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One Wish


At the end of the final battle a lady in white (magic) appeared. Harry, there are two rules, You cant kill anyone and you can't go back in time. Apart from that, you have One Wish. What will it be?

Fantasy / Other
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Chapter 1

Sun shone through the broken panes of the great hall, it was a new day, a new time, and a new era. Voldemort was dead. Harry sat half asleep next to what was left of the DA, his head resting on Hermione's shoulder. For the first time in seven years, Harry's mind was blank, he had no worries, no concerns, and he felt safe. The war was over and all he wanted to do was sleep, and so that is what he did.

Harry woke the next morning in his old dorm bed, fully rested after sleeping for a full day. He wandered down toward the great hall noting all the destruction Hogwarts had taken. Walls were smashed in, tapestries burnt to a crisp and giant holes lay in the ground. All in all, it was a mess that would take months to fix.

Walking into the great hall, Harry saw that everyone had, as normal, also made their way their way to breakfast leaving him to be the last to arrive.

"Harry!" Hermione called over.

Harry wandered over to his best mates and sat down between Hermione and Neville. He stacked his plate as high as he could before, digging in with earnest.

"So what's happened in the last day?" He said, mouth full. Hermione gave him a look but he didn't care…He was hungry.

"I don't know" said Hermione sighing, we've been asleep for about as long as you. Headmistress McGonagall is going to bring us up to date after breakfast.

"Right" replied Harry, rubbing a hand over his eyes dreading the answer to his next question. "How many casualties?"

At the question, all those in ear shot suddenly hushed and looked over at Harry, faces somber.

Hermione sighed again. "As of right now, at least 80..."

"…Death Eaters?"

"About 90"

Harry didn't reply, 80 casualties and still counting. He wished he could go back, take Voldemort before any of this could happen, before 80 families lost mothers; fathers and children. Before his parents’ deaths. Harry may have never knows his them but right now, he would have given anything to just hold them once more.

After breakfast Headmistress McGonagall addressed the hall. She mentioned the casualty count, media information, stuff about funerals and plans about rebuilding the school. Harry only half listened, his mind was focused on anything but the war. He just wanted to put it behind him.

McGonagall was just finishing her announcement when the school started to shake, debris rumbled about, dust fluttered to the ground and for a second Harry was afraid the hall roof was going to fall in, it didn't however. Soon after the shaking stopped, and out of the dust a figure in white appeared, holding a staff. It was a woman, with long brown hair and a kind round face.

The woman in white looked around the hall searching, ignoring the fact that everyone had their wands pointed straight at her. McGonagall was swiftly walking towards the woman but before she could get there the woman focused on him. She had kind blue eyes that looked much older than her outward appearance. The woman started for him and he tensed griping his wand tighter, he didn't take his eyes off her.

The woman in white stopped about a meter in front of him. "Harry Potter" she said.

By now McGonagall had stopped and was watching the proceedings with a keen eye.

"Yes?" Harry answered nervously. "Who are you?"

The Woman in white smiled slightly "I am magic."

Around the hall, eyebrows went up in disbelief, including Harry's

Harry snorted. "Yes and I'm Santa Claus." he replied sarcastically.

The woman looked disapprovingly at him and sighed.

"I guess I can't expect you to believe me right off the bat now can I" She said turning around a striding back into the middle of the hall. "A demonstration then perhaps?" she continued, raising her arms.

The hall started rumbling again but it wasn't as shaky as the first time. A white light started at the woman's hands slowly getting bigger and brighter until it was covering the whole hall. Harry felt a rush of warmth as it passed through him, filling him with hope and happiness, not unlike Fawkes’ soothing trill. The white light was moving things, putting them back in place and repairing them. It lasted for about 2 minutes before dying down, the great hall looked like it originally had, before the battle. Everyone in the hall was astonished.

She then turned to Harry, throwing her magic at him. It was unlike anything he’d ever felt before. His own core sung in happiness as the magic washed through him. She felt like home, like his entire being belonged with her. It was then that he knew she was telling the truth; he knew that she was magic.

Harry looked towards Magic and took a deep breath. "What do you want with me?" He asked cautiously, fully aware that things don't usually go well when regarding him.

"Oh don't look so nervous Harry, it's nothing bad. In fact, it's a good thing…a very good thing."

"How so?" asked Harry.

"Well…" said Magic excitedly. "I’m giving you a wish. Just one…a gift from the gods for destroying the evil parasite we know as Tom Marvolo Riddle or should I say, Voldemort."

Harry's eyebrows raised in shock. "But…it wasn't just me that killed him, I mean, I wouldn't have been able to do it without any of the people here. Why don't they get one too?"

Magic slowly walked up to Harry and laid her hand on his cheek. "That right there, is precisely the reason you are getting one. They may have helped along the way, but it was you who killed him, it was you who grew up with abusive relatives, you who went through school being something you didn't want to be, you who was belittled and ignored by almost everyone here at some point in your life. After all of that you still saved them, sacrificing your life willingly so that they could live. Yes, we know about that Harry. You above all else deserve this." Magic leant forward and kissed his forehead.

Harry didn't know what to say. He looked around the hall deep in thought, not noticing the guilty and ashamed looked of his peers. “Did he really deserve this?” He thought to himself. Looking up at Magic he took a deep breath nodding his head in acceptance. "Ok…what do I have to do?"

Magic smiled. "You have one wish, as I said before. However, there are a few ruled…two to be exact."

"Let me guess…" said Harry, "No bringing back the dead and no killing anyone. Not that I would."

Magic chuckled "Not quite," she quipped "No killing, you got that part correct, and no going back in time."

"Really?" said Harry in disbelief. "So I can-" He cut himself off, thinking about just who he could bring back.

