Away From The Sun

Lordship and Daggers

My dearest Septimus,

If you are reading this I am dead. There are a couple of things you need to know before you make an appearance in the wizarding world.

The first is, wizards are idiots… They lack common sense and rely too much on their magic, never become like that. Choose your friends wisely, do not trust the Weasleys, they are nice people but they are in Dumbledore's pocket. Do not discriminate because of people’s houses, not all Slytherins are evil! Look behind people’s masks, get to know them, don’t judge a book by it’s cover (If you don’t get that then spend more time with muggles!).

Before you choose a side in the war, be it dark, light or neutral, figure out their ‘morals’, figure out which side is best for you! One more thing! don’t just explore Diagon alley explore ALL they alleys! Like Dragon alley, Que alley, Morti alley and even Knockturn alley!

Dragon alley is filled with potion stores and everything you need for potions and wand/staff crafting. Que alley is filled with clothing, beauty, and health care (the place to go if you inherited your father's eyesight). Morti alley is filled with electronics (don’t let anyone tell you that electronics can not work in high magic areas) and other muggle stuff that should be in the magical world.

Knockturn alley is the ‘dark alley’ people will tell you not to go in there as it’s ‘not safe’, that’s not true! Knockturn is a great place to get things as the Ministry has no control over it! If you do go in there wear a cloak that covers your face and hair… Trust me….

Anyway, Get a inheritance and abilities test done! Also claim your Lordship. Have fun in the wizarding world


Lily Rose Ravenclaw

P.s. About my name… I was adopted by the Evans. But am truly a Ravenclaw!

P.p.s. Don’t be defenceless without your wand learn how to use a muggle weapon!

Septimus looked up from the letter determination in his eyes, he pocketed the letter and went forwards towards the weapons, I will learn how to use a weapon I will not be defenceless! Reaching the weapons Septimus picked up a crossbow and immediately put it down again. he didn’t know why, it just didn’t feel…. Right…. Next he moved to the bows picking up one he yelped and dropped it,

“it zapped me!” Septimus yelped scowling at the weapon, moving on to the daggers, Septimus was immediately drawn to a simple silver dagger with a leather handle. Next to the dagger was a simple black band, picking up the dagger and band, Septimus turned it in his hand looking back to the spot he picked the dagger up from he saw a note,

This dagger is made of silver, the band is dragonhide it will shrink to fit whatever limb you put it on and will keep the dagger stuck, unable to be taken of by anyone other than its chosen master. The dagger is able to concentrate magic. You would not have been able to pick up this dagger without being the chosen master.

Septimus, after reading the note, strapped the dagger to his leg, done with the daggers Septimus moved on to the swords but unlike the daggers he was not drawn to any of them. Moving on Septimus got to the knives and simple ‘normal’ daggers, picking up multiple different daggers and throwing (and stabbing) knives, Septimus strapped two daggers on to his waist and two throwing knives on to his left ankle, the rest he put in the bag he picked up, he didn’t know why he did this he just felt like it was right.

Septimus stepped away from the weapons and turned to the bookshelf next to the weapons, searching over the titles he picked up multiple books on throwing knives, daggers and one book that talked about channeling magic through a dagger, the author, Adam Young, had multiple books that were in the weapons and dueling section, upon seeing this Septimus picked up 3 more of Adam Young's books, Fire and Embers- Elemental Magic, Verge- An old form of dueling, and Everything you need to know about dueling.

Septimus stepped away from the books and went deeper into the vault wide-eyed he looked around,

“incredible!” Septimus exclaimed,

“who goes there!” Septimus jumped turning to face the voice, what he saw made him gasp, portraits!

“Well! Stop standing there gawking! Tell us who you are!” The portrait who had first spoken said, he was a middle aged man with the messy Potter hair and battle scarred face,

“Charlus! You’re scaring the poor lad!” A woman, whose portrait was next to the newly dubbed Charlus, said with a ‘tut tut’ tone,

“now darling, what’s your name? I’m Dorea Potter nee Black, this” at that she pointed at Charlus, “is my husband Lord Charlus Potter” Dorea asked with a soothing tone,

“My name is Har- Septimus” Septimus said stumbling a bit on his name, Charlus chuckled,

“what is your full name lad?” He asked clearly amused

“Oh! Septimus James Harrison Ravenclaw-Potter” Septimus said embarrassed, Charlus and Dorea look interested at his name,

“the Ravenclaws married into the Potters? I thought there line was extinct!” Dorea asked,

“my mother was a Ravenclaw” Septimus exclaimed proud,

“who is your father, young one?” Charlus asked,

“James Potter” Septimus said confused at the question. Charlus shook his head, trying to process the information,

“what is the year young one?” Charlus whispered,

“1991” Septimus replied. After about a minute it didn’t look like Charlus and Dorea weren't going to say anymore so Septimus walked away,

I have more important things to be doing!

