Meant To Be


"Psst! Over here, Remus!" whispered Sirius, peeping out from the alcove where he was, eyes darting back and forth in a manner Remus found most suspicious. Remus, who had just finished Ancient Runes, narrowed his eyes at the mop of black hair.

The past six years of friendship with the Marauders had taught Remus caution, especially when faced with one Sirius Black who, Remus was certain, was up to no good. So he put his caution into practice and tiptoed hesitantly towards the other Marauder, only picking up the pace at an insistent "Hurry up!" from the impatient man.

Once the sandy-haired man had reached Sirius' side, he was tugged along into what he assumed was a new secret passage, which opened up into a small room.

"Another one?" he asked, arching an eyebrow. I think I know where this is headed, he thought, suspicion creeping up on him.

"Yup!" chirped his companion, grinning like a toddler who had just gotten a large bar of Honeydukes' best chocolate.

"Hmm," Remus muttered. "So, what's all this secrecy all about?" He leaned one shoulder against the wall. If this is what I think it is…

"Well," Sirius began in a mysterious manner, "I simply thought you'd appreciate a… continuation… of this morning." His grey eyes sparkled with that familiar hint of mischief and he displayed all his pearly-whites in a face-splitting grin.

It totally is.

Remus gulped as Sirius took a step closer to his person, and tried to school his facial expression into something that resembled neutrality while his mind raced with thoughts of that morning's rendezvous.

He was staring at Sirius' back as he appeared fresh out of the shower, clad in only a towel around his waist as beads of water trailed down his flawless skin and over Quidditch-toned muscles. His biceps rippled slightly as he raised his hand to finger-comb his hair out of habit. Then, he turned around and, with a smirk that made Remus' mouth go dry, he murmured, "So, you like what you see?" And he approached Remus, still half-naked, his smirk ever-widening…

With a jerk, he pulled himself out of his – enjoyable – trip down memory lane and tried to push past Sirius to exit the passageway nonchalantly and invent a plausible excuse at the same time, which was no easy feat, given his flustered state of mind. "Well, you might want that, but unfortunately, I have homework that isn't going to complete itself. So, if you'll excuse me, I have to…"

But that was as far as Remus got before Sirius growled and pushed him against the wall. He pressed his lips against Remus' and placed his hands on the two sides of the wall beside Remus' head for balance.

Remus soon realised that fighting would be futile and gave in to Sirius' ministrations, deepening the kiss. He moaned slightly as Sirius' tongue probed into his mouth. Sirius, noticing Remus' capitulation, broke the kiss for a victorious smirk. "Such a bloody tease, my Remus," he rumbled, punctuating each word with a nip to Remus' ear that caused the man to shudder.

At some point, the robes had been shed by both parties and the top two buttons of their shirts had been undone and the shirt itself crumpled. Sirius had a hand on the side of Remus' face and the other at the back of his neck to support the man who had seemingly lost all control of his leg muscles. Remus' hands roamed to the exposed parts of Sirius' chest, trailing southwards and slipping beneath his shirt to rest on his stomach, causing him to groan at the teasing.

"F-fuck you, Remus John Lupin," panted the grey-eyed marauder, a thin sheen of sweat layering his brow.

"Now, I really must tell you that such language is strongly discouraged by the school, Mr Black," came a voice from the entryway of the passage.

The duo flew apart like magnets repelling, turning to face the intruder while simultaneously trying and failing to smooth down the creases in their shirts and flatten their rumpled hair.

"Pro-professor Dumbledore? Sir? What the… How in the name of… What?" Sirius half-shouted in shock. Please don't let us be in trouble, please don't let us be in trouble, he pleaded internally.

Dumbledore's eyes twinkled at the pair of Gryffindors from behind his half-moon spectacles. "I'm quite sure that's my name, last I checked." He chuckled. "And as for your question, I merely heard some… sounds… from this passageway on my way down to the kitchens, and thought it my duty as a figure of authority to investigate."

"Oh… Yeah. Is that so? Well then… Right. So…" the Gryffindor beater rambled incoherently, twisting his fingers behind his back in an unusual display of embarrassment. Remus, on the other hand, stood silently, the only sign of his attention was the fire that engulfed his cheeks and forehead.

An awkward silence fell as neither party spoke a word. The three of them stood in the room, staring at each other and waiting, waiting, waiting…

"We're really sorry about… well… all this, Professor Dumbledore," Remus apologised respectfully while making eye contact, before elbowing Sirius sharply in the ribs when he failed to respond.

"Uh, yeah. Yeah, we're awfully sorry, Professor Dumbledore. Really, really sorry," he muttered, blatantly rubbing the spot where Remus' elbow had jabbed him.

He jutted out his bottom lip and directed his parody of a pout at Remus, who took one look and rolled his eyes in feigned annoyance, raising an eyebrow as though to ask, "Are you seriously doing this now, when you're almost 17 years old?"

The professor cleared his throat mildly, and the attention of the two students snapped towards him in the blink of an eye as they looked expectantly at him. The white-haired headmaster ran a hand down his purple and green robes, straightening out imaginary wrinkles, before he spoke.

"I trust that the both of you have learnt your lesson?" he asked sternly.

"Yes sir," both marauders replied, their tones equally solemn.

Professor Dumbledore's voice lightened as he continued, "There is a room on the seventh floor, opposite the portrait of Barnabas the Barmy, which may be more suited for any… similar needs… you may have in the future. One simply has to walk along the corridor, back and forth, three times while concentrating hard on whatever you need, and the entrance will materialise."

He winked at them before swirling his robes around as he made to exit the room.

"Oh, I almost forgot. I advise discretion in any similar future endeavours, since Minerva, bless her, is not likely to be as… ah, open-minded, for lack of a better word. She often comments that I'm a bad influence on you young people, but I suppose that, since this is a school after all, education is the first priority. And education isn't limited to just the academic aspect, after all."

As the seventh years choked back laughter, the aged wizard gave them a knowing smile and departed from the room.

"That was bloody wicked!"

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