Magic smiled kindly and nodded her head. "I cannot allow any more than four."

“Is that fair?” asked Harry hesitantly. Magic just stared. "Can I have time to think?" Magic nodded.

Harry sat down deep in thought. He started breathing heavily, his first thought was quite obviously his parents. Did he not think only this morning that he would do anything to get his parents back? He did and he nearly still would, however… after much thinking he determined that is wasn't what he would do, if anything he should bring Remus or Tonks back. Teddy was only a baby whereas Harry was an adult. Teddy needed a parent more that Harry did.

Next this brought him to Neville. Harry always knew his parents were dead, that he’d never speak to them again. Harry didn't know how he would have felt knowing there was a possibility of having his parents back and then never getting it. To sit in the hospital with them your whole life, never being able to communicate…so close and yet so far.

In the end he determined that his parents were probably happy up there anyway, with Sirius. Harry decided on those four people. Fred and Alice Longbottom and Remus and Nymphadora Lupin.

Feeling sick inside, Harry approached Magic, shakily looking up at her determination on his face.

"Have you made your decision Harry?" she asked.

"Yes" Harry took a deep breath and gestured for Magic to come closer. He whispered in her ear. "Alice Longbottom, Frank Longbottom, Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Lupin."

Magic eyes shot up in surprise and she looked down at Harry, eyes wide. "Are you sure?" she asked quietly.

Looking sick, Harry nodded shakily, unable to speak.

"I would have thought…"

Harry took a deep breath and explained to her his reasoning's. "My decision is final" he said afterwards with no ounce of doubt in his voice.

"You truly are a kind and wondrous young man Harry Potter. You deserve more that you have been given." Magic suddenly smirked and held out her hands asking Harry to stand back. Harry moved and leant against the wall. He didn't know if he was going to be able to watch this.

With the hall looking on eagerly and Harry soberly, Magic closed her eyes, allowing the wish magic to fill her up. She thought of the people she was going to revive and threw her head back allowing the magic to rush out of her, reaching towards the magical signatures of those she was to bring back.

Once again a white light filled the hall. However, this time it was centered on an empty space in front of Magic. The light split into four and broke apart. Slowly it formed four human shapes and soon after Alice Longbottom, Frank Longbottom, Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Lupin were laying on the floor gasping for breath.

The whole hall was astonished at the site, going through everyone's mind was the same thing…where were Lily and James potter.

"Mum, Dad!" cried Neville rushing forward embracing his parents who had gotten up off the floor. All three were crying and trembling. Remus and Tonks rushed over to Andromeda Tonks who had their son Teddy Lupin, embracing both of them.

Harry not wanting to stay any longer, slipped on his invisibility cloak, just in time as everyone getting over their shock turned to his location to start asking questions. He stood there for a few seconds looking at everyone, tears running down his face. He didn't regret his decision, not after seeing the faces of the reunited families. However, it didn't hurt any less and endless questions wasn't something he could handle right now.

Running towards the great hall doors he exited and made his way up to the Gryffindor dorm rooms to go curl up in bed. Barging into his old dorms, Harry got the shock of his life. A man and a woman lay in slumber side by side on his bed…a very familiar, but older man and woman.

Placing his hands on over his mouth in shock, tears started to fall in earnest. Pulling off his invisibility cloak, his back hit the now closed door of the dorm and he slid to the floor, knees pulled up to his chest and just cried. “He had his parents.” Harry thought, here they were on his bed…breathing and he didn't even know what to do. He was in so much shock; all he could do was stare at his now alive parents.

Harry didn't know how long he sat there, but soon enough the two figures on his bed woke up, looking around confusedly as Harry sat silently watching them, still in shock. He didn't know what to do… should he say something? How did one approach parents who, until recently, had been dead for the last 17 years… parents he never knew. The decision however was taken out of his hands as his mother sat up urgently.

"Harry!" she screamed before turning to his father lying next to her. "James!" she yelled, shaking James. "It's real! We're really back… the lady in white told the truth… we have to go find Harry! Oh, I hope he's ok…we never got to watch what happened at the battle, he could be dead for all we know…oh no…" Lily started hyperventilating. "Oh god, what if he's dead and we’re back, oh James I don't think I could handle-"

"Lily…Lily" said James, sitting up, wrapping his arms around his wife. "I'm sure the lady wouldn't have brought us back only for Harry to not be here. Remember we said we'd only go back if Harry was here…He's alive."

"But what if he's hur-"

"Harry." James cut off his wife, looking over her shoulder at the silent Harry who was looking right back, mouth open, still in shock.

"James what? Harry's Harry?" asked Lily confusedly.

"No…" James replied softly pointing over Lily's shoulder "…Harry."

Lily turned in James arms and both parents looked upon their son, taking him in…it was different, peering through a looking glass for 17 years as opposed to looking upon the actual thing. The amount of times James and Lily had fought with the guards of the afterlife to let them go to Harry, to pull him away from his retched relatives or other dangers he had been facing.

"Harry…my baby" said Lily, slowly getting off the bed with James. She then ran over to her son embracing him.

Harrys’ arms gripped his parents, head resting on his father shoulder, bawling. All his life, all he'd ever wanted was to hug his parents, and now he was getting his wish… his true wish.

"Oh, my son." said Lily running her hands down his face, and through his hair, wiping away the tears.

"Mum." said Harry, chocked up "Dad."

"So long, we have waited to see you Harry. So much we want to tell you." said James pulling Harry up, leading him to the bed before sitting Harry between himself and Lily.

"I know…" said Harry "Me too."

And so all three potters sat talking for hours. James, locked the dorm door so they wouldn't get any distractions and Harry was truly happy for the first time in his life. All three Potters could later be found asleep on the bed huddled together, smiles on their faces.

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