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Electra and Hadrian Potter and the Balance of Magic

Chapter 3

5 Years Later

It had been five years since Electra last saw her twin in person. She missed him, but Tom told her that she would see Hadrian when she goes to Hogwarts. "Electra, Where are you?" Electra heard Draco shout.

"I'm right here, you don't have to shout," Electra pointed out, standing not even two feet away from Draco.

Draco snarled, "I was told to find you by Uncle Severus. He needs to talk to us."

"All right," Electra replied sarcastically.

Draco and Electra walked down to the parlor. When they got there, they saw Severus and a brunette with aquamarine eyes that looked to be around their age. The girl was standing slightly behind Severus.

"Severus, Who is that behind you?" Electra asked.

"This is Diana NightFall. She's a year younger than you. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE SCARE HER," Severus stated.

"H-hello, I-it's nice t-to meet y-you," Diana stuttered.

"Hello, My name is Electra Pandora and the blond to my right is Draco Malfoy. Welcome to Malfoy Manor," Electra drawled.

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