Babies are Their Specialty

Chapter 3

They stood in front of the building as the cab pulled away and stared up at their office

She took his hand. "So is this how people feel before they come in to our practice?

"If you mean nervous, excited, terrified, smug, and vaguely horny, then I guess the answer is 'yes'.

She hit him with the bag of tests. "I agree with almost all of those, Danny. But I'm not going to tell you which ones, ya weirdo."

"What? Either you're pregnant because we had sex, or you’re not, which means more sex until you are. It just keeps snowballing in my mind." He put his arm around her and started walking to the doors. "Either way, you're gettin' lucky tonight, Mrs. Castellano.

"Excuse me?" She poked him in the shoulder as he unlocked the door. "I believe that you're the one getting lucky tonight, Mr. Castellano. I mean," she ran a hand down her silhouette, "who wouldn't want a piece of this?"

He held the door open for her. "My mistake, you're right."

They got into the elevator and had just pressed the button when Mindy quickly found herself pushed up against the wall. "You're right. I do want a piece of this," Danny whispered as he attacked her neck, enjoying her gasp as he grabbed her ass with both hands.

"Danny...," was all she got out before he took her mouth in a ravenous, eating kiss that blanked her mind. Her purse and the shopping bag dropped to the floor unnoticed as she wrapped her arms around his neck and let him take her under.

He had all of her coat buttons undone and her shirt halfway up when the doors opened on to their floor.

"Oh. Oh Wow. I'm so sorry, doctors."

Mindy screamed and jerked her coat back together. Danny put his hands on the wall on either side of her and closed his eyes. "Morgan, are you leaving now? Let me rephrase that." He said through his teeth. "Morgan. You are leaving right now."

Morgan put a hand over his eyes and stepped in to the elevator. "Yes, I am. And don't worry, I didn't see anything." He held the elevator door for them while Mindy grabbed her purse and the bag and they stepped out. "That's right. Nothing to see here." He called after them. "Have a good night."

The door was about to close when Morgan called out, "Um, also, don't go into the hot pipe room, okay? I'll have her out before we open. I promise. Don't worry. Okay, bye.

The door closed and silence descended. Danny took a deep breath and decided not to think about what Morgan might have in the hot pipe room. Instead, he focused on his wife, who had her head down on the receptionist desk. "How ya doin' there?"

He nodded at her short scream. "Okay then."

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