Stuck Like Glue

My Dirty Little Secret

Chapter 3: My Dirty Little Secret

"I like you too Ty, otherwise we wouldn't be friends." an oblivious Jeremy said, his breath making Tyler's senses go wild.

" I don't think you get it Jere, I don't like you in a friend sort of way. I'm actually physically attracted to you."

"What? But you're straight as they come Ty. The Tyler Lockwood can't have the hots for me its just not poss-" Jeremy started to rant but was silenced by Tyler kissing him. Jeremy soon responded to the kiss and placed them on Ty's hips. The two kept kissing each other until oxygen became a necessity.

"How's that for being straight? Tyler asked, still having a firm hold on Jeremy.

"I-I don't know what to say to that Ty." Jeremy answered, his breath driving Tyler wild.

" It's not hard Jere, either you like me or you don't." Tyler explained.

"I like you too." He answered and smiled, the other boy quickly claimed the youngster's lips in his with excitement.

At first the kiss was innocent and calculated but as the seconds ticked by their kiss got more and more heated. Soon enough an impatient Tyler moved then to his bed. The older boy detached his lips from the younger Gilbert and instead moved towards his neck. He gently bit a side of his neck and sucked on the exposed skin.

"Oh my-Ty, That feel's so fucking good." Jeremy panted and grabbed Tyler's hair to put them face to face.

"Didn't know you liked it rough Jere." Tyler smirked as their lips became attached once again. Out of nowhere, Jeremy inserted his tongue inside Tyler's mouth. This completely shocked the older boy but nonetheless allowed Jeremy to get some control.

Not like I'm complaining but who knew Jeremy was such a good kisser!

"The clothes need to go." Jeremy stated, his eyes clouded with lust as he took a good minute to just look at the boy in front of him.

"Well if you must insist Jer, why don't you take them off yourself." Tyler questioned with a raised eyebrow and looking even more sexy then usual.

Jeremy didn't need to be told twice, as soon as the words escaped Tyler's mouth he was greedily unbuckling the belt and pulling the older boy's jeans down.

"Someone's excited." muttered Jeremy once he saw Tyler's exposed dick.

"What can I say, Tyler Jr. likes you." Tyler countered.

"Wow, leave it to the arrogant asshole to name his own dick." Jeremy said and laughed.

Tyler soon grabbed the boy's head and pulled him in for another scorching kiss. Lips mashed against each other's, their tongues exploring the other's mouths. Tyler was so hard, it was unbelievable and when Jeremy's fingers accidentally caressed the tip of his dick, he couldn't help but let out a rather loud moan. This proved to be efficient since Jeremy soon began to jack him off and not even a minute had passed when he was ready to cum. There was just something about the way Jeremy was moving his hand that was driving him crazy. Just when he thought that Jeremy could not surprised him any further, the younger boy we stopped kissing him and went down on Tyler. Easily taking all 8 ½ inches of Tyler's dick in his mouth.

This boy was born to do this, it's the best blow job I've ever gotten.

All of Jeremy swift movements with his tongue drove Tyler to the edge, cumming inside of the boy's mouth. Never before had Tyler Lockwood cum so much in his life!

What is it about Jeremy Gilbert that still makes me horny?

"Sorry about that, should have gave you a warning." the words almost getting lost in his throat since he saw Jeremy gulp and swallow all of his seed.

"Let's just say you owe me next time." Jeremy said as he dressed and left the room in a haste.

It took a while for Tyler to registered what Jeremy had just said, his mind still somewhere else.

"Fucking tease" He whispered to himself as he put his clothes back on.

But hey, at least there will be a next time. Looking forward to that!

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