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Tinder Matched

By 567random

Romance / Humor

Special: Natsu's POV

“Hey stripper, get your ass out here and give me my phone back!” Natsu yelled as he banged on the bathroom door with his fists since Gray had locked the door and blocked it off even more with chairs, just in case.

“Not yet pyro, I’m waiting for a good match.” Gray responded calmly, grinning at the fact that Natsu wasn’t getting his way and this could potentially actually work and get the idiot out of the house more often.

Because Natsu was really annoying and Gray has had enough.

Mostly though, he just wanted Natsu gone more so Juvia could come over and they could have some privacy for once.

“What do you mean a “match”? The hell are you doing with my phone?” He heard Natsu shout in frustration from the other side of the door. Gray simply rolled his eyes and swiped right at a good-looking busty blonde. Not long after that it showed that they matched, and sure enough the blonde sent him a message.

Gray grinned, and started to move his barricade out of the way so he could finally give Natsu his phone back.

Unfortunately, he was met with a fist to the face as soon as he opened the door.

He should have expected that.

“You damn exhibitionist, give me my damn phone back already.”

In retaliation, Gray punched his friend/rival in the stomach with a smirk.

“Here. Don’t screw up, this took a lot more effort than necessary.”

Confused, Natsu looked down at his phone to see a strange app opened he’s never seen before, with a message box opened.


Is your hair naturally pink do did you dye it?

“The hell? Why does everyone think it’s pink?” Annoyed, and no longer caring that he didn’t really know what had just transpired, Natsu responded to this strange Lucy chick.


It’s natural

And it’s not pink


There. Now he didn’t have to deal with a stranger thinking he had pink hair.

Suddenly Natsu’s screen lit up and was surprised to find that the girl had messaged him once again.


Sorry :$ I was just wondering! Not a lot of people have naturally pink hair

Thinking about it, Natsu realized that it was in fact very uncommon to have naturally salmon hair, so he supposed that he should have been a bit nicer about his response to the stranger.


Everyone always asks that, no sweat

And it’s salmon!!

Grabbing a bowl of banana peppers, he sat down and talked with this girl named Lucy, who he had decided to call Luce.

He’s still not entirely sure why or how Gray did this, but he was glad he did.

Until Gray called Gajeel home after his date and they started to make fun of him for actually talking to a girl and said girl stopped responding to him.

Luce was weird. He had decided this the first night they talked, of course, but he couldn’t get over how weird she was.

For one, she still called him pinkie, which never ceased to annoy him.

Two, she made him feel weird. Kind of like he was sick, and he always found himself thinking about her.

“Ugh,” he groaned, hitting his head at the kitchen table, and continued to grumble for a few minutes. Unfortunately for him, Gajeel and Gray walked in and gave him strange looks.

“What?” he simply said, to tired to fight. That was another thing; he was up all night texting Lucy.


“Gihi, nothin, just laughing at your pathetic state.”

“Yeah really, Natsu. Get it together would yah? You have a date tonight.” Gray smirked. He was fully aware of the whole plan, enjoying seeing Natsu look miserable (and looking forward to how pathetic he’ll be until tonight), but he was also happy that his friend (because yeah, he’ll admit it, Natsu had to be his best friend), would finally find someone special, someone named Lucy Heartfilia.

“Huh?” Confused, Natsu stared at the two. “A date?”

“Yes, flame brain, a date. You know, an event in which two people get together to have a good time and get to know each other?”

“Hey, I know what a date is ice prick, I meant why? I don’t wanna go on a stupid date.” Crossing his arms, Natsu looked at them defiantly.

Shrugging, Gajeel stood up to leave, “Don’t care Salamander, it’s with Levy’s friend so you better go.” Turning around and walking out the door, Natsu didn’t see the large grin that had formed on his cousin’s face.

Standing up, he slammed his hands on the table. “Listen, you bastard, I don’t care if it’s with the fucking princess of Fiore, I ain’t going!” He was just about to make a grand exit when he felt a heavy hand on his shoulder.

“What is with the rude tone, Natsu? Surely you wouldn’t want to hurt Levy’s friend’s feelings by not showing up? That would be wrong.” A commanding voice said, and he knew that he was done for; there was no way of getting out of this now.

But he really, really didn’t want to go.

He just wanted to talk to Lucy.

“O-of course not Erza! I would never do that!” Nervous sweat trickled down his neck in fear of being the source of Erza’s wrath. He couldn’t believe his two roommates would do this to him.

He glanced over and saw a shirtless Gray leaning back in his chair with his hands behind his head with a large smirk plastered on his face.

