Away From The Sun

"Albus Dumbledore" and the Scaring of Goblins

Gringotts here I come! Harry walked into the wizard bank and nodded to the Goblins, just like The Darkness had told him to. He looked around for an empty teller, and he found one pretty quickly as there were not many people there.

"Excuse me, I would like to enter my vault but do not have my key." Harry said to the teller.

"Hm and why do you not have your key Mr..?" The Goblin sneered down at him.

"Potter sir, I don't have my key because I was never given it." Harry answered truthfully.

"Place a drop of blood on this parchment and we will see if you are who you say you are." The Goblin instructed. Harry nodded and took the knife offered pricking his finger on the tip, he let two drops fall before putting his finger in his mouth. The goblin took the parchment and read it. He nodded at Harry then called another goblin over. "Griphook! Take Mr. Potter here to his account manger!" The goblin ordered. Griphook nodded and gestured for Harry to follow. Soon the two had arrived at a big set of doors. Griphook opened the doors and gestured for Harry to go through, he walked through the doors and into an office, a grand office.

"Ah Mr. Potter! I have expecting you! I'm Ragnok director of Gringotts bank!" The goblin behind the desk said. Why is the director of the bank my account manager? Because the Potter family is one of the oldest families known! Thanks Darkness. "Mr. Potter, please take a seat!" Ragnok said gesturing to the seat in front of the desk, Harry swiftly sat down on the surprisingly comfy chair

"Please call me Harry." Harry said. "Mr. Potter makes me sound like I'm in trouble."

Ragnok smiled a very scary smile. "Only if you call me Ragnok."

"Of course." Harry smiled at Ragnok.

"Now Harry we have a lot to get through today first up, your parents". Ragnok then went on to explain about how Harry's parents did not leave a will but did leave instructions that EVERYTHING is to go to Harry and NOTHING is to go to Dumbledore. "Now I have been informed that a rogue goblin has been letting someone into your vault."

Harry felt his rage bubbling to the surface. "Who?" he demanded.

"Albus Dumbledore." Ragnok replied.

"What has been taken?" Harry asked rage barely controlled.

"Not much, just money, and the Potter family invisibility cloak, stuff we can get back but only with your permission." Ragnok answered.

"Of course," Harry said nodding. "Can I have a full invoice on what has been taken out?"

Ragnok nodded pressed a button on his desk and removed a sheet of paper from his files.

Harry looked over the file and found some things that made his blood boil.

Withdrawal: Albus Dumbledore 100 Gallons

Transfer: Every month since 1st of November 1981, 100 gallons to Vernon Dursley from Albus Dumbledore

There were many more like this. The Dursleys have been PAID to beat me? This Albus Dumbledore is NOT a good person!

"Harry, a couple more things before I get someone to take you down to your vault." Ragnok said, interrupting Harry's chain of thought. He nodded for Ragnok to continue.

"Sirius Black was named your godfather by your parents," He then went on to explain Sirius's predicament. "One more thing, while you were in here we checked you for potions and spells," Ragnok paused not sure how to go on.

"And?" Harry questioned.

"Spells were found on you." Ragnok finished. Silence followed that statement.

"Who?" Harry said breaking the silence.

Ragnok sighed. "Dumbledore."

Luna Lovegood was an only child, her parents split when she was 5 and her mother died soon after when she was 7. She was now being raised by her father whom loved her but didn't really know how to look after a child so she was often left to her own thoughts. The only problem with that is her thoughts often led her to go traveling around England.

She usually got her father to summon the Knight Bus (Luna, of course couldn't, since you need a wand), and then went to where she needed to go, then caught a muggle bus back to London to use the floo in The Leaky Cauldron. A sound plan. Today she was going to Surrey, she wanted to see if there was any magical suburbs in Surrey an interesting topic she decided upon while she was staring at her roof.

Harry blinked, then a cold, insane smile spread across his lips.

"What spells?" He said the smile never leaving his lips.

In all of Ragnok's 2000 years of life only 2 wizards had ever scared him, not even Voldemort scared him! But Salazar Slytherin had scared him when he found out his father had tried to get control over him, and now this boy at 11 years old sat in the exact same seat with the exact same smile on his face and truly, he scared Ragnok.

