Wish Upon a Jirachi

Chapter 6: Rico's Surprise

The first thing Rico noticed when he sleepily blinked his eyes open was that he had fallen asleep at his desk again. He let out a soft sigh of annoyance as he slowly sat up straight and began stretching to relieve the stiffness in his muscles. That was when he noticed his window was open causing him to pause mid-stretch since he was sure he had shut it the night before.

The boy stood and closed the window carefully since there were a ton of newspapers all over his desk. Then he took a step back to ensure that none of the papers had blown off during the night. That was when a small cream colored box with a baby blue bow on top caught his attention.

"I know that wasn't there last night..." Rico muttered as he picked the box up off of a stack of newspapers and examined it. "Hmm...maybe Da decided to give me a present." he said smiling a little before carefully opening it.

The first item he saw was a note with a newspaper clipping attached. "Here's a little hint to help with your quest. Good luck!" he read aloud before raising an eyebrow.

"Okay...this is strange...at least I know it isn't from Da..." he muttered as he turned his attention to the newsclipping.

A few minutes later he had dropped the box and ran downstairs. "Mum! Da! You need to read this!" he exclaimed running into the kitchen. His mom turned from her cooking as his dad set aside the book he had been reading.

"What do you have there my tesoro?" his mother asked as she placed a stasis charm on their breakfast so it wouldn't burn. Instead of answering, he handed the article over and stepped back as he waited for her reaction. His father peered over his wife's shoulder to read what had excited their son so much.

"Obituaries for the Fallen Heroes.

James Potter {March 27, 1960 - October 31, 1981} - Husband to Lilly ne Evans Potter. Father of Harry Potter the Boy Who Lived. Auror.

Lilly Potter (née Evans) {January 31, 1960 - October 31, 1981} - Wife to James Potter. Mother of Harry Potter the Boy Who Lived. Muggleborn. Charms Apprentice."

The article had been carefully cut so only those two names were on it. Rico's father frowned as he tried to figure out why this was so important. Fortunately Rico noticed his confusion and began bouncing in place as he explained.

"Dad, you're a distant cousin to the Potter family! So that means we still have a living relative! At long last my research paid off!" he cheered.

"Actually I'd say you still have a bit more research to do. From what this article says both of the Potters are dead...so where is their son? Who is raising him? Does he know anything about the magical world or has he been kept in the dark?" his mother asked and Rico let out a groan as he settled down.

"Ugh fine...I'll start working on that once I've finished eating breakfast..." he grumbled sitting down at the table.

"Aww, you're so cute when you pretend to be mad." his mother teased as she finished up with cooking breakfast and set a plate of it in front of her son.

Rico rolled his eyes before digging into his mum's awesome, homemade, chocolate chip pancakes. He definitely couldn't stay mad when the taste of syrup and chocolatey goodness was filling his mouth. A few minutes later he had finished eating and was headed upstairs to clean up the newspapers so he could continue his research.

In the midst of cleaning up he found the cream colored box again and noticed there were still things inside of it. He hesitated before sitting down on the bed and taking out three balls. Instantly he recognized them as Pokeballs since he had watched a couple episodes of the show before deciding it was a waste of time.

There was something different about the Pokeballs and he wondered what it was before remembering that the ones in the show were red and white. His were cream on the bottom and baby blue on top like the color of the box and bow. "Weird...Why would someone send me Pokeballs?" he murmured as he fiddled with one of the balls.

That was when he noticed another note taped to the lid of the box. "You wished for two things: a brother and a way to protect your family. Unfortunately I can only grant one of these directly. The other I can only hint at. I have given you a clue. It is up to you to find your new sibling. The three in the box will help to protect your family and little brother when you find him. The Pokeballs are keyed to your magic and will open only for you. Best of luck to you, small one. Jirachi, the wish granting Pokemon," it read.

Rico read the note again just to make sure before a slow smile spread across his face as he felt his determination become that much stronger.

