see that it was a listening device.”

“How can this happen?” asked Katsuo.

“This is not good, not good at all,” Sayuri added.

“That probably has a lot to do with how well he stays ahead of you. Can I assume most if not all of the plans to take down Kodama have been discussed in this office?”

The three nodded yes to Harry and looked every bit ashamed of themselves.

“Well, at least we fixed that problem,” replied Harry. “Let’s address the next one. There is no way you have been dealing with this person for so many years without him having people on the inside. I can practically guarantee you that some of his followers work here at the Ministry. It’s likely one of them planted that device.”

“How could we miss that device?” asked Sayuri. “Harry has to be correct about workers here. Kodama stays too far ahead of us not to have people in place.”

“I’m afraid you are correct. What do we do?” asked the Minister defeated.

“Let me ask you this,” said Harry. “Have you declared war on Kodama and his army?”

“No, he has been treated like the criminal he is,” answered the Minister.

“That is part of your problem. Look, Kodama has slaughtered nearly 2,000 of your citizens, both magical and non-magical. He has already declared war on Japan. When I go out there looking for him so I can stop him and his followers, I will declare war on them. What are you waiting on? I guarantee if you told your non-magical government who slaughtered those 2,000 citizens they would ask where he’s located and then send in the troops.”

“But what does that gain us?” asked Katsuo.

“The right attitude. In a war, you use tactics you would not normally use in a criminal investigation. Let me ask you this, have you tried to take away his finances? Have you shutdown places he can hide? If you take away his finances, he won’t be able to recruit and maintain his army. If you steadily take away his hiding places so they can’t return to them then you eventually box him in so he’s easier to capture.”

They all nodded in understanding.

“We also need to devastate his army,” continued Harry. “The more of his followers we take out the fewer he will have and others will be discouraged from following him when they see it’s not healthy to do so.”

“I would have to agree with Harry, Minister,” said Sayuri. “Everything we’ve tried so far has not worked and Kodama has just become stronger while we have looked weak.”

“Look Minister, if you’ve never had to go to war against terrorists it’s difficult to think in those terms so don’t beat yourself up. While you declare war against Kodama and his followers, I will do my job and start making life very difficult for him. While you’re cutting off his funds, I’ll be cutting off his men. Eventually he will either turn himself in or make a final stand. Either way, we get him.”

“Okay. You have our undivided attention, Lord Potter,” replied the Minister.

“Harry please, just Harry, and let me ask another question. Do Kodama’s followers have any distinguishing marks on their bodies? For instance, Voldemort’s Death Eaters all had what was called a Dark Mark on their left forearm. It was like a tattoo but it was magical and Voldemort could call them to his location using it, amongst other things.”

“They do have tattoos that signify they are part of his group,” answered Sayuri, “but we don’t know if the tattoos are magical.”

“All I need is one person with that tattoo and I can tell you if it’s magical or not. I’ll need to know what the tattoo looks like so I can properly identify it. I will also need to know where to look to find it unless they have no set location.”

“I will get you all that information, Harry,” said Sayuri.

“Are you sure that all of his followers have that tattoo?”

“As far as we know, yes.”

“Then I suggest that the Minister authorizes an unannounced tattoo check on every one who works here or has access to the Ministry. You just might find out who placed the bug in this office. If you do find one or more I would like a look at their tattoo.”

“I will authorize that right now,” said the Minister.

“Good. While you guys are taking care of the sweep through the offices Minister, would you mind if Sayuri takes me to get the additional information she has then shows me where I’ll be staying? I would like to get settled in and start planning my first incursion.”

“Not a problem Harry. Feel free to drop by any time. You can also pass along any information you have to Sayuri. She will make sure I get it.”

“Thank you Minister. I’ll be in touch.”

