Wish Upon a Jirachi

Chapter 5: Birthday Gifts

Harry peered inside the box and let out a soft gasp when he found six red and white Pokeballs carefully laid out. He reached out to pick up the first one only to hesitate and glance at the Ancients again. "Go ahead. Pick it up and press the button," Mew encouraged as it bounced more.

The boy slowly did as he was told and watched in amazement as the ball opened. There was a flash of light as it released the Pokemon contained inside of it. "Tor, Torchic?" the little orange chick chirped as it stretched its tiny wings before moving close to Harry.

"Jerry!" Harry exclaimed softly as he reached down and scooped the little Torchic up into his lap. "You're real..." he whispered in awe before glancing at Arceus. "This is Jerry right?" he asked worriedly.

"Yes he is. I've been watching you for quite a while and noticed you were especially attached to this Pokemon. There are a few others in there that I know you were pretty close to. I hope they will be of help when times get hard." the Ancient murmured softly.

Harry nodded slowly as he processed this information before frowning. "How am I supposed to heal them after battles? There are no Pokecenters in my world. How come I can't understand what he's saying like I can understand you and Mew?" he asked as he stared up at Arceus.

"Mew is a Psychic Pokemon which means it can talk telepathically. It is casting my voice into your mind so you can understand me," The large Pokemon explained. "As for healing...Well that is apart of my other gifts. Please go ahead and open them," Arceus requested with a soft smile.

The boy frowned before gently setting Torchic down next to him and grabbing his next present. He carefully opened it to reveal two more Pokeballs and an odd looking, dark gray machine. It looked a bit like the gameboy only a bit bigger and flatter.

He opened it and noticed there was a screen in the top half while the bottom half was a keyboard. There was a big button with a power on symbol he recognized from Dudley's computer. The boy hesitated a second before pressing it which caused a welcoming screen to appear.

"Welcome to the Pokedex." an electronic voice stated before a form appeared on top screen. "Please fill in the blanks with everything you know." it requested. Harry frowned slightly before shrugging and doing as he was asked.

The form mostly required basic information such his age, gender, birth date, and first Pokemon. There were a few miscellaneous questions such as what was his favorite color, food, hobby, and time of day. He chose brown for his favorite color, night became his favorite time of day, and he didn't have a favorite food or hobby so he just left those blank.

Once the form was completely filled out and accepted, the outside of the Pokedex shifted from dark gray to chocolate brown. A silver and white Pokeball motif appeared in the center of the outer part of the top screen. "Congratulations Harry. You are now a Pokemon trainer." The electronic voice informed him.

He stared at it wide-eyed before glancing up at Arceus. "Is that true?" he asked softly since he could hardly dare to believe it.

"Yes. There is something you should know about this Pokedex though. Check your registered Pokemon." Arceus instructed as he moved closer to the boy to see the screen more clearly.

Harry did as he was told and was astonished to find that it was already completed. He scrolled down and noticed there were several different pokemon that he didn't know on the list. "This is a self-updating Pokedex. Every time a new Pokemon is discovered or created in our world it will be registered in here for you," Arceus explained.

"Tap one of the Pokemon!" Mew exclaimed as it began bouncing around the backyard. Harry giggled at the small creature's excitement before tapping on a picture of a fluffy, sheep-like Pokemon.

"Now pick up one of the two empty Pokeballs in the box," Arceus told him. Harry quickly did so and looked down at the device again.

"See that Pokeball button right there? That will send the Pokemon into the Pokeball. Press it again to send it back into your Pokedex," The Ancient told him before letting out a soft sigh.

"Right now you will only be able to summon the beginning form for each Pokemon that has an evolution chain. As you train with them and grow stronger they will evolve. Then you can summon the second form of their evolution chain. Each form that you can't access right now has a silver lock on it. This way you can prove your strength to all your Pokemon." Arceus explained softly.

"That makes sense...then I won't be overpowering anyone..." Harry murmured softly and nodded in acceptance.