"What spells?" He heard the boy ask. Ragnok shook his head to clear it and passed over a sheet of paper he had ready,

"These ones." Ragnok replied.

Harry took the paper off Ragnok and studied it, each line he read made him grow angrier and angrier.

Magical blocks:

- 10%Parseltongue - A.P.W.B Dumbledore

- 30% Core - A.P.W.B Dumbledore

- 100% Pick sursum lingua- A.P.W.B Dumbledore

Weakness spell- A.P.W.B Dumbledore

Controlling spell- Set to go off when touched by Rubeus Hagrid- Cast by A.P.W.B Dumbledore

Ignorance spell- Set to go off near R.B Weasley- A.P.W.B Dumbledore

Stupidness spell- Set to go off near H.J Granger- A.P.W.B Dumbledore

Harry was confused about what Pick sursum lingua meant but didn't voice it.

"You can take them off." It was not a question but a statement.

"Come this way Mr. Potter." Ragnok said standing up and leading Harry out of his office and down a long stone corridor and into an all stone room with a stone 'bed' in the middle of a ring of symbols, which Harry found out later were runes.

"Sit down Mr. Potter." Ragnok said pointing to the 'bed'. Harry nodded and lifted himself onto the high bed, once he was on the bed, four goblins walked in. They all bowed to Ragnok.

"We are ready." The eldest of the four goblins said to Ragnok.

"Good." Ragnok replied. The eldest goblin held up his hand. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… The goblins all started chanting in a language Harry could not understand but as the goblins grew deeper into the chant, Harry started to understand what they were saying. They were speaking latin. He then remembered one of the blocks 100% on Pick sursum lingua.

Pick sursum lingua… Pick sursum lingua…. Language pick up, did that mean that he could pick up any language if it was spoken around him? "Yes" the Darkness replied.

Harry was shaken out of his thoughts by the eldest goblin saying they were done.

"Ragnok, we are done." The goblin said in what Harry recognized as Gobbledygook, the language of the goblins.

"Good. Do you have the sheet of abilities?" Ragnok replied the old goblin nodded and handed Ragnok the sheet of blocks and spells that were taken off Harry. He had a quick look then handed it over to Harry, who smiled quite brightly.

"Now that's done, can I get my money and go get my school stuff now?" He asked in Gobbledygook to be respectful, the goblins didn't answer, so Harry shrugged and got off the bed and walked towards the door.

"Mr. Potter! Wait!" the eldest goblin (who he still didn't know the name of) shouted after him.

"Hmm" Harry said turning around and lifting an eyebrow. "What?"

"You can not go!" The goblin said.

"Why not?" Harry said coldly, he hated when people tried to tell him what to do!

"Because your body has not recovered yet! You'll collapse in due time!" the goblin managed to get out even with the glare directed at him by The-Boy-Who-Lived.

"Oh? I didn't know you knew my body better than me?" Harry snarled.

"Mr. Potter please come with me, we will be going to your vaults now." Ragnok said before the goblin healer could say something that might get him killed, normally he wouldn't care but the Goblin Healer had family which meant paperwork and Ragnok hated paperwork. Harry nodded, he then turned and followed Ragnok down the hallway again and to a marble area with a track much like a rollercoaster. He waited, Ragnok whistled and a cart came zooming to them then screeched to a stop in front of Ragnok.

"Get in Mr. Potter, I will be taking you to your family vault." Ragnok said gesturing to the cart, Harry stepped in and sat down on the surprisingly comfy seat.

Here I go!

Harry smiled as the cart flew down the track, after going downwards and downwards and right and left and left again they finally screeched to a stop in front of a plain door with a crest on it, the crest drew Harry's eyes it was beautiful it had a Wand crossed with a lion and a snake, behind the animals was a sliver triangle which glowed.

"Mr. Potter, please go up and place your hand on your family crest." Ragnok instructed. Harry did just that, as soon as his hand was placed on the crest it glowed half red and half green and the doors swung open showing the interior of The Potter Family Vault.

Harry gasped then grinned. The wizarding would better look out 'cause here I come!

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