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Electra and Hadrian Potter and the Balance of Magic

Chapter 2

Electra and Hadrian are two years old now. Michael is one. Lily and James have gone into hiding because of a prophecy concerning Michael and Lord Voldemort. James and Lily left to go to an Order of the Phoenix meeting. They left Electra, Hadrian, and Michael with James's mother, Dorea Potter. Dorea hated Lily, because Dorea loved her granddaughter Electra, and her grandson Hadrian. Dorea knew how Lily treated her two grandchildren, Dorea did not consider Michael her grandchild. Tom RiddleJr., known as Lord Voldemort came and he told Dorea Potter to step away from Michael. Dorea wanted to, but she knew her son would hate her. Tom killed Dorea Potter née Black. He then looked over at the twins and felt drawn to Electra. He went to attack Michael when Electra yelled "NO."

Tom looked at her and stopped. He went and picked her up and said, "I will take you with me, my little mate."

He is a dark veela though not many knew this. Electra pointed to Hadrian. Tom brought Electra to her brother, she pushed some of her magic into his forehead so he would be able to sense if she had been hurt or killed, but she used too much magic. The house collapsed. Michael was cut by a piece of debris giving him a lightening bolt shaped scar. When the room collapsed, Tom protected Electra and Hadrian from getting hurt. Tom also heard the crack of apparation outside. He activated his port-key which took Electra and himself away to Riddle Manor. When Tom got to Riddle Manor, he went to the floo threw some floo powder in and shouted "Malfoy Manor."

The head of Lucius Malfoy appeared in the fireplace. He asked, "My lord, what can I do for you?"

Tom said, " I have need of your wife. I have found my mate and need her to come and set up everything for my mate."

Lucius said, " Right away, my lord." Narcissa helped Tom get everything ready for Electra and put her to bed.

Meanwhile the Potters had just gotten home to see Michael crying and bleeding. James noticed that Electra was missing. He saw that Hadrian was glaring at Lily and Michael. He could vaguely hear Dumbledore say that, "Michael is the boy-who-lived and I am afraid that Hadrian will need to be sent to an orphanage."

James realized what Dumbledore had said and informed Dumbledore that, " My son will be staying with me." Weeks would pass and James would still be mourning for Electra.

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