"Another thing: only the two dark gray Pokeballs can be used to switch out Pokemon from your dex. The red and white Pokeballs will contain only your main team." Mew told him before bouncing again."Hurry and open the last present." It urged.

"Okay, okay," Harry said laughing softly as he set aside the Pokedex and reached out to pick up the last present. This one felt much heavier than the other two. He frowned at it before shrugging and tugging the paper off. He blinked as a black suitcase was revealed instead of a box.

The boy shrugged before opening it and finding several different cards stacked in rows. Each card had a different picture on it. Some of which he recognized from his Pokemon game. They each had either a Potion, Super Potion, Hyper Potion, Max Heal Potion, Revive, Max Revive, Full Recover, Ether Potion, and Max Ether Potion symbol on it followed by a number.

"Use your Pokedex to scan each of these cards and they will appear in the inventory section I added to your Dex. I suggest you only use some of these in desperate situations because you do not have an unlimited amount of these." Arceus warned him even as Harry got to work scanning each card so he wouldn't have to worry about it later.

"To use these items just go to the Party section of the Dex, select one of your pokemon, and then press use an item. This will bring up your inventory. I'm sure you know what to do from there." Mew said with a giggle as it sat on Harry's head.

"That is all of my gifts. However I do believe Mew has one more for you." Arceus told Harry as he stepped back to allow the smaller Pokemon to take over.

"That I do. I figure it wouldn't be much fun to have some best friends but not be able to understand them. So I have decided my gift will be for you to understand Poke-language without my help." Mew told Harry as he hopped off the boy's head and moved to float in front of him.

The small pink Pokemon placed it's tiny paws on the boy's forehead and closed it's eyes causing Harry to do the same. Then there was a burst of pink energy surrounding him as knowledge flowed through his brain.

That was when things started to get weird. First he noticed that his head began to hurt. Then the pressure increased once Mew noticed something in his mind that didn't belong and decided to drive it out. The boy was nearly screaming in pain and just when he thought he couldn't take anymore it ended.

He weakly opened his eyes to see Mew had some weird evil feeling slime trapped in a pink bubble. Harry shivered as he sensed the black goop try reaching out towards him. The boy quickly shuffled backwards to get away from it.

"It's alright Harry. This won't be able to hurt you anymore." The pink Pokemon said solemnly before concentrating and making the gunk disappear with a shrill shriek. "See? It's all gone now!" Mew told him cheerfully.

"You promised that wouldn't hurt him!" a high childlike voice cried as Harry's Torchic moved to stand between him and the small pink Pokemon.

"It wouldn't have if that stuff hadn't been in his head." Mew retorted even as Harry's mouth fell open as he realized he could understand Jerry.

"I can understand you..." he whispered before a huge smile spread across his face. Before he knew what he was doing he had scooped Jerry up and was hugging him tightly.

"Thank you Arceus for the wonderful gifts. And thank you Mew for helping me to understand my Pokemon." Harry told the two Ancient Pokemon once he had calmed down. Arceus nodded to the boy before glancing up at the sky.

"It is late little one and you need to go to sleep now. I have a feeling things are going to be much more exciting for you from now on." Arceus said softly before walking close to Harry and leaning down to press its nose against the boy's forehead."Until next time little one." it murmured.

"Until next time Arceus and thank you again." Harry said softly as he reached up and touched the great white Pokemon's head before taking a step back. Then he glanced up at Mew.

"I'll help you get all this into your closet. Then I'll lock it back up so you don't get in trouble." It told him cheerfully as it began putting all the Pokeballs in the suitcase along with the PokeDex. Harry nodded a bit sadly before turning to Jerry and sending him back into his Pokeball.

Then after making sure everything was in the suitcase, he waved goodbye to Arceus and headed inside. Once he was back in his closet, he carefully hid the suitcase far in the back where nobody would see it. Mew murmured a soft goodbye which Harry returned. Then the closet door shut and the locks clicked into place as the boy prepared to fall asleep.

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