Wish Upon a Jirachi

Chapter 2: A Month Flies By

A month flew past as Harry settled into a new routine of doing chores during the day and quietly playing Pokémon at night after the rest of the household went to bed. There were a few times his routine was interrupted. Such as when his uncle or aunt found something wrong with either his cooking or work around the house. Then they would lock him up in the cupboard for at least three days with no food and a 15 minute bathroom break.

Harry found himself quite happy when this happened because then he could spend more time exploring the world in his new game. By the end of the first two weeks of gameplay he had reached Mauville City and beaten the Electric Gym. Then he took a break in his journey to travel towards Rustboro City. Once there he turned in the errand the president of Devon Corporation had asked him to complete. The man thanked his character before giving him the Experience Share item and sending him on his way.

After that Harry traveled all the way back to Littleroot town to catch the Pokemon he had missed the first time through. Within the next two weeks he had caught most of the Pokemon available to him along the routes to Mauville. Then he spent an immense amount of time leveling all of them to at least the 25th level. He had a feeling there were some Pokemon he would eventually have to travel back to find, but he really didn't mind the extra work since it made the game last longer.

What the small boy didn't know was that while he was playing the game he had caught the attention of an Ancient from another dimension and world. This Ancient was from the world the game was based off of, although it had not been discovered in Harry's dimension yet. It knew it was just a matter of time before the humans in the boy's dimension would dream and create a game based around it and its many relatives.

The Ancient snorted softly at that thought before lowering it's white, alien-like head down to peer into the Pokemon's scrying pool. It shifted its graceful, deer-like, white body a little. This caused the green gems set in the infinity symbol surrounding its midsection to glow in the dim light of the Ancient's cave. The added bit of light revealed that the rather large Pokemon was not completely white and had a dark grey chest, underbelly, and face. The Ancient's red eyes surrounded by emerald green markings watched the small human boy who was now sound asleep in the darkness of his cupboard.

"Hi Arceus! You wished to see me?" A light airy voice asked as a small, light-green, fairy like Pokemon floated into the cave and hovered near the ancient.

"I do indeed…I can sense there is something big about to happen very soon…I'm not sure what this something is as of yet. However, I do know this boy will be at the center of it, Celebi. Would you please find out what we should do? " Arceus requested solemnly as the Pokemon moved over a little so Celebi could clearly see the small boy.

The small fairy Pokemon frowned before closing it's big blue eyes as it looked into the future. A few seconds later Celebi's eyes opened to gaze sadly at the small human.

"I believe we should help the boy. It will be his birthday within another month their time which is a year at best for us. We should be able to have all preparations complete by that time to assist him in his quest." The small fairy Pokemon told the Ancient with quiet determination.

"How can we help him?" Arceus asked as it turned away from the pool to pace around the large cave. Celebi smiled when the Ancient didn't disagree with him and clapped his tiny little hands before explaining the plan he had seen work best for the boy to the Ancient.

While the two conspired together, Arceus's scrying pool shimmered before showing a petite girl with long dirty-blonde hair staring up into the star filled sky. She had just lost her mother a month ago and was remembering their last moments together. A small hand came up to wipe a tear away from her beautiful grey eyes only for another to appear.

"Mama I wish you were here right now...Daddy really needs you and I could use some help understanding what I'm seeing right now," she whispered to the stars as more tears fell until she was sobbing quietly. A man appeared behind the girl and held her close as he looked up at the stars with a sad expression.

"It will be alright Luna. We will survive this together and make your mama proud," he told her softly as she turned and hugged him tightly.

The pool showed them going inside their home before the water shimmered again. It showed a little chubby boy who looked around nine talking softly to a plant as he tended to it. He was telling it all about his day and what his grandmother had lectured him on.

The boy let out a soft sigh as he sat down next to the plant and pushed his bangs out of his dark-brown eyes. He knew his grandmother would make him suffer through having his blonde hair cut and groomed tomorrow since she had noticed it was getting a little long. She would have been shocked and affronted to know he actually liked having longer hair.

He let out a soft giggle as he imagined the look on her face before shivering from the thought of the lecture that would be sure to follow.

"I wish I had the courage to stand up to her instead of just following her lead..." he whispered to the plant before quickly glancing around to check if anyone had heard him.

The water in the pool showed the boy sighing in relief from not being caught wishing such a daring thing before quickly leaving the greenhouse. A tiny drop of water splashed into the pool causing the picture reflected within to change once more. This time it showed a different boy sitting at a desk with several stacks of books surrounding him as he scribbled away at a piece of parchment.

He frowned as he set the paper down before running a hand through his messy dark-brown hair. His violet-blue eyes stared down at the piece of paper as he let out a frustrated sigh.

"Why can't I find any information past this point? This is utterly ridiculous," he groused as his hand reached down to toy with the pen on the desk.

"Maybe you just need to take a break Rico," A beautiful dark-haired lady entered the room and put her hands on her hips as she surveyed the mess it was in. Books were scattered everywhere, papers covered the boy's bed, and there were owl droppings all over the floor. "Perhaps if you cleaned up this mess you might discover something new," she told him with a soft smile.

"Ah sorry Ma. You know how I get when I'm working on a project." he said sheepishly as he stood up and began putting books back where they belong. The woman chuckled before she set to helping him clean up.

"Yes I do. Your father is just as bad when he starts working on a new invention," she murmured fondly before frowning as she picked up one of his papers. "Hmm...I didn't know your father was related to the Potters!" she exclaimed as she read through it.

"Yup! Apparently we are distant cousins to them. Unfortunately I can't find anymore information on Charlus Potter's descendants. I know he had at least one but the goblins are being tight lipped about him or her for some reason." Rico told her as he straightened the books on the bookshelf.

"Do you know where he lived?" she asked as she set the paper down on the desk and began clearing his bed off.

"Yes. He lived in England which is why the goblins are being so uncooperative." the boy frowned as he picked up more books and began placing them in three different piles.

"Ah that explains a lot. I suggest going through the English magical communities newspapers and see what you can find out. I know most of their newspapers are filled with rubbish. However, you might still find out something new," she told him as she finished clearing his bed off and making it.

Rico paused in the middle of shelving a book and looked thoughtful before smiling widely. "Mum you're a genius! I'll get right on that after I finish cleaning up in here!" he exclaimed as he bounded over and hugged her tightly. His mother laughed before patting him on the head.

"Well then while you finish cleaning, I'll go start on supper," she said smiling before exiting the room.

The boy hummed happily as he quickly finished tidying his room up and made sure all the owl droppings were gone. Then he grabbed a fresh piece of paper and a pen before writing a letter to the Daily Prophet and the Quibbler. It explained that he was researching his family tree as a project for school. Then he requested for old editions of their papers from the 1950s to current times before thanking them for their time.

He finished writing the letters and checked it over for mistakes. Then he whistled for his barn owl, Gabriel, who instantly flew into the room and landed on Rico's arm. Rico tied the letters to Gabriel's leg, ran his fingers along the top of the owl's head, and then carried him to the window. Once Gabriel had flown off, Rico headed downstairs for dinner.

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