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[completed] ✎_Min Yoongi was a man who remained within the safety of shadows and used his dexterous fingers for survival. However, during a Christmas rush hour, he unexpectedly encountered an odd man as bright and bubbly as the sun, which left him confused. He always went unnoticed, blended within the background, neglected, until he had been noticed. Unlike everyone else, Jeong Hoseok had seen him. © Copyright 2020. All Rights Reserved. Abigail Miskey (GgukieBottoms). also available on: Wattpad and AO3

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The narrow streets of Seoul bustled with endless banter and were crowded by hoards of civilians shrouded in winter coats. The sun had fallen absent beneath the face of the earth and awakened dusk. The demilune moon casted her celestial, silver luster upon the gray city and watched as the people scurried for the perfect last-minute Christmas gift.

Beyond the buzz, in a nearby alleyway, stood a petite, sinewy man. Yoongi leaned against the cold, rough wall indolently and watched as unknown individuals shopped enthusiastically. The worn brick scrapped against his back uncomfortably and chills scurried down his spin. Tousled strands of overgrown, wispy, charcoal locks fell over his feline-like, onyx, hollowed-out of emotion irises as he searched for an opportunity to pilfer. The congested street brimmed with endless distractions and made it all too easy for him to weave between bodies, swipe wallets, trinkets and shopping bags filled with beloved contents, all without any notice.

However, through the falling snow, he saw as a tall man swaggered out of the small, cozy cafe across the road. The man balanced a foamalite cup of steaming caffeine in his left hand, in the other a cellphone and half-a-dozen bags. He headed down the sidewalk and walked past Yoongi, unknowingly. Seemed normal enough. Yoongi always remained within the safety of shadows and went unnoticed by everyone. Oddly enough, he could not clangor his gaze away from the man whose arms were occupied. After the man ended his call, he spun around and surprisingly made eye contact. Yoongi was shocked to say the least. He had been ignored for most of his life that he had forgotten what it felt like to be acknowledged, by the eyes of another.

It felt strange and stirred up confusion within his cerebrum.

They were so entranced by each other that as the man walked, he collided into a trash can. Everything in his hands fell to the ground. He cursed as the bittersweet beverage spilled and stained his expensive brown coat.

In a state of shock, Yoongi surged forward in an uncharacteristic manner of compassion and offered to help him gather his goods that were scattered across the tarmac. His scraggy fingers itched. The compulsion to pick-pocket him was devastating, but he resisted and shoved those urges down the drain. The prosperous man was overly polite and apologetic. He made it seem as though he had spoiled Yoongi’s coat, instead.

After they cleaned up, they shared a laugh and spoke about the holidays and constant hustle and bustle. Soon, a silent hush crept upon the two. It seemed as though the world had stopped orbit, the ambient babble around them withered into nothing but white noise. Surprisingly, the silence was not awkward. They stared into each other’s eyes in admiration.

Tousled strands of raven locks peeked from underneath the man’s ashen beanie that read ‘hope’ and fell over his almond eyes. Yoongi had not noticed it before, but the man’s vintage outfit matched his caffè mocha skin perfectly. The man looked ethereal. They were hypnotized by each other. What broke Yoongi from his trance was when a tiny, angelic snowflake landed upon the pointy tip of the man’s slightly upturned nose.

A giggle spewed Yoongi’s blue, doll-like lips as the man momentarily went cross-eyed. He scrunched his nose to remove the tickly, frozen particle. After they shared a laugh, the man shifted his weight and readjusted the items in his hands. Not knowing what to do, Yoongi awkwardly trod back and took it as his cue to leave.

“Hey, wait!”

The man’s smooth, raspy voice cut through the din and sent shudders down Yoongi’s spine. Gosh, what was this man doing to him? He spun around slowly and watched as the man staggered towards him. “Since my coffee decided to take a drive, I was going to get another one. I, um...would you like to join me? My treat...to thank you,” he spluttered and rubbed his nape sheepishly.

Yoongi had no idea why the man felt the need to thank him. He did nothing but stare at him! Instead of mugging him, he helped him gather his things from the ground and handed them back to him. He remained mute and stared up at the tall man. By observation, the man looked anxious, at least not as nervous as he felt. He handled his speech with more grace than Yoongi ever could. He knew that if he accepted he would have made a mistake, but for some apparent reason he hesitated. Why though? In the man’s beautiful hazel irises was a blatant gleam of hope, and in that moment, Yoongi could not bring himself to decline.

An unfamiliar flutter occured in his tummy when the man’s perfectly sculpted face lifted to the heavens with a bright, heart-shaped beam. That was the first warning. Although the vivid red light glared at him, he followed the man into the cafe like a stray kitten. His fingertips tingled as they thawed and the snow that had collected in the folds of his coat began to melt.

Yoongi wanted to stare up at him as they stood in que, but rather distracted himself and grabbed a few napkins from a counter nearby to aid the remains of coffee on the man’s coat. Again, the man thanked him. He glanced down at the cat-like man with a fond grin. Yoongi felt as those static shivers, that had nothing to do with the snow on his nape, ran down his spine again.

Soon enough, they made it to the front and were met by an exquisite woman with skin as rich as indigenous cocoa beans. The man and the cashier held a polite conversation and laughed about his misfortune with his previous order. Yoongi stood there awkwardly. His brain screamed at him to get out of there, but his stubborn feet refused.

After the man placed his order, he asked, “What would you like?”

“Uh...black,” Yoongi replied.

The man seemed genuinely confounded by Yoongi’s answer and quirked a brow. He inquired, “No sugar, creamer, nothing?” Of course he was the type to have more sugar and flavouring than coffee. Nevertheless, it fit his bubbly personality: bright, smiley and optimistic.

“Just plain.”

Nothing special.

The petite woman behind the counter asked their names and placed their order. The subtle rosy hue that fanned over her chocolate freckle-dusted cheeks held Yoongi captive. She was beautiful. More than he could ever be.

“Ah, I’m such a horrible person. I forgot to ask your name,” the man said in realization.

Yoongi mentally debated with himself. ‘Do I tell him my name? No.’

“Geum Jeong-gil.”

It was the only name that popped up in his head. The name was somewhat dear to him and meant gold and affection. The smile across the man’s face grew and the cashier raised a perfectly sculpted brow as she confirmed the spelling.

“I’m Jeong Hoseok,” replied the man. The warm heart-shaped beam that crept across his face widened and displayed all his pearly white teeth.

Jeong Hoseok. Who knew that, that particular name would throw Yoongi’s life completely off axis?

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