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Kaatil is on the run after he fled from jail. Is he going to be able to prove his innocence when the woman, who should be dead, reappears into his life again? Yes, you heard it Prerna is alive, but not the way she used to be or she pretending? All questions are going to be answered with second instalment of Kaatil. Cover credit goes to @Mysteriouzz8

Mystery / Thriller
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KS2 x 1: The game is still on!

Heya Twistinians welcome to the second instalment of Kaatil. I hope you guys are going to like it as much as the previous season.

This one is more about Kaatil and why he became who he is now and planning the murder of Prerna yet again!

The recap and flashbacks of Kaatil are written in italics🥺

Please don't mind the changing of the POV's that much🙏🏼

Internal monologues as always written in bold like the bald head of Voldie!

Without any further ado...

Recap of the previous chapter

Beware of the Kaatil, because he is coming for you...

~Kaatil (Aryaman)'s POV~

I have been running for quite a while. I have to get out of this city and back to the village in lived in my childhood years before I had killed Kaatil Senior for misbehaving with my mom... Yes, I myself killed my own father in cold blood.

I still can hear the pained screams of my mother while my father was brutally hitting her like never before...

~flashback and still in his POV~

When I was eight years old, my parents had their first-ever argument about my and my sister Rima's schooling.

Mom, who came from a high-class family wanted us to get schooled in a private school while our father was against it as he never had much money coming in because of being a vegetable vendor.

At that time they were only fighting until she had angered him so much that he slapped her.

After that, he left home for a few hours and came back home drunk and as a changed man. He became a Kaatil... He wasn't the loving husband and father anymore but a monster!

A monster that is thirsty for blood, pain, hatred and insanity.

He didn't care if we saw him beating our mother up or him having the company of other women. Rima was too young to remember but I do and he disgusts me even today. When Rima was ten and I was about 13 years old, he sold her off to some men, who tortured her in different ways until she breathed her last while being pregnant... Just like Diya! I hated the man he had become and now look at me, I'm just as disgusting as him or maybe less. I never touched a woman as he did. But I did have those forbidden fantasies.

He made to who I am by torturing me and teaching me to call myself with only one name and that's Kaatil, while I should call him Kaatil Senior! I cannot call myself APK or Aryaman...

A few years past and I became the way he wanted me to be!

When I was finally fifteen years old, I decided to take a drastic step while the abuse on my mom was becoming unbearable as well as the torture towards me. I wore some gloves, then took the knife he trained me with, slowly yet steadily walked towards him and stabbed him from the front, until he wasn't beating her anymore.

At that time my mother's outraged screams shocked me to the core till I got a chance to glare at her and quietened her down and told her with a threatening voice, "don't tell the police that I killed him! Tell them you acted out of self-defence to protect yourself from him and that's why you stabbed him until he couldn't touch you anymore."

She nodded with a scared expression and I smirked. Because of that, I knew how to use my power and make people do whatever I want.

~End of his flashback~

Since that day I became the one and only Kaatil but there is more to the story than this, so stay tuned and you shall find out. A few tears had gathered in my eyes and I wiped them away while I'm still running.

~End of his POV~

~Meanwhile Anurag's POV~

Something still feels off and I don't know what. Having the real culprit behind bars is a relief but then when I saw her my blood boiled. The woman I hated to the core and she, unfortunately, is still alive.

She walks towards Manik and tries to hug him while he pushes her away and says, "I'm not Anurag so please get you dirty claws off me!" She glares at him and he ignores her.

<Good job bro!> My mind compliments him.

"We still can get Prerna and Anurag married!" My mom, no my aunt says and I angrily reply back, "no, thanks! I don't wanna marry a murderer like her!"

"What are you talking about Anurag?" Prerna asks while she fakes her innocence and then she pretends like she doesn't remember anything or is being delusional from my point of view, "we love each other and now we finally are getting married."

I take a deep breath and say, "I never loved you and neither I'm going to so stop with your obsessive delusion of us ever being together!" In the end, I'm yelling while she pretends to faint. I roll my eyes while her parents and my fake parents are worried about her. The rest roll their eyes too as they now her reality.

"How dare you point a finger at my daughter?!" Her father asks while being disappointed with me and I answer back, "because I know, how cruel, obsessive and delusional your daughter is!"

"Don't you dare call her delusional!" Mrs Sharma shouts while Nandini bhabhi shouts, "shut up," damm she is scary, "all of you! Anurag is right that this piece of trash is a murderer!?"

"How dare you sl***" Prerna yells at her and tries to kill her when she gets slapped hard by Manik Malhotra, himself. "Dare you to call my wife a sl*** and I will make you wish that you are dead instead of being alive. Do you get it, you bloody skeleton chudhail!"

All of them except for the people who know Manik are standing still with their mouths agape even I'm stunned by the overprotectiveness of his. Must be running through the whole family, I guess!

Manik is still seething in rage while Neil had Prerna cuffed to a chair while they show the video of Prerna, Ashish, Kriya as well as Mr Bajaj.

After that Nandini bhabhi decides to get Mr Bajaj involved. So we go to get him. As soon as we reach his cell, Nandini screams loudly because of the scene we both just saw...

~End of his POV~


What did they see?

Thank you so much, guys, for all the support you gave me the previous season. I hope you guys like it.

~End of AN~

Disclaimer: Manik so rocks and the bloody skeleton chudhail, not! Kaatil is still out there, so be careful except for the copy pasters!

Shout out to Mysteriouzz8 for making this mind-blowing cover for this season and guys do me a favour and follow her, it would make my day! Thank you so much for your time and keep spreading love.

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