Stuck Like Glue

My Body is on Fire

Chapter 2: My Body is on Fire

" I gotta say Lockwood, I'm disappointed." Jeremy said with a smirk adorning his face.

"What? This party's not up to your standards Gilbert?" Tyler asked with an eyebrow raised and a shot of tequila already in his hand.

"It's mostly adults, and the music sucks." Jeremy answers honestly.

" Now you know why I brought you here with me." Tyler says and motions for Jeremy to sit down on the couch with him.

"Sheesh Lockwood, just when I thought my friendship actually meant something to you." Jeremy said sarcastically.

Tyler almost choked on his drink and after coughing for a bit, he spoke up.

"Look, you fucking know that I'm not good with my feelings and shit but I want you to know that I actually meant it when I say that you're my friend."

The younger man smiled and raised an eyebrow.

" You hitting on me Lockwood?"

"What the fuck? I go and confess to you that I consider you a friend and you turn it into some sort of sexual fantasy of yours Gilbert?" The young werewolf said rather annoyed.

"Oh Lockwood, calm down alright, friends joke around with other friends. Sorry though, if it sounded like an insult, I'm not really experienced in the friend's category." Jeremy confessed and sighed, when he realized he sounded like a fucking girl.

"Look who sounds homo now." Tyler added as he got in front of Jeremy, receiving a shove from him in the process.

"I fucking hate you Lockwood." Jeremy answered but smiling to let the other boy know he was just playing around.

" Oh really?" Tyler asked, quickly forgetting about the party that was occurring.

"Yup, so what are you gonna do about it Ty?" Jeremy asked as he ran off upstairs, leaving behind a very confused Tyler.

"Where the hell did you go Jere?" yelled Tyler as he looked through each room.

I should be feeling stupid for playing with Jeremy but for some reason, I'm actually enjoying myself.

"You can't find me Lockwood, I'm an expert at playing Hide and Seek!" came the distant voice of Jeremy.

"Are we seriously playing that game, what are you 7?" asked Tyler as he looked into another empty room.


Minutes passed and he still couldn't find Jeremy.

Where could he be? Fuck, he's really good at this.

"Staying quiet now Jere? Get ready for the Big Bad Wolf to come and getcha."

Tyler began to concentrate and used his heightened sense of smell to finally track Jeremy. Eventually it lead him to Tyler's own room. He slowly turned the handle and was surprised to find the younger Gilbert laying on his bed as he browsed through a notebook that was filled with many of his drawings.

"Took you long enough." Jeremy stated, not even looking up until he had put the notebook down.

"So out of all the rooms in this house, you picked my room Gilbert."

"It was so obvious you would never find me unless you cheated and used you werewolf side to help you win."

"That's not cheating." Ty answered and sat on the edge of the bed .

"I'm bored, what should we do?" asked Jeremy as he made room for the older boy on the bed.

Tyler quickly moved and ended up on right next to Jeremy.

"Want to watch a movie, I'm sure I have something in one of those drawers." Tyler said and pointed to the ones he meant.

"Which one?" asked Jeremy since their were three.

"I don't remember, Ima go down to the kitchen and get something to eat; you want anything?"

" No thanks" Jeremy answered as Ty closed the door.

I guess I'll just go through each drawer until I find his stash of movies.

Jeremy opened the first one and blushed when he realized it was Tyler's underwear drawer. He was about to close it when he noticed the box of condoms he had hidden amongst the many pair of boxers. Feeling like a creep for looking at his friend's underwear, Jeremy closed it and moved on to the second drawer. This one had countless of pictures in it,a bit curious, he took the album that had them and began to check out each photograph.

Ty is sure taking a long time.

Jeremy thought as looked through the many pictures. Some where of a younger Tyler, others were simply pictures that someone had taken him when he was playing football. Close to the end, he noticed that the older boy had more picture of the whole Gang. There was one in which Tyler,Caroline and Matt were present and another where it was of Tyler with all the girls and then one with all the boys. As he was putting it away a picture fell out of it and fell on the floor. Jeremy quickly picked it up and turned it around so he could look at it. He didn't remember anyone taking this picture at all... He was so intrigued by the picture that he didn't notice when Tyler came back into the room.

"I brought you some chips and a sandwich, so did you found the movies?" asked Tyler as he placed all the food he had brought up on the nightstand.

"No but I found something else. Hey Ty, when was this picture taken?" asked Jeremy and showed the photo the older boy.

"Where did you find it?" asked Tyler as he scratched the back of his neck nervously.

"I was looking for a movie when this fell out of your album."

"Oh well it was during the barbeque Elena had organized after Klaus was defeated."

"That much I gathered, but why are we cuddling?"

"Um, well you kind of fell asleep after midnight on my shoulder and then I guess I fell asleep too."

"But why did you keep it?"

Why are you asking so many questions Gilbert." He growled.

I know the reason why, but I can't tell you Jere." he thought as he looked away from Jeremy.

"Don't avoid the question Ty." Jeremy added as he got closer to Tyler.

"Why the fuck do you want to know?" asked Tyler.

"Just tell me Ty, I'm here for you." Jeremy stated and put a hand on Tyler's shoulder.

"Don't. Do. That." He said slowly, almost sounding like he was in pain.

" Do what?" Jeremy asked confused.

" I can only hold on for so long till I snap Jere." Ty said in a whisper.

" What are you talking about Ty?"

"Fuck Jere, why do you have to be so fucking clueless?"


"Don't answer that, you want to know why I have a picture of you and me so badly, then here's the truth..."

" You're acting so weird Ty."

" This stupid secret has been eating me up inside for months... What I'm trying to say is that I like you OK! " He let out and got even closer to Jeremy, there bodies pressed together and noses touching.

"I like you too Ty, otherwise we wouldn't be friends." an oblivious Jeremy said, his breath making Tyler's senses go wild.

" I don't think you get it Jere, I don't like you in a friend sort of way. I'm actually physically attracted to you."

"What? But you're straight as they come Ty. The Tyler Lockwood can't have the hots for me its just not poss-" Jeremy started to rant but was silenced by Tyler kissing him. Jeremy soon responded to the kiss and placed them on Ty's hips. The two kept kissing each other until oxygen became a necessity.

"How's that for being straight? Tyler asked, still having a firm hold on Jeremy.

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