Harry and Sayuri left the Minister and headed to Sayuri’s office where they spent a couple of hours going over the information she had on Kodama and his organization. Apparently, his involvement with the Yakuza was far deeper than the report Harry had been given by the ICW representative. The evidence that had been accumulated indicated that. Just because the Japanese mob was a Muggle-based organization, did not mean they were not dangerous. The Yakuza was a very large criminal organization with many guns and guns can kill a wizard just as fast as a wand can, if not faster.

After they covered everything Sayuri had and Harry made copies for himself, they left her office and headed toward the exit so she could show Harry the hotel accommodations the Ministry had setup for him. They were nearing the atrium when they heard spell fire and lots of it.

Evidently, word had got out about the tattoo sweep and all the Kodama supporters tried to leave before they could be checked. However, all the entries and exits had been blocked before they could get away and now they were putting up a fight in the atrium as the Japanese aurors were trying to subdue them before anyone else could get hurt.

There were already a couple of Ministry workers who were laying in the middle of the floor bleeding badly. They were lying between the two barriers erected by both factions. Evidently, they were caught in the crossfire and needed help quickly. Spell fire was going back and forth between the two sides with no indication of it slowing up. Harry quietly cast two spells at the injured workers that put them both in stasis.

There looked to be about eight active casters on the other side desperate to escape from the aurors.

Sayuri had been talking with the Head Auror to see what all was happening so when she came back to inform Harry of the situation, he made a strange request.

“Sayuri, can you have our side stop casting all spells at the enemy?”

“Why would you want us to do that?”

“So I can go over and take them out without having to worry about friendly fire.”

Her eyes grew big.

“But Harry, there’s at least eight of them left over there still fighting.”

“Yes, I believe you are correct. No problem. Can you get our side to stop their casting? The two workers in the middle need attention quickly.”

Making up her mind to trust him, Sayuri replied.

“Sure Harry. Hang on.”

Sayuri walked over and told the Head Auror the plan and he finally agreed when she told him that Harry Potter was here and he was going to go over and take them out but did not want to be hit by friendly fire. When the man agreed and called a halt to the spells, she turned back to Harry and gave him the go-ahead.

Harry could see all the aurors watching him carefully as he wandlessly turned himself invisible. There were a few gasps when he completely disappeared from view. Harry silenced himself then waved at his boots to open the holes in the soles before he shot into the air using his air elemental abilities. He flew high and close to the ceiling and landed a few feet past the eight witches and wizards still casting offensive spells at the aurors.

After he landed, he waved at his boots to make the soles whole again and using both hands while still invisible, he wandlessly stunned all eight of them in about one second. The silence was eerie when he finished, especially after all the previous spell fire. He noticed there were three others with the eight but they were already down and looked to be dead. He then quickly ran and leaped over the barrier while removing the invisibility spell and headed for the two downed workers. He had to shield one spell that an anxious auror cast but they quickly recognized that it was him and no more spells were sent his way.

Harry stopped at the first victim and while he placed a hand on her, he summoned the other victim to him with his other hand. Once he had them both close by, he removed the Stasis Spells he had cast on them, healed their wounds where they were hit by severe cutting curses, and then performed diagnostics. They were doing much better since he healed them but they both had lost too much blood.

Quickly he put them back in stasis and told Sayuri that they needed Blood-Replenishing Potion right away before taking them out of stasis. A couple of aurors came over and port keyed them straight to the hospital with those instructions for the healers. Once they were safely gone, Harry had to contend with all the aurors and Sayuri asking how he did what he did.

He managed to avoid answering any of their questions directly and instead insisted on secrecy for some of his abilities as knowledge of such could prevent him from doing his job properly, he explained. To distract them Harry reminded Sayuri of his need to see one of these tattoos. The aurors had been floating the eight Harry had stunned to the Ministry holding cells which were warded against electronic communication. Sayuri and Harry followed them with a plan to examine those markings.

The other three persons who were found with the eight were dead as Harry suspected but no one was sure who killed them. That would also have to be investigated.

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