Wish Upon a Jirachi

Chapter 4: Shooting Star

Since Dudley's birthday had been the week before Harry had beaten the Elite Four, the boy knew his birthday would be coming up soon. He had decided to make sure that the battle would be finished at least two days before his birthday. This way he could focus on the silent countdown to midnight that he did the night before his birthday. He was never sure why exactly the countdown was so important since nobody ever gave him presents or treated him special.

The boy couldn't have known that someone did care and was trying it's best to ensure Harry's 10th birthday would be extra special. Arceus let out a soft tired sigh as he watched a small pink creature use psychic energy to place the last of Harry's presents in a box. Then it wrapped the box up with a dark blue wrapping paper before placing a silvery bow on top.

"All done!" It sang happily as it hopped back and smiled cheerfully as it's long tail twitched a little.

"Thank you Mew. You have been a big help," Arceus told the small creature causing it to hop up and down in the air.

"I wish I was the one delivering these...I have a present of my own I would like to give him," Mew murmured a little wistfully.

"Hmm...Well then why don't you come with me? You know more about humans than I do anyway," Arceus told the smaller creature who froze before it began bouncing around the room in excitement. The ancient pokemon shook its head at the older before letting out a soft chuckle. "I suppose that means you're going then," it said softly.

The small pink pokemon stopped bouncing long enough to nod when a question popped into it's head. "When will we be leaving?" it asked floating up a little to sit on Arceus's head.

"At exactly midnight his time. Your job is to guide him outside where we can speak to him properly. That cupboard of his is way too small for me," the much bigger pokemon shuddered at the thought of trying to fit inside of that much small space.

Suddenly a new creature burst into the room and excitedly bounced around the room. "I'm awake!" The small, white, star-shaped Pokemon exclaimed before coming to a halt next to Mew. It giggled as it played a quick game of pat-a-cake with the older pokemon before glancing at Arceus. "So happy to see you again sir! I can't wait to look around the world again!" Big innocent blue eyes peered into the much larger creatures own golden ones before another soft giggle filled the air.

Arceus looked thoughtful as it smiled at the child-like pokemon. "Perhaps you would like to see another world tonight, Jirachi?" It asked as it leaned forward and gently tapped the smaller pokemon's belly with it's nose.

Jirachi let out a burst of laughter before clapping it's tiny hands gleefully. "Yes! I would love to!" it exclaimed with a huge smile.

"Then we shall take you with us. Perhaps you will find the perfect person to give a wish to there in this small one's world." the Ancient said softly before nodding solemnly and moving closer to it's scrying pool.

"I believe I already have found the perfect wishes to grant. They have been singing to me ever since I first woke up." Jirachi told the larger Pokemon as it drifted down and touched the pool's water. It rippled for a moment before showing three different children.

"The girl would like to know more about her unique abilities. This boy here would like the courage to stand up for himself and he has the desire to prove to his grandmother he is every bit like his dad. Now the last one is a bit tricky. He wishes for a brother and partner plus a way to protect his family against all threats." The Pokemon murmured as its small hand hovered over each little human.

"Have you decided on how to grant their wishes?" Arceus asked speculatively as it looked at each picture in turn.

"Yes! I have the perfect solution! The only problem is I need someone else to deliver everything since I will be asleep as soon as each wish is granted." Jirachi explained even as it showed both Mew and Arceus the gifts for each of the children.

"I believe Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf are free...Perhaps you could ask them to deliver your gifts once you and the children go to sleep? That would give you about maybe at least half a night to explore a bit in their world." Mew said suddenly as it bounced a little before flipping upside down.

"That is a great idea! Thank you cousin!" Jirachi exclaimed before rushing off to make sure the three emotion pokemon would be able to deliver the wishes. Mew laughed as it righted itself and moved to sit a top Arceus's head. The larger Pokemon rolled it's eyes before settling down to wait for the first hour of Harry's 10th birthday

The day before Harry's birthday was not a good day at all. Well at least for Harry that is. Dudley had whined about not having as much bacon as the day before causing his aunt to screech at him like a harpy. Then he had to pull weeds from beneath Petunia's prized rose bushes. This caused his hands to become covered with numerous scratches from thorns.

The day didn't get any better from there. By the time Vernon came home he was completely exhausted from running away from a bored Dudley in between getting his chores done. Then the man threw a fit over some inane thing, blamed it on Harry, hit him a couple times, and then threw the small boy into his closet.

Harry let out a very quiet yelp when he felt a sharp pain run through the arm he had landed on. He lay still as his uncle locked the closet and listened to make sure the man had walked away. Then he slowly sat up and tugged out his precious GameBoy to access the damage done to his arm.

