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Dark Boy talking with Air


Based on personal experience. Depression lead to this imaginary talking with noone

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Chapter 1

Imaginary conversation with Air



Me:Can’t you talk to me?

Air:I talk to people who are special

Me:Am I special?

Air:Am I taking to you?

Me:I am lost.

Air:Do you need to win?

Me:I can’t find happiness?

Air:Not the right place to find it.

Me:Someone left because I have lacking

Air:See you later



silence silence silence!!!

In a lonely Afternoon


Me:Are you there?

Air:I am not supposed to be here

Me:When you come? why you go?

Air:I need something to be present here.

Me:What is that?

Air:You will find it oneday.

Me:How can I call you?I need to talk a lot with Air:You dumb

Me:Why I am dumb?why I am not happy?

Air:You are searching it in a wrong place.

Me:I was happy with someone with what I have. why she left me?

Air:You searched it in a wrong place.

Me:What is the right place?

Air:No such place.

Me:How can be I happy?

Air:Don’t search for it.

Me:How can be I happy?


silence silence silence!!!

In a cloudy Dark evening


Me:I know now when you come?

Air:when you need me genuinely

Me:she left me because I wasn’t good looking

Air:She choose you to play

Me:Why me?

Air:You should come to me.That’s why

Me:She promised me a lot

Air:Because to break.

Me:Why she did this

Air:She has no power to promise you something. You searched it in a wrong place.

Me:She is happy now with someone else.

Air:It’s not the right place to be happy. Circling the life.

Me:How can I be happy

Air:Don’t be happy

Me:I can’t live in this way

Air:You can’t die either

Me:Why I am alive?

Air:Search for it.

Me:Talk to you later

In a dark midnight

Me:Hello Air

Air:Sound happy

Me:I know why I am here.

Air:you found it.

Me:I am here not to be happy.

I am here to deal with error and wrong person with a good manner.

Air:Sound good. Try to find the next level.

Me:What is this?

Air:You won’t be able to talk with me


Air:Aftet a while it will be a sweet morning.I talk people who are in dark.

Me:But I want to talk you

No sound!!! Catch me if you can.

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