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Maria who is extremely tired of her controlling and overprotective mother decides it's time to try something new, something... unexpected especially coming from her. she coincidentally meets someone who she should've met years ago. In so many ways does this interaction change so much for her and in her.

Romance / Adventure
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the argument

"you know what mom....maybe you should start minding you're own business"

she gives you a look that you just understand. she is angry....very angry but not as much as you are. After all, you're 25 now you can handle your own problems. You're old enough to not have a parent control your life.

"If you really want me to mind my business and stop being involved in my DAUGHTER'S life" she emphasizes "then stop living here" her eyes are getting watery.

"act your fucking age if you want me to stop being overprotective like that, act 25"

she signals to the door "get out there and find a job, place to live. go pay taxes how you should've done this already 7 years ago"

"you should be thanking me for taking care of you as much as I do"

"m-" she cuts me off

"no, no. go see other mothers I don't believe they'd be anywhere as caring as me. you know what I spoiled you way too much"she sits down and covers her face.

I am genuinely tired of her being so dramatic, selfish and overprotective over me like that. she needs to understand that too much of something is harmful. loving so hard is suffocating.

you go up to your room and start packing.

she heard you slamming the suitcase on the bed.

"where are you going now?" she says catching her breathe from coming upstairs quickly.

"doing something with my life before I turn 30 and become old like you"

she gives you a confused look as you proceed to just throw clothes blindly into your bag.

"how about we both calm down and talk this out and be normal?" she says her face red from anger.

"no, mom" I tell her looking down then back up to her "I am tired of having nothing to do .... no job, no place to live and not even a partner"

"whatever you want I get it for you, what more can you want...or need"

I laugh ironically.

"at 25, was this how your life was?" I ask pointing at myself.

"last I remember mom at 25 you had me and I was like what?6?"

she looks down disappointed.

I close the bag and leave.

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