Oh, how Natsu wanted to punch that smirk right off his stupid face.

“Good,” taking her hand off his shoulder, she took a seat next to Gray. “Sit.”

Swiftly reclaiming his seat, he sat there for about two hours listening to Erza go on about manners and how to treat a lady properly.

He just wanted to hit his head repeatedly on the table.

And talk to Luce.

Dammit. He was late, 15 minutes late. Erza would kill him if she found out. But it’s not his fault he didn’t know how to get to the damn place!

So seeing as he was so late, Natsu was fairly surprised to see a head of blonde hair at the table he was being lead to. He thought for sure she would’ve left by now.

That wasn’t even the worst part though. Imagine Natsu’s surprise to see a now very familiar face staring up at him, shock clearly writing on her face.

“Natsu?” She heard him say in a voice he had started to daydream about hearing. His heart skipped a beat, not really believing what he was seeing. Sure, he thought that one day he would meet Lucy, but she seemed to be a pretty busy person so he didn’t get his hopes up for it to be soon.

But seeing her here, with her beautiful face staring up at him, he couldn’t help but smile and be his usual self, “Hey Luce! What’s up?”

“Well,” she started slowly, “my friend Levy decided to drag me out on a blind date with her boyfriends cousin who I was imagining to be toothless and creepy, but instead you show up and act like this isn’t the first time we’ve ever met in person and you were expecting this and- did you know it was me?” Wow, she sure did talk a lot. And toothless? Yeah right.

“Err, no, I didn’t know it was gunna to be you. I said this was gunna be torture, remember? I’m just kinda shocked to, and I just try to pretend like things aren’t weird when I’m shocked. And, nope, not toothless or creepy!”

He was starting to get a bit nervous around her. Probably something to do with the fact that she was much more beautiful in person than on some pictures.

Suddenly their waiter appeared, “Hello! I’m Loke and I’ll be your waiter for this evening!” Natsu saw the way he eyed Lucy, and he didn’t like it one bit. “And my, may I say how beautiful you are looking tonight! You may even outshine the stars!”

Yeah, of course she does! Idiot waiter. But just because Natsu might have agreed with him didn’t mean he thought it was okay for this random guy to say it. Growling under his breath, Natsu fought the urge to knock this guy out. But he didn’t because of Erza.

Soon enough their food was placed and brought out and they talked the whole time, the only silence was when they were eating their food, and even then Natsu would try to talk with his mouth full.

“Hey Natsu,” Lucy started “Did you ever tell Gajeel about me? Like, show him a picture or something?”

Blinking, Natsu thought back to that first night.

“Uh, yeah actually, the first night me and you started talking. Gray wanted to see how I was making out and if I scared you off or not.” Scowling, he continued, “he called Gajeel over because apparently me talking to a girl that I haven’t grown up with is a big deal or somethin.”

He didn’t really understand why any of that was important though. “Why?”

“Because Gajeel knows me so he called Levy and they made this plane, trying to get us together.” Oh, that would make sense; Levy is her best friend and Gajeel girl friend.

“Huh, makes sense.”

The more he thought about what she just said, the more he wanted it to happen. He wanted to be Lucy’s boyfriend. “So, how about it then?”


“Wanna go out with me?” He grinned confidently, but he was actually scared on the inside. This was the first time they met and they have only been talking for a week, but that didn’t matter to Natsu. The problem was that he didn’t know if it mattered to Lucy.

It seemed like he didn’t have to worry though, because she responded with an answer that made his heart race, “yes”.

Remember to open doors for your date, you need to be a gentleman. He remembered this from his talk with Erza earlier, and to also walk her to her door. He could do that, no sweat.

“Well this is cheesy.” Lucy giggled, smiling up at him.

He laughed, because it really was. Suddenly an idea came to him, couldn’t hurt to try. “Sure is! Wanna make it cheesier?” He took a step closer, hoping she would go along with him.

“Hmm, let me think about that.” She actually moved closer! 1 point for Natsu, he cheered in his head.

“Who needs to think?” He questioned, moving closer again. He sure didn’t half the time.

He started to lean in, and she was so close to him, her sweet scent of cinnamon filling his senses, and he couldn’t quite believe they were about to kiss.

Which was a good thing, since at the last second she moved her head and pecked his cheek instead, much to his disappointment.

“Good night Natsu!” She said, quickly stepping into her apartment and shutting the door.

He couldn’t help but smile though; that was just as good as a kiss in his opinion.

It was only their first date, after all.

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