Wish Upon a Jirachi

Chapter 1: Nine Years Later

A small, black haired boy who looked around seven years of age groaned as he was awakened to what sounded like a herd of elephants trampling down the stairs above his head causing dust to shower down around him. He groggily shook his head before fumbling around for his mostly mangled second-hand glasses and putting them on. He ran his fingers through his messy hair as he sat up before yawning as he sleepily blinked his emerald green eyes open all the way.

A few seconds later he heard the noise of a latch being undone followed by several bolts unlocking. He shrank back as the door to his closet opened to reveal his red faced aunt glaring at him. "Get out boy and go wash up. Be quick about it. I won't have poor Dudley starving just because you're late for making breakfast," she snapped causing the small boy to quickly scramble out of the closet towards where his basin of water with its meager bit of soap lay in the kitchen.

He quickly washed his face and hands as best he could before moving to the stove where a step stool was placed so he could reach everything on it. The boy took out a skillet and began skillfully making three fried eggs with bacon slices. He silently placed them on a plate, even as his stomach growled from hunger, and carried it to the kitchen table to set in front of an overweight boy. He managed to dodge a kick the boy aimed at him as he made his escape back to the kitchen to eat the small bowl of thick flavorless oatmeal his aunt had set aside for him.

The boy quickly choked down the stuff and was grateful when his stomach stopped growling even though he knew that wouldn't last for long. He wondered what exactly his chores would be for today and found out when about five minutes later his aunt appeared again. She shoved some old gardening gloves in his hands before shooing him outside to go weed the garden until it was dinner time.

He sighed before pulling the gloves on and began the tedious task of searching around the plants for weeds or bugs that needed to be killed. As the sun rose higher in the sky the weather became much warmer and soon it was unbearably hot. Sweat poured off the small boy's body as he worked and soon he had to stop to rest in the shade. Once his body was rested a bit he started looking around and noticed a small box sitting on the curb near the Dursley's front yard.

He glanced around really quick to make sure nobody was watching before quickly scurrying over to the box. When he glanced inside he found it was filled with different toys such as a couple action figures and army men. He took another swift look around which showed that there was still no one around so he began carefully sifting through the box to see what else was inside. A shiny, blue, box-like object caught his eye and he picked it up to examine it.

The object seemed somewhat familiar to him and he frowned as he tried to remember where he had seen something like it before. He couldn't remember so he decided to stick it in his pocket to examine later. A few seconds more searching in the box had him snatching a black thing he knew was a charger of some kind. He decided to try plugging the end of the charger to the back of the blue box object and was surprised when it fit in the oddly shaped slot! A delighted smile crossed his face as he tucked both objects into the deep pockets of his pants.

The smile quickly disappeared as he realized he needed to go back to work since he had stopped for way too long. He did not want to get another week stuck in the closet without food for not completing his chores on time. So with a reluctant sigh he turned away from the box and quickly moved to finish weeding before it grew dark.

Some time later after he had finished the rest of his chores he was given his second meal of the day which consisted of vegetables on the verge of going bad along with a piece of dry crusty bread. He scarfed the small amount of food down before he was unceremoniously thrust into his closet and locked inside. The boy sighed in relief that he hadn't been beaten or punished before reaching up and yanking lightly at a chain which caused a lightbulb to flicker on.

He lay down on his small pallet in the corner that was mostly spider free and pulled out the small cube like object that had captured his attention. The boy has realized by now that he had seen Dudley playing with one of these devices although his was a red color. His small fingers carefully tugged the top part of the small object open to reveal a dark screen. He felt his breathing quicken as he began to feel a little excited for the first time in his small life.

A smile flickered across his face as he slowly flicked a switch on the right side of the device up and gasped softly as the screen came to life. There was a brief white screen with the words Gameboy Advance displayed before he was staring in awe at the opening screen to a new world!

He saw a girl riding a bicycle with several strange creatures running or flying near her. This scene faded out show what looked like a red dinosaur with weird tribal markings before showing a blue whale like creature with the same odd markings. Then he let out another soft gasp as what appeared to be a flying snake like animal appeared. The creature quickly faded out and was replaced by the title screen of Pokemon Emerald.

The boy took a deep breath before slowly pressing the start button. The screen faded to black for a moment before a man dressed in a lab coat appeared. He introduced himself as Professor Birch before he proceeded to explain about Pokemon and used a creature with a lily pad on its head to show what they were. The boy found himself liking the idea of having a constant companion and friend like this small creature.