The boy was relieved to find it was only sprained and therefore would heal relatively quickly. He didn't what he would do if his uncle had broken it again. That incident had not been fun at all. Harry carefully placed the Game Boy underneath his cot again. Then he pulled out a small, cheap, plastic, glow-in-the-dark watch a teacher had placed in a goodie bag as an end of the school year gift.

Harry had quickly hidden the useful device in his shirt before anyone could take it from him. This way he could properly do his birthday ritual without having to guess the exact time. Now he hugged the watch close as he began silently counting down the minutes to midnight.

Arceus and Mew had all the packages ready to go by the time Harry's watch said 11:30. Jirachi and his three helpers arrived around portal warped into existence around 11:50 and disappeared promptly at midnight with all of the ancient Pokemon safely on the other side. It would open again around 5 in the morning and stay that way until everyone was safely through again.

Arceus and Mew quickly made a beeline for Harry's home while Jirachi began traveling around the world to see everything he could. This caused several reportings of a shooting star being sighted around the world. This caused three very special events to happen all at the same exact moment.

A small girl looked up and smiled for the first time in a while as she stared up at the shooting star before closing her eyes and making a wish. In two very different places two small boys saw the star and made a wish as well. Jirachi noticed the writing on the tags attached to it's body and smiled as it read the wishes. "Wishes granted!" it exclaimed with a delighted giggle.

The emotion Pokemon instantly moved out to deliver the packages each one held to the three children. Jirachi watched them go with a soft smile before he went back to playing in the clouds and looking at the different countries.

This all happened exactly ten minutes after midnight. Arceus and Mew would arrive in Harry's backyard within another five minutes. The small Pokemon carefully set Harry's presents down next to the Ancient before heading to the back door and opening it cautiously. It peeked around before cheering softly and heading into the house.

Harry was almost asleep when he heard a strange noise followed by the sound of his closet being unlocked. He huddled into a corner as he watched with wide eyes as the closet door swung open. A few seconds later a small pink creature poked it's head in and looked around with big blue eyes.

The second it spotted him it bounced inside to hover in front of his face. They had a small staring contest for a minute before the creature reached out and patted his nose. "Mew!" it exclaimed with a small giggle before spinning around and darting towards the closet door. Then it stopped and glanced back at Harry as if asking him to follow it.

The small boy hesitated before slowly moving to follow the creature. So far it hadn't tried to hurt him so it couldn't be dangerous...right? He followed the creature out of the closet, down the hall, past the kitchen, and out the back door only to stop in amazement at the huge. white, creature standing in the backyard.

"I brought him! I brought him!" A bubbly cheerful voice suddenly popped into his head as the pink creature bounced over to the giant white one.

"I can see that Mew," A soft yet very deep voice filled the boy's mind as the white creature turned it's head to look him over. "I am Arceus and this is Mew. We have traveled a long way to meet with you tonight little one," the deep voice rumbled as the giant creature moved closer to him. "This is the first hour of your birthday is it not?" Arceus asked as it lowered it's head to look the boy in the eyes.

"Y-yes sir it is." Harry murmured nervously before wondering if they would get mad at him for asking questions. "Um...I don't mean to be rude, but...what exactly are you?" he asked staring into Arceus's golden eyes. The big creature seemed to smile as Mew moved to sit next to Harry.

"We are from another world where our kind work together with humans. Our kind is called Pokemon," the pink creature explained with cheery smile.

"Pokemon? Then does that mean...Jerry, Mia, Jade, and the others are...real?" Harry whispered wide eyed as he stared at both of the creatures.

"Yes they are very much real. Hoenn, the gym leaders, the pokemon trainers, the Elite Four, and the Champions of each region are just as real. You see Harry, there are several different worlds out there and some people can cross over into these worlds using dreams. Usually they assume they are fiction and write stories about the worlds or base games and movies around them." Arceus explained to the boy who slowly nodded as he took it all in.

"But that is not why we are here. We are here to give you your first birthday presents!" Mew exclaimed excitedly as it used Psychic to move the packages closer to Harry.

The boy stared down at them before looking up at the two Pokemon. "These are...for me?" he whispered disbelievingly.

"They are. I do hope you like them." Arceus said softly as he carefully folded his legs and lay in the grass next to Harry.

Harry swallowed hard before slowly picking up one of the wrapped packages. He glanced again at Mew, who began bouncing a bit from excitement, and then at Arceus, who patiently smiled at the small boy. Satisfied that neither made a move to take it from him, the boy slowly ripped the paper off before opening the box underneath.

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