Wish Upon a Jirachi

Chapter 3: Hoenn's New Champion

Harry let out a quiet happy sigh as he stretched out on his cot and opened his game. He had finished travelling along Victory Road just the night before. It had actually taken about maybe a week in real life to get there. He decided he would spend a couple weeks preparing his team since he knew it would be a difficult challenge.

By the end of another two weeks he had leveled up all his pokemon to the 60th level. Then he went to the Lilycove department store to buy 20 hyper potions, 10 max heal potions, 20 revives, and 20 full heals. So he spent around 91,000 pokedollars before leaving and heading to the beginning of Victory Road.

It took him two nights to travel along Victory Road. Harry was very glad he took the time to level his team up more before hand. While it still wasn't an easy journey it was a lot better than it would have been if he had tried crossing with only a couple level 40ish pokemon.

By the time he reached the end and walked into the last pokecenter his pokemon had leveled up to around 65. He made sure to talk to the nurse so his pokemon could take a quick rest. Then he walked over to the rightmost counter and discovered the man behind it sold items. Harry looked through the inventory before buying 20 full restores which cost him around 60,000 pokedollars.

After that he had saved and called it a night since he wanted to take on the Elite Four when he was much more awake. He had spent much of the next day at the library once he was done with his chores. Most of that time was spent finding out more about the Elite Four through Pokemon handbooks he had discovered in the gaming section.

He noticed there were a lot of pokemon on their teams that could give him a bit of trouble, but he was sure he could handle it. He had nearly groaned when he discovered that he would have to battle another person right after he was done with the Elite Four! That was going to be a tough battle since Wallace was a water type specialist and he didn't have a grass pokemon on his main team.

He had studied each of the man's pokemon before deciding he had a good enough plan to beat each of them. Then he had put the book away and headed home to finish his evening chores. Vernon had locked him in the cupboard soon after that. Now everyone was finally asleep and he could put his plan to take the Elite Four down into action!

Harry hummed softly as he led his character through the double doors and stepped into a long corridor. The room at the end of the corridor was decorated in different shades of brown with a pokeball design in the middle. The top part was gray while the bottom was a tan color.

A man stood on the top side of the pokeball and seemed to be waiting for him. When his character approached the man welcomed him and introduced himself as Sidney. Then he went on about how he thought this would be a good match before starting the battle.

Harry let out a sigh of relief when he finished the battle a few minutes later. Taking down the dark type specialist was not as hard as he thought. He had managed to do it using only Shawn, his character's shiny Camerupt, and a few Flamethrower and Earthquake attacks. "Well one down. Three more to go." he murmured softly as he guided his character down the corridor behind Sidney.

The second member of the Elite Four was standing in a mostly purple room. Harry was about to walk up to her before remembering he hadn't healed up and saved yet. The boy quickly did so before talking to the character he assumed was a lady. She introduced herself as Phoebe and promised that she would be much tougher to beat before starting the battle.

Phoebe was right that she was a bit stronger but she was no match for Harry's Grumpig, Mia. She took out half of the ghost specialist's team with the Psychic attack. Then Harry switched in Tyson, a Walrein, to take care of the rest of the ghosts with three Aurora Beams. Then Harry was off to face the third member of the Elite Four.

As his character stepped into the third room he noticed it was decorated with white and light blue. There were little blocks of ice on both sides of the room and he instantly knew this was going to be an ice based team. So he switched the top party member to Shawn before saving his game. Then he approaching the pretty looking lady in the center of the room. She told him she had come to Hoenn to hone her ice skills and that her name was Glacia before the battle started.

Shawn made quick work of the Glalie she sent out. Once Harry realized Glacia's next pokemon, Sealeo, was an ice-water type he switched in a Manectric named Static. Static managed to defeat the Sealeo before being switched out for Shawn when another Glalie was summoned. After that ice pokemon was defeated, Static was switched back in and fought the last two battles.

Harry let out a small relieved sigh and murmured soft praises to the blue and yellow, dog like, electric pokemon when she won both battles for him. He smiled as he healed his party up before walking down another corridor to face the last Elite Four member.

He knew this one was going to be a tough battle which was why he had saved his favorite two pokemon for this fight. He knew they would both be pretty much almost useless against the champion, but wanted to let them shine too.

"It's your turn to start the battle Jade." he whispered as he moved a beautiful Mightyena to the top part of his party. He would switch in his last pokemon once she defeated at least three of the last Elite Four member's pokemon. Then he took a deep breath and walked into the room.

The room was mostly red with a little yellow splashed around here and there. A small part of each side of the room had a spike pit showing underneath. All in all it was the most intimidating room Harry had seen so far. The man in the middle of the room was by far the scariest looking person he had seen in the game.

He swallowed nervously before saving his game and approaching the man. The man introduced himself as Drake the dragon master. Then he talked a bit about pokemon before asking if Harry knew what it took to become a partner with his pokemon. The boy was confused by the man's profound question but shrugged it off as the battle started.