After rambling about pokemon mysteries for a few seconds the Professor asked for the boy's gender. The boy blinked at the question before shrugging and selecting the boy option. This took him to another screen where he was able to input his character's name. The boy frowned thoughtfully before deciding to go with his own name, Harry. He quickly selected the correct letters before pressing Start and A so he could continue.

Harry was very much surprised when he was told he had just moved into Professor Birch's town. Then he frowned as he was practically ordered to go visit Birch as soon as he had settled in. He decided that was probably a good idea anyway before blinking in surprise as his character was shrunk down and suddenly in a van of sorts.

He helped his character walk outside and into the house before talking to his mum and going upstairs to see about this clock thing she mentioned. Harry decided to leave the clock as it was since he was unsure of the exact time and checked out the computer instead. The boy was very much surprised when he checked the storage to find a potion inside and quickly removed it. Then he led his character down the stairs to talk to his mum before heading to the pokemon lab.

Once there he discovered the professor was out and not around at the moment so he decided to go explore the village. He went to the only other house in the place and talked to the very nice lady living there before heading upstairs to meet her daughter. Only to discover that she wasn't there. However there was an interesting ball shaped object lying on the floor...he then remembered Professor Birch had one of those out when he had summoned the lilypad creature.

So Harry tried picking the thing up on to be stopped by a girl running into the room. She introduced herself as May, and told him that not only was she his neighbor but also the professor's daughter. He was a little bewildered by the whole friends thing but decided to shrug it off and leave the house once the girl finished talking.

He wandered around the village a little longer before stopping to talk to a little girl near the village entrance. She exclaimed that she could hear a commotion but was too scared to go out there without a pokemon. So Harry agreed to do it for her and walked out of the village to find a man pinned in a corner by a raccoon like creature!

He couldn't help giggling softly at the ridiculousness of the situation. Harry grew thoughtful when the man asked for help and told him that there were three pokemon in his bag to choose from. His character walked up to the bag and he hit A before blinking when the bag appeared on screen with three of the ball like objects. He thoughtfully looked at all three before deciding the small, blue-orange, tadpole creature looked kind of like a doofus and the green, gecko like creature looked a tad stuck up. That left a little, orange, chick which he thought looked very determined to prove itself and would probably grow to be quite strong.

After he chose his pokemon the screen changed and showed the raccoon like creature in the top right part of the screen. Then his chick was tossed out onto the battlefield. That was how he learned his creature was called a Torchic and the raccoon like thing was a Zigzagoon. He frowned at his options before choosing battle and finding that his Torchic had two moves: scratch and growl.

He let out a soft sigh as he contemplated which to choose before pressing scratch and watching his torchic attack the other creature. Then Zigzagoon used tail whip causing Torchic's defense to go down. Harry frowned at the Zigzagoon as he made Torchic attack the small creature with another scratch attack and silently cheered when his Torchic knocked it out!

After Torchic had beaten the Zigzagoon the man walked up to Harry's character and explained why the creature had been attacking him. Then he thanked Harry for saving him and introduced himself as Professor Birch after exclaiming over Harry being his new neighbor. After all that he invited Harry back to his lab causing his character to fast travel to the lab.

Professor Birch talked about the character's father and how he noticed that Harry didn't have a pokemon of his own yet. Then he said that as thanks for rescuing him Harry could keep the Torchic he had taken from his bag. Harry was surprised when he was asked whether he wanted to name the small creature. He thought for a minute before selecting yes before pausing and frowning at the screen.

"What should I name him?" he whispered softly when he noticed the small blue arrow next to the blanks. He sighed softly and tapped his fingers against the floor as he thought before suddenly smiling. "I know. I'll call you Jerry. Its simple and easy to remember." he murmured as he pressed the right buttons for the name.

After he finished naming the Torchic the professor started rambling about having a good feeling Harry would make a good trainer and then asked is he would like to meet his daughter May. Harry remembered that he had already met her but decided to just go ahead and say yes. He was told to go find her and have her teach him how to become a trainer.

As soon as he was able to take control of his character he realized he needed to figure out how save his progress since he didn't want to do all that over again. He began pressing different buttons to figure out what they did until a menu popped up. Harry read through his options slowly before selecting the save game option. He selected yes when asked if he wanted to save and waited until a screen popped up saying his game was saved.

Then he smiled before shutting the small machine off and hiding it under his cot along with the charger. After that he reached up and tugged on the chain causing the light bulb to flicker before turning off. Then Harry snuggled against his ratty pillow before falling asleep with a smile on his face as he dreamed about going on adventures with Jerry.

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