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Love Finds A Way


Hera never saw what was so great about mortals, until she fell in love with one. She never understood why any God or Goddess would care for any of their little flesh bag children, until she had Genim.

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Love Finds A Way

Hey! So this idea wouldn't leave me alone so I was like...LETS DO IT! I know it's totally crazy for Hera to cheat but c'mon it's fanfiction for a reason.

Rachel MacAdams is Hera/Claudia Stilinski.

Hera was the goddess of marriage.

She was supposed to be the example of what a woman should be. Resilient in the face of betrayal, cunning when faced with problems that would hurt her family, forgiving even when the one she loved most hurt her beyond belief.

She knew she wasn't perfect, nobody was, she like everyone else had qualities that were past redemption. Her temper was hot and fierce and usually doomed her husbands mistresses the instant they dared embarrass her; by being seen with him in public or showing off their bastards. It caused her to throw Hephaestus, a son of her own ichor, off Olympus after her handmaidens made a snide remark involving the phrase "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree".

She remembered that time. Nine years of guilt and watching Thetis raise her beautiful but limp boy into a kind, strong and ingenious man. When he entered the throne room with new thrones for all, she had put on a face of indifference, but was touched that he had made her a throne of her own when she had caused him nothing but pain. Everyone knew how that situation turned out. She did apologise afterward to him, telling him of how impressed she was of his first invention, a crib that would transform into a play area whenever he wished. He forgave her after a few hundred years, they were friends, she could never be his mother, Thetis filled that fraction of his heart.

Before she married Zeus, she was for lack of a better word, a hippie. Sandals and flowing gowns, hair plaited down her back and dancing in meadows to no particular music. She was a free spirit back then, she hadn't even wanted to marry, the irony of that was not lost on her then either, Zeus had stolen her heart but even then she would not marry. He had to take the form of a bird and compromise her to finally make her his queen. They had been happy for more than three hundred years, but he had grown restless and strayed. Going as far to bed her own sister, whom she never spoke to anymore but in meetings. All she could find solace in was the fact that her husband's amusements only held his attention for no more than a few months, where she had held it for far longer and he always returned to her afterwards and despite what everyone believed he wasn't cheating all of the time, only once or twice every decade.

She hated what he was doing to her. Her mind constantly telling her to be grateful that he hadn't left her yet, that he loved her enough to come home at all, even if he was covered in other woman's perfume. She remembered the times where she would babble about nothing, or go completely crazy at the fact that there was yet another man, whom had dared to take more than one wife! Or coddling Ares as he tried to sneak off to yet another war when he still wasn't old enough to even be a messenger boy, or when she would make sure only the people right for each other would get married, or even when she would make two people spontaneously marry in Las Vegas and they would end up happy with each other.

She cut off her thought process immediately. She wasn't some old shrew about to bite the dust, why was she reminiscing about "the good ol' days"?, when and why had she let Zeus make her into such a petty, insecure little girl?,She was the goddess of woman and it was the twenty first century! The West Civilisation was supposed to influence the gods was it not? What she and Zeus had was at best an open marriage, she had spent so long punishing others for what he had done to her. It was time for her to have some fun of her own. To be the woman she once was, to go wild once in a while. She was woman, she was strong.

Zeus (now Jupiter) was away wooing that Beryl woman who had given him that little Thalia girl a few years ago again. Now was the best time! He would never notice, she could go out have some fun and be back in a few days!

In a move that shocked even her, she tore her blade, ουράνια (heavens), free from her belt and cut her long and curly brown hair at her shoulders. Dazed, she ran to a nearby mirror and touched it's cool surface in wonder, she liked it. Her curls sprung together tightly, showing off her cheekbones, eyes and lips, her eyes seemed brighter than usual, the brown was more vibrant, happy her mind told her.

Running toward her armoire she ripped through hoards of the finest silks and fabrics gold could buy, only to come up empty. All the clothes she owned were fit for a queen, a Greek goddess, nothing suitable for a day in the mortal world. Now she would have to focus her energy into transforming her clothes into something suitable.

Over the next few days she read through nearly all of the fashion magazines Aphrodite had left all over her palace. The mortals were so creative, creating beautiful things out of such cheap materials like cotton. She decided to go casual, all of the regular mortals she had looked upon wore jeans and t-shirts, but she still wanted to look feminine. She settled on a white sweater with skinny jeans and brown laced high-heeled boots that reached her calves. She twirled in front of a long mirror, another one of Zeus' gifts to appease her, now she just needed a coat and bag and she was Little-miss-mortal. A beige trench coat showed off her hourglass figure, that many men had told her was made for birthing strong sons. When she was about to transport herself into the mortal world, she caught sight of her self in the shiny gold wall, she still glowed! She wanted to hit herself, she hadn't been disguised as a mortal for years but she was an idiot not to remember the most important detail.

