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alpha asher


"mads, wake up." joseph said softly while poking my face. i roughly pushed his finger away from my face and growled, telling him to leave me alone.

it was silent for a minute before i heard joseph open the car door, then close it shortly after. i hummed in approval and laid my head down on the car door. seconds later the same door my head was resting on was opened and my body immediately fell on to muddy ground.

"joseph!" i yelled and glared up at him. he laughed and took a picture of me before putting gas into the car. "you should probably wash your face off and get a different pair of clothes. you're all muddy." he said casually.

"if you weren't my only sibling i'd strangle you to death. right here. right now." i spat while staring daggers into the side of his head.

he shrugged and pretended that i wasn't there. i rolled my eyes and grabbed sweat pants and a plain black shirt out of the trunk before stomping my way into the small gas station. the man at the register furrowed his eyebrows and looked at me with a confused look as him face.

"where are your restrooms at?" i asked, fury was rising in me and i was sure to burst. i had a horrible case of anger issues, i got it from my mother along with her eyes, hair and skin. the man pointed to the bathrooms before returning his eyes to his phone. humans.. always addicted to electronic devices like they can't live without them.

i quickly began to walk to the bathroom before a man turnt my way, knocking us both down onto the floor. that was the last straw.

"damn it!" i yelled before letting out a scream and holding a hand on my head.

"i'm so sorry! i should've paid attention, i'm sorry ma'am i-" he began before i cut him off. "ITS FINE." i looked up to see he was a boy with glasses. he looked to be my age. his face was red and i knew he felt really bad about it. i sighed and rolled my eyes before getting back on my feet.

"it's ok. just watch where you're going next time." i mumbled and walked into the bathroom.

"damn you joseph. this is all your fault!" i shouted when i saw a huge bump on my forehead. there was also mud and dirt all over my clothes and face. i locked the door and began wash all the dirt off my face and put on my change of clothes. while i was lifting off my shirt an amazing scent filled my nose. i moaned at the smell and wondered where it was coming from.

was it me? i did get a new perfume a few days ago but.. this smell was outstanding! i put my hand on the door handle to see where it was coming from but the smell was gone all too quickly.

i frowned and shook my head before changing my jeans and shirt and leaving the gas station. joseph was leaning against his car on his phone and he rolled his eyes when he saw me.

"finally! how long does it take to wash your face and put on some new clothes? sheesh." he complained and opened the car door to get in.

i scoffed, "maybe you shouldn't open car doors when people are leaning on them then!"

he laughed and set his phone down on his lap to begin driving. there is no way i'm gonna be going back to sleep now that i know my brother is out to get me. i sighed and looked around to find something to do. i grabbed joseph's phone. no password!? i grinned and began to go through his messages.

"wait, madison give me my phone back." he said with seriousness in his voice. he attempted to reach for his phone but i avoided all of his grabs. he is definitely trying to hide something.

most of his messages were just his friends but then i scrolled and saw a name that was all too familiar to me.


i frowned and began to look through the messages between her and him. they were talking about meeting up and not wanting me to know about it.

"isabel.. why are you texting isabel?" i asked quietly, hoping he could give me an answer to help calm my nerves.

"just wait a second madison. i'll explain everything when we get to the new house. i promise."

"i-i.. i wanna know now joseph! why are you texting my ex-bestfriend?!"

isabel had been my friend since we were in sixth grade. we told secrets, had every class together and we stayed at each other's houses. i thought she was the best thing i could ever hope for but that was until i found out she was sleeping with my brother behind my back.

they had an entire relationship that i didn't know about. but that wasn't even the worse part. it turns out isabel never really liked me. she just wanted to be around me so that she could be around my brother.

other than addison she was my only close friend. but it turns out she want a friend after all. joseph promised to me he would never talk to her after what she did to me.

"mads, calm down. we were just texting trying to get back in touch, become friends, y'know?"

"no. why would you even think about talking to her after what she did to me? and why are you going to meet up with her? you know what? i don't even care." i closed my eyes to avoid any sobbing.

he tried to talk to me a couple times during the trip but i never answered. i honestly just wanted to be in my old house by myself.

knowing joseph wouldn't try anything, i closed my eyes and began to fall asleep once again.

after two more hours of driving i felt someone shake my arm. i pushed his arm off me and rubbed my eyes. once i regained my vision i looked at my surroundings. this definitely wasn't our house. there were too many wolves here.

"where are we?" i asked quietly. joseph took his seatbelt off and got out of the car, "pack house. i talked to the alpha and he told us that he'd be okay if we joined. we're about to meet him. let's go."

i nodded, took my seatbelt off and got out of the car as well. i walked behind him, keeping a slight distance between us. i was definitely gonna hold a grudge for as long as i possibly could. when we entered there were lots of wolves talking and pups playing. almost everyone turnt our way and began to talk about us. i could blame them. we're rogues from a whole different state.

joseph grabbed my arm and pulled me up the stairs. we got to a door and he opened it to reveal a man, probably in his early twenties sitting behind a desk and looking at papers.

he tilted his head up and smiled at us. his eyes observed joseph quickly before his eyes met mines. they trailed down my body before he cleared his throat and stood up.

"you guys must be joseph and madison, i'm guessing?"

we nodded and he grinned and nodded as well.

"welcome. come sit down, we have a lot to talk about."

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