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the last breath


a young girl who tries to achieve her wish altough the struggle she faces up

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Chapter 1

even if I know that it's far but I still dreaming of travel around the world and help poor people and refugees; yes this is my simple wish. as a young girl, I used to study in school and having a normal life; once everything turned against me I lost my family and became an orphan. although what I have passed through I decided to finish my studies, after years I enter the university and get a scholarship in leading business and my journey start over there when I started to discover the world and travel from one country to another to make deals after deals like the prayers of my parents are chasing me. after 4 years of hard work I created my own company and started fundraising activities plus my own money to help my dream come true; which is helping people around the world especially the orphan children, because I knew how it's hard to be alone in this life. and I still do that until the last breath.

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