Away From The Sun

The Magic-Seer

Harry Potter was now 10, it was a couple of days before his 11th birthday. Unlike other kids who would be jumping up and down it anticipation. He was not looking forward to it all, all his birthday had ever meant was another year knowing he had to deal with the Dursleys, another year of wearing Dudley's hand-me-downs, another year of no friends, and another year of no loving family.

"Boy!" Harry sighed and got up slinking out of the cupboard "Yes Aunt Petunia?" He said keeping the bitterness out of his voice, he didn't need another beating so close to the last one.

"Outside! Garden, now!" his Aunt snarled at him looking at him like he was a speck of dirt that dared to intruded into her perfect home.

"Yes Aunt Petunia" he replied, turning around to hide his sneer. he seethed as he walked out into the garden, he bent down to start pulling out the weeds when he heard a hoot behind him. What the hell was an owl doing in Surrey in broad daylight? The owl hooted and flew over to him landing on the grass in front of him and held out its leg. Curious, Harry untied the letter that the owl had held out, and turned it over to see if it had an address.

Mr. H. Potter

The Cupboard Under The Stairs

4 Privet Drive


Harry carefully opened the letter savouring the fact that he had a letter and read it. At first he thought it was a prank from the Dursleys, the he realized that it can't be a prank. The Dursleys wouldn't waste good paper on a prank for Harry would they? The letter also said stuff about magic. The Dursleys beat Harry for even saying the m word. Harry tucked the letter into his oversized pocket courtesy of Dudley's enormous size, thinking about mulling it over tomorrow, and got back to work on the garden.

That night Harry took out the letter and placed it on the floor beside the bed. He laid down and soon fell asleep tired and hungry. He had yet again not been given dinner. As soon as he fell asleep he was sucked into his mind-scape. Confused, Harry looked around, all he could see was bubbles. He went over to one of the bubbles and touched it. He winced, it was the memory of when he was 3, the memory of his first beating.

"Harry Potter, welcome to your mind-scape" a voice said from behind him. Harry spun around to face a black cloaked figure

"what! Who are you? If this is my mind, then why are you here?" Harry's questioned in quick succession.

The black figure chuckled. "They call me 'The Mind-hopper' but you named me 'The Darkness'. I have been in here since the day The Dark Lord tried to kill you, I was in his mind before and now I'm in yours."

"The Dark Lord?" Harry asked.

The Darkness nodded. "There are a lot of things you don't know Harry. It is my job to tell you those things." The Darkness waved his hand and two seats appeared "Sit" The Darkness added. "Now what i need to tell you starts October 31st 1981…."

"My parents didn't die in a car crash!?" Harry asked.


"I'm the sole heir to the most Ancient and Noble house of Potter!?"


"The letter i got is real!?"


"That's a lot to take in."

The Darkness chuckled, then looked at his watch "Ah look at that, you need to wake up now Harry". The said boy pouted, then sighed, nodding. He concentrated hard on waking up like The Darkness had told him. Soon he was awake. Harry got up and opened to cupboard door. He planned to sneak out and see if the owl was still there. Opening the back door he peaked out and saw an owl sitting on the wheelbarrow. The owl hooted when it saw him, this owl was different than the last one. This one was a beautiful snowy white, the owl hooted again and flew over to him landing on his shoulder. She gently bit his ear and held her leg for him to attach the letter he had in his hand. Harry remembered Darkness saying something about this "Animals who seem to be overly affectionate towards a wizard have chosen that wizard as a familiar"

"You like me girl?" Harry murmured to the owl, who hooted in reply. He smiled "Do you have a name?" The owl hooted a no "Hmmm, then I'll call you Hedwig" Harry decided, remembering the name from The Darkness' lesson last night. "Could you take this to a professor at Hogwarts, then come to the Leaky Cauldron?" he asked Hedwig, who hooted, then took the letter in her mouth and flew off into the distance. Harry watched her go, then turned around and went back into the house. He grabbed his aunts long, black coat, stole enough money to catch a bus to London then sneaked out of the house and down to the bus stop.

Harry did not have to wait long for a bus and was soon on his way to London. He past the time by studying the other passengers. There was an old lady carrying a basket, a man who was wearing his best pair of clothes who looked very nervous and was fingering a box in his pocket and a teenager on her phone looking upset. The bus lurched to a stop and on got a girl about a year younger than Harry, with long blonde hair and wearing a necklace of bottle caps. She looks… Interesting… The girl smiled at him and he smiled back. Taking this as a sign that he was OK she came over and sat next to him.

"Hi, I'm Luna!" The girl said with a broad smile and a dreamy look in her eyes

"I'm Harry." Harry said smiling at her.

"How old are you Luna?" He asked her.

"I'm 10! What about you?" She asked.

"I'm 11 in a few days." Harry smiled. "Where are you going?" he questioned.

"London. You?"

"Same." and at that they were silent just enjoying each others company.

Harry and Luna got off the bus waved goodbye to each other then started walking… In the same direction?

"Where are you going Luna?" Harry asked

"The Leaky Cauldron" she answered

"You really shouldn't tell people about The Leaky Cauldron if you don't know they're magical" Harry said casually

"Oh but I know you're a wizard, I can see your magic lashing around, it's beautiful"

Harry didn't know how to respond to that "t-t-t-thanks?"

Luna just gave him an amused smile and skipped up ahead, Harry had to run to catch up to her. Luna and Harry talked about many thing, Hogwarts, magic and the colours of magic. Harry's was purple with green stripes. Soon they were at The Leaky Cauldron. Harry opened the door for Luna who smiled and thanked him they went to the bar and asked Tom the bartender to open the portal for them.

"I have to go to Gringotts to get some money" Harry told Luna

"I have to go to the bookshop, write to me?" she asked wide-eyed

"All year long" Harry promised. Luna visibly brightened, she hugged him then ran off waving behind her. Harry chuckled and started walking towards the great white building at the end of the alley. Gringotts here I come.

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