Away From The Sun


Harry stepped into his vault, eyes wide. There is so money!

Where to start, where to start…. Harry looked around and noticed a pedestal with a book on it, curious Harry went over to the book and touched it, Harry yelped as the book pricked him, pulling his hand away he saw a small hole which was healing. Looking back at the book he was surprised to see it had opened and that words were appearing on the page.

They read:


Genus hoc est Potter Journal in ea sunt notae et cogitationes omnes ab Potters Lara Potter- quia qui fecit hoc. Vel quod natum est a Everytime Potter aliquis ducit in Potteri novum creatum est, cum nomen section, age / age mortis (adaequationis sui), previous familia (si matrimonio), sanguis status, in status de familia (Domine, domine, Heres ..), Sponso, hoc modo:

Charlotte Potter

Age mortis: CX

Previous familia: Black

Sanguinem status: Pureblood

Status in Genus: Domina Potter

Sponsi: Dominus Cyprus Potter

Rursus huius est, quod, digito tenes nomen persona, et in libro descriptas esse totum legitur sine te Buy de cognatione hac.



This is the Potter Family Journal in it are the notes and thoughts from all Potters since Lara Potter- who created this book. Everytime a Potter is born or someone marries into the Potters a new section is created with their name, age/age of death (self updating), previous family (if married in), blood status, status in the family (Lord, Lady, Heir..), and Spouse, for example:

Charlotte Potter

Age of death: 110

Previous family: Black

Blood status: Pureblood

Status in Family: Lady Potter

Spouse: Lord Cyprus Potter

Another feature of this book is that, if you hold your finger to the name of a person, there whole section will be copied and put into a book for you to read without taking this book out of the Family Vault.)

Harry stared wide-eyed at the book. This is it I finally get to learn about my family!

Harry turned the page, as soon as he did so the book transformed now it was thicker and had tabs with what he presumed were initials, the first tab had SJHRP so Harry turned to that tab and gasped, it was his name but…. Longer….

On the page was:

Septimus James Harrison Ravenclaw-Potter

Wait my name is Septimus? Where did the 'Ravenclaw' come from?

Age: 11

Blood status: Pureblood

But my mother was a muggle-born though! Which means I should be a Half-Blood, why does it say pureblood?

Status in Family: Heir (able to claim Lordship)

How am I able to claim Lordship?

Parents: James Charlus Potter and Lily Rose Ravenclaw-Potter

Harry, wide-eyed turned to the next tab which had LRRP on it. My mother's! I need answers hopefully this is where ill get them! Harry looked at the first page his eyes widening

"Oh Merlin" he whispered trying to take in the page,

Lilly Rose Ravenclaw-Potter

Age of death: 21

Blood status: Pureblood

Previous family: Ravenclaw (Unofficially Evans)

Status in family: Lady Potter

Spouse: Lord James Charlus Potter

Harry sighed, this just raises more questions! Harry looked back down at the book to read the first passage,
I see this book has my real name.. Oh well I hope James never looks at it, he told me he never does anymore but who knows, it wouldn't be the first time he lied to me… Anyway, Whatever child I have if it's a boy his name will be Septimus after my real father, James disagrees with calling a child Septimus, he says if we have a boy that his name should be Harrison or Harry for short.

Harry skimmed the next page as it was just spells and rituals then he got to another journal entry,

My dearest Septimus,

You are a beautiful baby boy, but James thinks your name is Harry… How wrong is he. Your name appeared in the book the day you were born, I know that if I'm dead you will be reading this… In the family vault there is a letter from me explaining everything. Please read it.

Your mother


Harry or rather Septimus wiped away the tears forming in his eyes, turning back to the first page he placed his finger on his mother's name and grabbed the book that popped out, looking around he saw a book bag grabbing it he placed the journal in it, placing it over his shoulder he looked around the vault a bit more seeing book, weapons and more stuff which he really didn't have any interest in.

Going over to the books he scanned the shelf grabbing many books ranging from the lightest of the light to the darkest of the dark (he really didn't bother questioning the dark books in the vault). Septimus started to walk over to the weapons but tripped before he got there, looking down to the thing that tripped him, he found a box simple but with a lily carved into it, bending down he carefully opened the box finding a letter addressed to him.

This must be the letter my mother was talking about!

Septimus picked up the letter carefully opening it,

My dearest Septimus….

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