Harry frowned at the Shelgon that Drake sent out before somehow managing to beat it using Jade's Assurance and Crunch moves. He was about to switch out Jade for his final pokemon before changing his mind and sticking with his original plan: Let the Mightyena battle twice more before switching in Jerry.

He used two Crunch attacks to take out the Altaria before frowning when he was faced with a Flygon. Harry stared at it thoughtfully before deciding to use Assurance, Dig, and Crunch to take out the dragonfly like creature.

Once that battle was finished he switched in his Blaziken and smiled as Jerry seemed to jump a little on the screen. Then he used a critical Double Kick on Drake's next Flygon and silently cheered when it fainted.

He quickly turned serious again when Drake's last pokemon popped out onto the battlefield. It was an enormous Salamence and he knew the dragon was a lot tougher than anything he had battled before. Harry took a deep breath before he had Jerry attack it with a Flamethrower which was followed by a Blaze Kick on his next turn.

Harry smiled hugely when the big pokemon fainted before remembering he had one more battle to go. He let out a soft groan before walking along what he hoped would be the last corridor in the game. When he reached the end he found himself standing on a light blue-green platform.

There was a man standing right in front of a door. Harry knew the man's name was Wallace since he had ran into this man several times while playing the game. They had captured Rayquaza together and stopped the teams of bad guys.

Harry healed up his pokemon before saving his game. Then he walked up to Wallace and was surprised when he was congratulated for ending a crisis in Sootopolis City with his Pokemon. He blushed a little from the man's praise before shaking his head as Wallace said something really dramatic and the battle started!

Harry had decided to open the battle up with Static since the Electric type should stand a decent chance against the water pokemon. He managed to defeat Wallace's Wailord with two spark attacks. Then he took out the Tentacruel with a Thunder and Spark combo. After that battle he was forced to switch over to Mia since the psychic type was his second strongest choice.

Harry ended up being glad he switched since Wallace's Whiscash was a water-ground type which would have canceled out Static's type advantage. Mia managed to knock Whiscash out with a psybeam and took out Wallace's next pokemon, Ludicolo, with the same attack.

Then Harry switched Static back in before spending one turn to use a full restore on her. Thankfully the Gyarados he was facing didn't use anything that could hurt the Manectric when it was Wallace's turn to attack. Harry smiled as he commanded Static to use Thunder which became a critical hit and knocked the big fish out.

Harry quickly switched Mia back in before letting out a soft gasp at the beauty of Wallace's last pokemon, Milotic. He stared at it for a minute before shaking his head and ordering Mia to use Psychic on the opposing pokemon. Mia did as asked and managed to make it a critical hit although it wasn't enough to knock the gorgeous fish out.

Instead Wallace used a full heal on his next turn causing Harry to scowl since he forgot that could be done. The boy sighed before using psybeam and hoped that would be enough to end it. It wasn't but it did eat up only half the Milotic's health bar which meant that Wallace attacked with Toxin.

Harry bit the inside of his lip and frowned as he stared at the status icon alerting him to the fact that Mia was poisoned. "Have to end this fast." he whispered to himself before he had Mia use a Psychic attack on Milotic again and prayed that would be enough to knock the water Pokemon out.

He let out a soft sigh of relief when Milotic's health bar reached zero and the fish fainted. The boy smiled as the battle ended and Wallace congratulated him. He rolled his eyes at the man's dramatic speeches before watching with surprised as May interrupted him and ran into the room.

She was about to give him some very late advice on how to beat Wallace when she realized the battle had already happened! Professor Birch was the next person to arrive on the scene and scolded May for not believing in Harry. Then the professor congratulated Harry with a long speech before turning the conversation back over to Wallace.

The boy was stunned when Wallace called him the new champion of Hoenn since he had not expected that honor to be bestowed on him. He had no clue what usually happened at the end of Pokemon games even if he had read the guide book at the library a few times. Harry shook his head a little before following Wallace into the room behind the flamboyant man.

He was led into a huge, dark blue room. A white and red machine lay at the end of the room and was hooked up to five green monitors. Wallace told him this was where every champion recorded their battles and the pokemon who helped them battle the Elite Four. Then he told Harry to place the pokeballs containing his pokemon in the machine to record them.

The boy did as he was told and watched the monitors flash before his pokeballs were returned to him. Then the screen slowly faded to black and he frowned worriedly before smiling in relief when a light green saving screen appeared. He watched in surprise as all of his pokemon were slowly displayed on the screen. Then confetti fell as a message appeared welcoming him to the Hall of Fame.

Then the game displayed a picture of his character along with his name, trainer ID, and play time. A congratulations message was displayed at the bottom before the screen slowly faded out again. This time he wasn't as worried and just watched as the end game credits began to roll.

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