With a deep breath, Hera took mortal form, and flashed away to the mortal world.

Her first trip to the mortal world was extraordinary, granted she didn't do much, she just admired what humans had become over the centuries, but it was extraordinary none the less.

Her second trip was more hands on, she tasted fast food from a local restaurants, read in history books what the humans had been up to in recent years, went to an art gallery and admired the strange but beautiful art on display, bought some books that were well known. She even, no matter how juvenile it sounded, made a friend. A young barista, named Raven, who had expressed interest in the fact that she had never even heard of the book 'To kill a Mockingbird' and how it was a "Great American novel". She had apparently stumbled upon an English major, who was passionate and fiery as she was sweet and talkative, she reminded Hera very much of herself when she was young.

The citizens of Olympus seemed to be shocked when their Queen began to stroll through the streets regularly, talking animatedly about a recent marriage she had saved or a child that had survived infancy when their chances were extremely low. None of the gods could guess what had her so happy, when most knew that Zeus had sired yet another demigod child, to the same mortal woman no less.

Hera herself felt alive again, it still hurt when she heard of her husbands adultery, but now she had something worthwhile to put her energy in, instead of cursing her husbands whore's, she saved marriages and children, instead of dwelling on what her husband was doing at every moment, she went to concerts, protests, lectures, listened to and array of different music and had debates with anyone who would listen about a recent book she had read.

She was content, not happy, never happy.

Her husband had still sired another child, she knew he loved her dearly but he did he show it? No. She even spent more time with her children, Ares had updated her on the war in Iraq, while Hephaestus told her of a sword he had made for one of his demigod children. He had showed her that beautiful smile he usually reserved for Thetis or Aphrodite or even a mortal lover. It had made her heart a little lighter.

Then her friend Raven had asked her home for Christmas, having told her friend that her and her family no longer spoke, which was partially true, fucking Demeter.

Beacon Hills was a town right out of television, it was decorated for Christmas, children playing in the snow; snowball fights, making snowmen and snow angels while wearing gaudy Christmas sweaters. Hera, or Claudia as she went by in the mortal world, loved it. The gods held festivals for Yule and Olympus was decorated with wreaths and mistletoe but that all seemed so dull compared to the lights, the trees and the Santa Clause or Elf statues in people's yards.

Ravens family, the O'Connell's were lovely, they treated her as if she were their own, she had a wonderful time, but it was their Christmas Eve party that made her change her views on mortals, possibly forever.

His name was John, a perfectly ordinary name for a perfectly wonderful man. He wasn't a genius or a scholar but he had a huge heart. He was a deputy, Hera nearly laughed herself sick at the fact that she was attracted to yet another man of the law. He didn't become a police officer for power he told her, he went into law enforcement because he wanted to help people and make them feel safe, let them know they had someone to depend on. She practically had hearts in her eyes from that point forward.

She knew what she was doing was wrong, she was married for Hades sake, and she would hurt John when she would inevitably have to leave, because she would have to, but no matter how many times she reminds herself that, her heart just wouldn't let go. She loved Zeus, but she was in love with John Stilinski.

He asks for her hand six months after the Christmas party, she stupidly says yes, after all Zeus never divorced Athena's mother Metis, he swallowed her!

They marry shortly after with Raven as her maid of honor and a fellow deputy as John's best man, other than that, it's just them and a priest.

When she officially cheats on Zeus for the first time with John, it's not guilt she feels, it's worry. What if Zeus finds out about them, he would surely strike John down, she is terrified.

She's extra careful when visiting Olympus. When Zeus returns from the Grace home, he is ready for a yelling and raving Hera, she plays the part perfectly, channeling all the rage she felt over the years. She has never felt like such a hypocrite but it gives her the opportunity and reason to kick him out of her bed. She has never banned him from their marital bed, understandably it makes him furious and he will most likely search for another mortal to bed if she keeps refusing, but she doesn't want to cheat on John, he doesn't deserve such a betrayal.

She conceives their first child and they are both ecstatic, she floats on air through the months of her pregnancy, reads through countless books of knowledge she already knows and grants prayers left and right. Nobody notices her belly thanks to the flowing gowns, but Aphrodite does mention how "chubby" she has gotten in the face, which embarrassingly causes her to burst into big fat tears. Everyone walks on egg shells around her and Zeus believes it's time for them to reunite only to get angrily rebuffed by an emotional marriage goddess, thank gods everyone is too afraid to ask what's wrong because she's sure she would word vomit her way right into Tartarus.

After months of curly fries and tip toeing around Olympus, she gives birth to a beautiful baby boy, he has her hair, eyes, nose and insanely long eyelashes but he's his fathers son. They name him Genim John Stilinski, she has to tell John that it was her fathers name for him to approve but naming the baby after him softens him up too.

Everything is perfect.

Until an Olympian finds out.

Thoughts? Sorry for any mistakes!


-Irelandlover xoxo

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