"Thank you Mr. Jirachi. I will not waste this valuable information." he whispered before turning back to the Pokeballs.

A small thoughtful hum escaped as he tried to decide if he should release whatever was inside or not. His curiosity could not resist the temptation so he found himself picking up one of the balls and pressing the button that would let the creature out. There was a flash of light and he found a small, purple-furred, monkey-like creature sitting on his bed.

Instantly the creature began bouncing up and down as it made silly faces at him. "Ai-ai-aipom!" it cheered as he chuckled at the little monkey creature's antics.

"That's your species if I remember right. I need to think up a good name for you and the rest of my new partners," he said smiling before picking up the next Pokeball and releasing the Pokemon inside.

A small, light-green, caterpillar-like creature wrapped in blue-green leaves appeared on his lap. It gave a small snooty sniff when it noticed the noisy Aipom and reared up on its thorax. "Sewaddle!" it scolded causing the Aipom to stick it's tongue out at the other creature.

"Now now. Let Aipom have it's fun while it has a chance." Rico said soothingly as he reached down and lightly stroked the caterpillar's head. Sewaddle just sniffed again before crawling up onto the boy's shoulder and made sure it lay facing away from the noisy monkey.

Rico shook his head with a small smile before releasing his last Pokemon. A small red Pokemon popped out and settled onto his lap. The boy frowned as he tried to guess what animal the Pokemon resembled, but was unable to figure it out. "Trapiiinch..." the creature murmured in a surprisingly deep voice as it cuddled against Rico.

He let out a soft laugh before turning to glance at the other two Pokemon. "I have work I need to do if I'm going to find my new little brother. Can all three of you be good while I do my research?" he asked paying special attention to the hyper Aipom.

The small monkey excitedly repeated it's name a couple of times before bouncing over to where Rico had left out a pen and pad of paper. It picked up both with it's hand-like tail. Then it paused before scribbling something on the paper and holding it up where Rico could see.

"Jirachi told us there are not any of our kind here. So why are you not surprised or frightened by us?" the boy read aloud before humming thoughtfully as he rubbed his chin.

"I guess it's cause I know the basics about Pokemon and Jirachi gave me the clue to my cousin. Plus he said you were going to help me protect my family. That means you're here to train with me and become stronger rather than attack me and mine." he explained slowly as he put his thoughts in order.

"Basically I trust you all right now. So I'm going to help you as much as you help me. I want you all to have fun here but I am going to need help protecting the ones I love. Too me family is more important than my own life. I suppose I'm a bit odd for thinking like that but...I just couldn't stand to lose what few members of my family that I have." he said softly as his darkened as he slipped into a memory.

Then he shook his head before smiling at Aipom. "The point is: I am going to treat you just like I do my friends. You're not expendable to me and eventually I will probably get to the point where I treat you the same as my family member. That doesn't mean I'll coddle you or keep you from training. I'll just grow a bit overprotective of you all." he said with a soft laugh before reaching down and rubbing the monkey like creature's ears.

"Does that answer your question?" he asked before watching the Aipom nod its head and scamper up onto the window ledge with the pan and pad. It perched there to stare out at the world before flipping to an empty page. Then it began carefully drawing a bird perched on a branch.

Once Rico was satisfied that Aipom was occupied he turned to the little caterpillar on his shoulder. "Sewaddle, I doubt you'll be very comfortable staying on my shoulder while I'm writing things. So I'm going to place you on that plant, okay?" he asked it as he pointed towards a small potted fern growing on his desk. The tiny caterpillar nodded in agreement and waited patiently for him to do just that.

Rico glanced down at the Trapinch to discover it was asleep causing a soft smile to spread across his face as he carefully lifted the small creature. Then he carried it and Sewaddle over to his desk before sitting down to begin researching again. After placing the caterpillar on the fern of course!

Tesoro: Spanish for the word treasure.

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