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Bondi lifeguards/5 seconds of summer/one direction


Y/n is a 18 year old girl who is on the bondi lifeguard team. As the only girl on the team she's the one who catches people's eyes. But what will happen when she starts to fall for her co-worker Maxi.

Romance / Action
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First day

Hey! Before I start iam y/n. Iam a English suffer and love the ocean. I decided to move out here to bondi a few years ago so I could become more professional at surfing. Iam 18 years old and iam famous on all ways off social media.

~beep beep beep~
I woke up to the sound of my alarm. I slipped out off bed and read the time 4:30am. I got up and walked out to my bathroom I washed my face and brushed my hair and teeth. I changed into my blue t-shirt and slipped my black bikini under neath. I finished getting ready so I went down stairs. I grabbed my backpack and packed it with my sunglasses,sunscreen,cap,watterbottle, my phone and my head phones. I slipped on my flip-flops and left the house.

I arrived at the beach I wasn't nervous at all because I was only moving up to be a professional lifeguard since hoppo (the head lifeguard aka boss) decided to move me up to the pro's. So I already new everyone one. I met Maxi (my crush) in the car park and we walked to the tower together. I went to the locker room and placed my backpack in and grabbed my sunglasses out. Since only me, hoppo and Maxi was there hoppo toled us to go and set the flags up. We put the flags up and checked the buggys had anoth fuel in. It turned 6:00am so I went to the shop across the road to grab a quick snack. I selected a coffe and a warm toasted bagel. I ate it while walking back to the tower. When I walked into the tower everyone was there. I got my walki-talki and hoppo told us which places we are on today. Firstly I was at the tower with hoppo,Jesse and Harrie. Sencondly I was at north bondi with yatesy. Lastly I was at backpackers with Maxi. Everyone else was plotted around the beach. It suddenly turned to 7:00am so the beach opened up.

I was chilling in the tower when we got a call from lifesaver 1 saying that there was a body floating Innthe water they were not sure if it was alive or dead. We walki-talkied everyone and tolled them. Me and hoppo ended up going out on the jet ski with Maxi and Jesse following us. We went over to the spot and saw the body sadly it was not alive. I walki-talkies everyone and toled them to get a towel ready and call the police. We managed to get the body on the beach and we were all very sad. We decked to close the Beach early since there was not many people there and a storm started.

I got home hopped in the shower and changed into some comfies. I went down stairs and made a coffe and got a salad from out of the fridge. I went to my room and was flicking through the TV shows and bondi rescue appears. I watched it and ended up sleeping after it. I woke up and it was 7:30pm so I decided to take my dog out on a walk across bondi. Some fans came up to me and asked for photos of course I said yes. I made it to home and just fell straight off to sleep.

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