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alpha asher


“as long as i’m here nobody will look, smell or even THINK about you, do you hear me? you’re mine!” he shouted. — after madison and her brother leave her old town to begin a new life, she meets alpha asher, a possessive and dangerous werewolf who unfortunately, is her mate.

Romance / Fantasy
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i inhaled deeply and took in the scent of my home. well, ex-home. i grew up in this house, lost my first tooth, had my first break down and even kissed for the first time in this room. my thoughts were cut off my brothers loud, annoying voice.

"madison! it's time to go, if your not down here in ten seconds i'm leaving you!" he called out with annoyance laced in his voice.

i growled and rolled my eyes before taking the last box in my room and heading downstairs. it was just me and my older brother for two years now. we lost both our little brother, mother and father in a car crash. heartbreaking, i know, but we've mourned, cried, hated the world and then grew stronger from it.

i set my box onto the wooden floor and bit my lip, trying to hold back tears. he sighed when he saw me and dropped his boxes on the floor to hug me. a couple of tears left my eyes and rubbed circles on the small of my back to comfort me.

"i know, madison, i know.." he whispered to me. i felt as if a dagger had been stabbed into my heart and someone was just constantly twisting it, making the pain worse and worse every second.

"why did this have to happen to us, joseph?" i asked him. i was genuinely curious as to why it happened to us. we were a perfect family. we had an amazing pack, my brothers and i had lots of friends and our parents were absolutely in love with each other. but all of that went down hill after the car crash.

the pack disowned us, my sophomore and junior year were absolute shit because i was known as the 'weird' girl and i had no parents. and that's the sole reason why we are moving. my brother wants a new start, a new pack, a new school and new friends. he graduated just a year ago and has been working to support us since then. but, the bills were too much for him so that's when he decided it would be a good idea to move somewhere more affordable for us. i didn't exactly like the idea at first but then again i didn't have a choice.

joseph let me go and picked up his boxes along with mine before pointing his head towards the door, gesturing me to go. i wiped off my tears and slowly walked to the door. once i was out of the house i took a deep breath and walked to the car. i helped joseph stuff the boxes into the trunk of the car and headed to the front of the car.

i wasn't sad at all to leave the assholes at my school. the only people who i'd miss were addison, my only friend, and alexander, my ex boyfriend. he broke up with me after i told him i was saving my virginity for my mate.

don't get me wrong, he was a good guy at first but people change. i unlocked my phone to see that addison had spammed me with tons of text messages including crying emojis.

'what am i gonna do without you and your hot ass brother?!'

i laughed and replied to her before joseph got in the car and shook his head at the messages she sent me.

"on the bright side, i won't have to worry about addison jumping me." he chuckled as he pulled out of the driveway. i waved goodbye to my old home and my old life. i'll never see them again.

i plugged in my earbuds and listened to music before eventually falling asleep.

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