Septimus walked back to the entrance, bag on his back, where Ragnok was waiting,

“Mr. Potter I hope you found everything you need!” Ragnok said once he saw Septimus,

“yes I did, thank you Ragnok.” Septimus said, “my mother wanted me to get an inheritance and abilities test done can I get that done today?” Septimus stated, as we all know that is was an order not a question,

“of course Mr. Potter! We will get that done as soon as we get back up!” Ragnok said climbing into the cart, Septimus followed.

After the rollercoaster ride used as transport around Gringotts, Ragnok led Septimus into his office gesturing for Septimus to sit down,

“ok Mr. Potter-” Septimus cut Ragnok off

“please Ragnok, call me Septimus” Ragnok smiled, a truly frightening thing,

“ah I see you now know your real name!” Ragnok exclaimed, Septimus stared at him,

“you knew” he plainly said,

“a-aah let’s continue shall we” Ragnok said, Septimus nodded for Ragnok to continue, “ok this is the inheritance test” he placed a piece of paper in front of Septimus “it will show you any titles you have or can claim, and what vaults you have, just place a drop of blood on the parchment” Septimus pricked his finger with the knife that Ragnok provided, as soon as his blood hit the parchment words started to appear.

Once all the words were formed on the parchment Septimus picked it up and started to read,

Septimus James Harrison Ravenclaw-Potter
^-by blood
*-by conquest
+-by magic
%-by other methods (specified)
Most Ancient and Most Noble House of Potter ^
Most Ancient and Most Noble House of Slytherin ^
Most Ancient and Most Noble House of Black % (Godson of Lord Black)
Most Ancient and Most Noble house of Peverell +
House of Potter
House of Slytherin
House of Peverell

After Septimus finished reading he put it down and sat back,

“what does it mean by claimable?” he finally asked,

“it means that you are able to claim your lordship for those houses, it only happens to those who are last of their family” Ragnok informed him.

“Why aren't I heir to Ravenclaw” Septimus asked Ragnok

“Only a female can claim the title of head of the Ravenclaw family” Ragnok replied, Septimus nodded his understanding,

“can we proceed?” He asked Ragnok, who nodded pulling out another piece of parchment and placed it in front of Septimus.

“Same procedure Septimus” Ragnok informed, Septimus nodded and cut his finger again, this time when his blood hit the parchment it glowed green and when the glowing died down words had appeared, taking the parchment Septimus read it,

Language Pick up-4

Septimus smiled down at the parchment in his hand then looked up at Ragnok,

“can i claim my lordships now?” he looked at Ragnok with a quizzical look, Ragnok nodded, reached under his desk and grabbed three boxes,

“just put these rings on Septimus, the will merge and turn invisible you can turn one ring visible but not the others if needed just by thinking about it” Ragnok instructed, Septimus nodded and Ragnok opened the first box, “the Potter ring “.

Septimus admired the ring it had the Potter crest on it but was a plain silver with hints of black, placing the ring on his finger, it glowed for a minute then became cold. Septimus opened the next box inside was what Septimus assumed was the Slytherin ring, it had two snakes wrapped around an S, in the snake's’ eyes where emeralds, like the Potter ring Septimus slipped it onto his finger it glowed them merged with the Potter ring, creating a ring with just SP on it.

Septimus opened the last box, the Peverell ring lay in it, the Peverell ring was a black colour with a triangle, stick and circle, Septimus put the ring on and, like the Slytherin ring, it glowed and merged with the SP ring, now the ring had PSP on it.

Septimus smiled,

“I do believe we are done here, thank you Ragnok for all your help”, Ragnok smiled and shook Septimus’s hand, Septimus stood and walked out the door and back to Gringotts entry hall looking at the door, Septimus smiled.

This is just the start of my journey.

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